how do i check the oil in the supercharger


Asked by Mar 03, 2008 at 01:58 PM about the 1995 Buick Riviera Supercharged Coupe

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I have a 1995 buick riviera with 3800 supercharger and can not find where to check and replace the oil for the supercharger.

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As far as I know, you cant check them, Awhile ago someone asked the same question.

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Yes, this is not something that you check, it's a sealed system.

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I think its like turbos and uses the oil of your motor


I don't know why these people bother to answer when they have no idea what they are talking about. Yes you can check it and no, it's not a sealed system. There is a small black plug looking thing about the size of a peanut that is embeded into the gray/siler supercharger itsself. You have to use a hex key/alen wrench type tool to loosen it. refer to your owners manual for how much oil to add or if it gets low. the problem with removing old oil is that you have to use a baster type thing ( like a small turkey baster type suction) to remove the old oil as thee is no drain plug that I know of. Hope this helps!

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That's incorrect. It's uses it's own oil. Turbo's don't use the oil from your "motor" ( engine) either. And supercharges have thier own self contained oil.

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And where did you get this inoformation? You can check them, view my post below.

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Wow, I can't believe the people answering above you that have no frickin' idea of what they're talking about! Why waste our time when they are talking out their ass? Of course you're right, there is a small hex head plug on the front (towards front of car) that can be taken off. The oil should be very close to right up top of the hole. It takes about 1 3/4 bottles of the GM supercharger oil to fill from empty. I've read that synthetic oil will also work but I'm not sure I'd risk it.

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The center hub rotating assembly houses the shaft which connects the compressor impeller and turbine. It also must contain a bearing system to suspend the shaft, allowing it to rotate at very high speed with minimal friction. For instance, in automotive applications the CHRA typically uses a thrust bearing or ball bearing lubricated by a constant supply of pressurized engine oil. The CHRA may also be considered "water cooled" by having an entry and exit point for engine coolant to be cycled. Water cooled models allow engine coolant to be used to keep the lubricating oil cooler, avoiding possible oil coking from the extreme heat found in the turbine. Notice in the picture the Oil Inlet/Outlet This is why after driving hard you should let your car idle for a minute or two so you turbo slows down so it doesn't miss any oil.

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hex nut is on right end of the snught looking at engine is right of the sc pully if full you will notice it if low yu have to use super charger oil only.i owne a t-bird SC that is super charged ,i recomedn draining it and using the royal purple sc my avitor go to pictures and check out the sc is the black one.

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here is a picture on a great way on how to remove the old oil of your supercharger. I did a research and indeed superchargers uses its own wich i didn't know but i was right on turbos, maybe there's some with self-contained oil but never seen any

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It's a hex bolt just under the plastic cover which is over where the spark plug wires are routed. This cover is toward the passenger side of the engine and it covers an area just inside of the supercharger pulley. You can remove this cover or move it over slightly.... look deep down (you'll need good lighting) and you see this little recessed bolt (this bolt is like a dipstick for the supercharger oil), but be careful it strips easy. It's location is in the owners manual also. If can't find it, I'll fax you a copy of the page... let me know.

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That's a turbo. The Riviera uses a Roots-type supercharger.

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I know its just to show to chris and adam that some turbos do use egine oil but in the process of finding info on it i found out that spme turbos actually self-contained. turns out we were both right

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wrong! you can check them. if you are facing the engine, it is on the left side of the super charger. it is a small hex wrench plug, you have to suck the oil out thru this hole as well. now, do 20 year olds always have to tell you this stuff??? where are the real mechanics???

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There is a allen wrench screw on the back under the wire harness that crosses the supercharger at the nose cone. Remove the screw, and measure the oil it should be 1 inch below the lower shaft. You can buy the oil at a parts supplier.

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It turns out the question was about a supercharger with oil that can be checked. We aren't both right. Answering a question with an answer applicable to something else doesn't make an answer right.

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The information given about the oil plug on the supercharger is correct. It does require an allen wrench to remove. A magnetic pickup also helps once the plug is loose. Then suck the oil out. This next statement is a quote from the factory manual - "Use only GM P/N 12345982 synthetic oil or equivalent 5W-30 synthetic oil. The oil level should be maintained to the bottom of the threads in the inspection hole."

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there is a little allen bolt on the nose of the supercharger this is where u check the level of the supercharger fluid if u have to change it use a turkey baster to suck it out

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I have 3 Buick supercharged cars . Checked and filled all 3 with superchager oil today like I always have. They are 97.5 regal and 2-98 rivs thru the hexs plug like stated above. Same applies to you 95

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I have a 95 Buick Riviera with a supercharger and from all research I have done it is a closed system. I am thinking about replacing the supercharger (sounds like rocks are in it). I found a company that sells rebuilt units. Superchargers & Accessories Inc. Can get the complete unit, gaskets, charged with oil, free shipping, no core charge, life time warranty for $435. Should I be affraid?

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RPR's supercharger question. Check the input drive coupling before replacing supercharger. De-tension belt a bit and rotate input pully back and forth. Slop in coupling element can then be felt. Wear causes a lot of noise when running, especially heard at idle as A/C kicks in and out.

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Comment about stripping the hex plug very true. I did it now I can,t unscrew the plug. First time I tried to check fluid in 11 years. My bad. Now how do I get screw out?

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Ihave a 95 buick riv , Manufactored 9/94 and i cant find a fill hole been over the whole thing later models have it on the cone by the pulley but not the model i have .

You Rock Chris! The is so much time wasted researching repairs I'm slightly or completely in the dark on. As soon as you mentioned the little hex thing, I knew you had not wasted my time. Thanks

So is that where a ratttle noise comes from and around what milage does it happen?

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