The Sunroof Water Leak Recall that never happened


Asked by Oct 02, 2010 at 09:34 PM about the 2007 Saturn Aura XR

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

I purchased my 07 Aura XR that was actually a program car driven by a GM
executive through 15k miles back in January 2008. After driving the car for a few
months, I noticed a foul smell coming from the air conditioner. It was dissipate
after running for a few minutes and after taking it my then-Saturn dealer, I was
told there was a technical service bulletin about the smell and they cleaned up
vents with that canned substance you see sold at NAPA Auto Parts which I could
have easily done.

A month later, the smell came back. In June of that year after we generally get a
lot of rain in Georgia, I noticed this sloshing sound in the driver's side door. The
door was completely filled with water!!! The weather stripping at the bottom did
not meet up with the drain holes so after readjusting that, the water came flowing
out. After that, I thought nothing of a water problem at all.

In the past every now and again, I would be bopping along on the highway, then
all of a sudden, the CHECK ENGINE and REDUCED ENG PWR messages appeared
on the driver information console. The first time it happened early last year in
2009, I pulled over and restarted the car. That didn't make the message go away.
I had to do the following to get it to clear:
-Turn off the car
-Open the door
-Close the door
-Restart the car

Then it was good for a few minutes. But again, came right back on. So I took it in
for service. They couldn't reproduce the problem and I couldn't either, so the
issue was dropped mysteriously. Shortly after that, I had called OnStar numerous
times to jumpstart the car for me since the battery was not holding charge for
some reason. I finally broke down and purchased a new battery from AutoZone
for around $100 with an eight year warranty.

Besides the major brake problems of which I've spent over $800 for already at
two dealerships (the former Saturn of Decatur for the front brakes $300 and Jim
Ellis Chevy in Chamblee for the rear pads $450), I hadn't had many issues. The
lingering smell of A/C had somewhat gone away or maybe I wasn't as bothered by
it since owning the car for an extended period of time.

Which brings us to around the early part of this year. The SERVICE AIRBAG LIGHT
would periodically come on while I was driving and lately, it was getting worse
and worse since my last oil change in June 2010. I figured, I'll mention it the next
time I go in for service in late October when the temperature falls in Georgia.

On my way home from work on Tuesday night, I was driving down I-85 and all of
the a sudden received several error messages in the DIC:

The check engine and TC-disabled indicators remained lit.

After getting off at an exit and catching a red light, I did what I did in the past to
get full power back:
-Turn off the car
-Open the door
-Close the door
-Restart the car

But guess what? That didn't work at all!
So I limped the rest of the way home on what felt like two-cylinders.

After getting back home, I went back out to the car to check again. The lights
were still on but I couldn't hear any thing that sounded mechanically awry.

The next morning, when pulling out of the driveway, I called OnStar for a
diagnostics check. They indicated to me that the throttle control module was near
failure and I shouldn't be driving the car. I said Jim Ellis is right around the corner
for me and took it there for service.

Some of the service personnel transferred from the former Saturn of Decatur and
that was a somewhat relief since they know these cars better than anybody. After
waiting for about an hour, I was informed I had leak underneath the driver's side
panel that was pouring water into the cabin under the carpet. Several electrical
control modules were near failure because of the water intrusion. The carpet was
pulled up and you could see mold growth all underneath the front seat which
might extend to the rear.

The total to fix it? Oh boy, $1,000.   

A loaner car was provided and I picked it up Friday.

After researching this issue some, the part number in question for the tube
extension "25930220" is found in Google for other recalled [I](Sunroof Water Leak
Recall)[/I] GM vehicles like the Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook and the GMC Acadia.
Detailed in this:
04_212855_2007_outlook_08207- a.pdf


The other major part was the Module Kit for the Airbag sensors and I believe the
throttle control module (Part No. 15780668) at $525.15, just for the part.

I'm livid  
So much so I probably won't buy another GM car ever.
Let me clarify, I have no problem with the service I've been provided up to this
point. Why should I have to pay for something that is clearly a defect in the
design of so many cars in GM's stable?

Granted, GM went through bankruptcy and undoubtedly thinks that because
Saturn was discontinued, there have no obligation to "fix" this problem by issuing
a recall which is not only absurd, but morally reprehensible.

So after investigating underneath the driver's carpet Saturday afternoon to see if it
was dry and free of mold proved to be neither on both counts as promised.
However, I do believe that Jim Ellis did at least stop the water from coming

Mold has developed pretty extensively all over the foam. I'm not sure if it extends
to the backseat as that seems like a chore to access. But I did check the front
passenger side and that was dry as a bone with just a hint of mold near the door.

