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Asked by Feb 23, 2014 at 11:11 PM about the 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited

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Hi first time user and car owner here! So I just bought a 2006 2.4 l non turbo pt cruiser. I
think its a four cylinder , it has like 118000 thousand miles on it.
Anyway I got it real cheap and the lady I bought it from pretty much just drove didn't keep
up with maintence to much just the regular oil change .
Anyway it is running like it has lost a Lotta power sorta like I have to hit the gas pedal
harder to get it going, plus it shifts gears very crappy,  and its auto of course.
I'm gonna change the oil tmw myself because its def due one. Anyway any insight on
what might cause it to drive like crap let me know. And also I work full time m-f and I just
don't have the time to take it to several place to find out the problem or listen tovten
different ppl tell me 50 different things. I honestly think its a misfire like it needs new
plugs and wires, because I pray to god its not the transmission its self. Anyway thank you
for reading and please reply asap!!!!

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Well, the first thing I'd do is a tune up since you're just over 100,000 miles. I'd also recommend new air filter, fuel filter, and PCV valve (if equipped). If your check engine light is on have the computer scanned and post the trouble codes. Advance and Autozone auto parts stores will scan the computer for free. Since the previous owner wasn't real good at preventative maintenance I'd do that first. HTH. -Jim

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Thanks Jim. Getting a computer check was the first thing on my mind for tmw. I read transmissions in pt cruisers go out on the regular...scary.

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You're welcome. Glad to help. -Jim


I would sell it immediately or cruisers are junk cars never met anyone who liked them. That's probably why you got it do cheap. Sorry but its the truth.


Well that's cool I like hearing different opinions about cars, I love my car I think all I need is a good tune up because right after I got the oil change and it was six thousand over from the last oil change. But yeah after the oil change there was a big difference. And besides if you treat you're ride like you would want to be treated if you were a car it could last a long time. All about how you take care of it. Thanks for the replies those people. After I get the tune up tmw, BTW gotta question. Like I said previously I am not a car guru... But do you think 100$ is a good price for a tune up and that's with me buying my own plugs and wires and also a gasket for the top of the valve covers which I am about to look up the prices for this stuff, again thanks

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Yes, $100.00 for labor is a good price. HTH. -Jim

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Due Timming Belt won't hurt....New Spark plugs w/cables ,By the way I Love mines...enjoy! 2006 Touring Fire Red....4 years ago....and yes they have some issues,but overhaul love the Trend style.


Have 05 turbo. First u can do a self test. Ignition sw on and off 3times never engage the starter, then hold the trip mileage indicator in and turn the ignition sw on- again do not engage the starter. Watch the odometer it will read out the mil codes in the freeze frame. Write them down. This before you spend any money. You now have info to discuss with mechanic to get a rough estimate of the correction job Nd it's cost. A local tune up shop that's been in business for 5 or more years if you have no better connections. Mostcommunities require business to have a business license- check with the local license dept after he tells you how long he has bee in business-or she for he.


You might have to spend money but you will feel a lot better if you have some idea of what is going ! after the self test take it to a parts house that will scan it for you, get a written report. All this to share with a mechanic. He will know up front that you will check out his work,

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To the person who said they are crappy, I used to own an '04 GT with the HO Turbo, I loved it and did a lot of work on it, if you want to check it out, look at my profile. The only reason I sold it was, I fell in love with the Crossfire coupe and roadster. I owned one of each model. Not Chrysler manufacture but Mercedes in The Karman Factory in Germany. All SLK parts and an absolutely marvelous piece of styling and machinery.


To the person who obviously is in love with a horse. It doesn't matter if you loved it or not anyone can love anything it does not mean they are any less crappy it just means you loved a crappy car. I am sure you did do a lot of work on it how else would you keep it running.

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I have always loved the look of the pt cruiser as it was my fathers favorite car. After he passed I finally bought one and within 2 weeks major issues. 2006 2.4 L 111,000 mi. first it was the crankshaft sensor. No biggie fixed it myself. Soon after the timing belt broke and that is when the big bucks came in. You need not only replace the belt, but the water pump as well. I was quoted at just under $1,000 for the repairs. I bought parts online for cheaper than the store and found a mechanic to do it for $400. Now Im not one with this kind of money to spend. After 3mos I finally got the car back only to have it pop the engine light on and not shift out of first gear the very next morning. weird thing is,later in the day I drove it again and it was back to normal, I was told the engine was still tight from the belt and the engine was just retraining itself. So hopefully this time it will last. we shall see

I just purchased a 2006 4-cyl PT Cruiser July 2015, I have taken the car back 5 times(not exaggerating at all for the check engine light coming on. The first two time the engine light wouldnt come on at all for the mechanic, and he said there were no codes showing, the 3rd time it was a Camshaft Sensor Connector( I maybe saying it wrong). Now the battery light and the engine light is on and they still cant seem to figure out what the hell is going on. I fell in love with the looks also, and all and all it drives pretty well, I just didnt want to keep looking at Christmas lights flashing when I drive.UGH

I bought a 2005 GT Turbo PT Cruiser, loved the old fashioned styling on it. This particular car seems to have engine problems. In my case the previous owner had done several head gasket repairs and then the check engine light popped on again. It needed a new engine. It turns out dealer knew it plus that it was dangerous to drive from leaking power steering hoses and loose right tierod. I could have been killed in it. He had inflated the KBB and said the light was just a sensor knowing it wasn't. I fixed the power steering hoses but still had to do coolant hoses and adapter. I had no idea about the engine problems but they did. I paid a lot of money for this dangerous wreck that I was lied to about. I put in a new battery. It didn't pass the codes as their mech said. It overheated the whole way home and I took it to Advance Auto. It had a bunch of codes pop up. The mech they referred me to had no idea what they were, he did the more mech problems it had from non-repaired damage from a wreck. It qualified basically as a salvage even though it looked great cosmetically. The dealer's mechs bought it cheap knowing it's problems and the dealer grossly inflated the price. The orig owner said he'd owned many PT Cruisers and this one was only model that had ever had this many engine problems. All the rest ran great so it probably was just a manufacturer's lemon and should have been taken care of to begin with. It had been a fleet car which they also didn't disclose. It only had 77,000 miles on it. I tried to get it to an outside mech but they wouldn't let me. I had to go with dealer's mechs. I was pressured, badgered, coerced, demanded to buy this car. I had no idea what to do since I was far away from home and the kept saying things I was unsure of. I was told it was a sensor and take it to Auto Zone and that it had battery probs. Their dealer's mech said he ran the codes and it passed. It didn't. He said he did an oil change but it turned out that was not true either and the oil dipstick was actually squashed into the oil chamber. I asked for refund within one hour saying car had engine problems but was lied to again. They let me drive home in dangerous car I could have been killed in or killed somebody else. Now it sits in my driveway. I really wanted to drive it for Uber and drive it period. I love the old time 50s Woody surf look it has. I'm beyond angry. I expected it to last for years and it lasted for one week maybe. The dealer blamed his mech's for the whole mess but he knew all along when he posted the ad. It looked great in photos. You'd never guess it was dangerous to drive. It can't be registered in NC because of the check engine light and engine problems but in FL they don't inspect cars. I didn't know.

Moral of the story, check each state's vehicle inspections FIRST if you are buying a car online. I won't ever buy from a state that doesn't inspect cars before registering. I was very naïve and trusted the dealer and the mechs especially since wearing religious clothing I was the same faith of. They did every crooked thing they could incl putting the Notice of Sale in orig seller's name, never transferring the title so it looked like I bought it from him when I never did. They never told me their names and I assumed it was bought at an estate sale or their names. I never would have signed Notice of Sale if I'd known. I don't buy cars very often. I will never buy from that dealer again. They don't care if they kill you as long as they make money.

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