After cutting thin layers of foam that contained mold, I doused Lysol on both
areas after letting the front driver side dry out in the sun for about three hours. I
also placed a terry cloth underneath the carpet to let the spray on foam dry
completely of all moisture. After putting everything together, I placed another
terry cloth underneath the brake/accelerator pedals then washed the car to see if
any water entered the cabin. I saw no indicator that it did and that was a relief.
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For all those with the same leak issue. I have a 2007 Aura XR and my issues have been very similar. I did discover what causes the leak to the driver side carpet. In my case the hose attached to the sunroof to convey the water out was DISCONNECTED at the sunroof. I had to detach most of the interior panels, and re-connect the hose, adding also a tirrup to tighten it nice and stiff. But i wasn't done, luckly I was curious to see if the hose was still attached propperly at the discharge point and what a surprise, THE HOSE IS TOO SHORT!!!! So the reason this keeps on happening is because the discharge hose is too short and disconnects from either the collection point (sunroof) or the discharge point (next to the door hinge). I attached a hose extension (see white tipe at discharge point or black rubber )and problem solved. This fix is not a big deal, I am not a mechanic and it took me about 2 hours and I had never done it before. By the way, I still get that funny smell in the AC many saturn users complaint about so I don't think is the same issue. Also DON'T EVER TWIST the black rubber thing from the picture on any car. It is designed so that if you do the hose will disconnect.

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I also am having a leak problem with my 2007 Aura. I'm getting water in the rear passenger side floor. It is filling up like a swimming pool and I can't find where the water is coming from. I'm also getting water from the ceiling light sunroof control switch panel over the shifter. I'm completely perplexed. I'm wondering if this is the same issue and if that hose is disconnected at both ends on my car and the water may be somehow finding it's way down to the rear passenger side floor somehow. Any ideas anyone?

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I am having the same problem that kjell is having with my 08 Aura. It is soggy from the rear passenger side. I took it to be looked and at after 242.00 still leaky.

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I am having the same problem with my 2007 Saturn Ion. Was there a recall?

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There was never a recall. I ended up taking the car to the Chevy-Buick dealer and they were able to resolve the problem with the water pooling up on the floor by fixing the drain hose. They even attempted to fix the leaking in the center light/roof panel by resealing around the antennae but to this day I still have the leak. But it only leaks during heavy rains and while parked for several hours..How the water is getting in is still a mystery.

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I am having the same problem water in a rain storm coming from the bottom of the passenger door onto the floor of the passenger side of the car 2009 Saturn Aura XE, had it fixed once at Pep Boy's, after a year it happening again, now it's like a small pool.....No recall?


Fixing the drain hoses or probably the plug at bottom that clogs up and backs up water is probably the answer to this problem. A post above says there is no recall though at least 2 other recalls for my Saturn and yours.


i just got the CHECK ENGINE and REDUCED ENG PWR message. i have a service plan but if they tear down the dash and the sensor isnt faulty then i have to pay for that... why cant they tell if the sensor is going out and needs to be replaced before they tear it down???? i hate this car...


how can there not be a recall on the saturn when there is a service bulliten....and other cars have recalls for the same exact gm problem?

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I have a 2006 Ion and we have another sunroof leak...2nd time in 8years.The first time, was still under warranty and was fixed ($3000 worth), this time, not. We had a 92 Camry that still runs great (my nephew now has it) and has never had a sunroof issue ! Are all GMs shoddily made? Why don't they stand behind their products? They need to seriously deal with their issues or they'll go under again, but this time they won't be bailed out with taxpayers money, not while we own their mistakes!!!


I just talked with a service manager at a GM dealer and my drain was clogged. Try using a dust remover for your computer to put in the hole and use a 32oz cup of hot water. It worked for me. Happy now. Could of cost me over $100 to have it diagnosed but easy fix for someone that's not educated on the subject.

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Thanks and I hate to just leach info...are there instructions for this? Where is the drain exactly?


The drains are located in the plastic molding on the corners. There's a hole that can get clogged or come apart.

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I just talked with a service manager at a GM dealer and my drain was clogged. Try using a dust remover for your computer to put in the hole and use a 32oz cup of hot water. It worked for me. Happy now. Could of cost me over $100 to have it diagnosed but easy fix for someone that's not educated on the subject.

I have a 2007 Saturn Aura and have the same problem as all above on the driver's side. Also heard water sloshing in the driver's door for a while. It does appear water is backing up on the driver's front of the sunroof. Hope the above solutions work but would be nice if they would just recall it since it's obviously a manufacturing issue.


Sam Problem. 2007 Saturn XR ... Random computer errors about traction control, airbag and reduced power.


Has anyone experienced any health issues from breathing in black mold?


Everyone should head over to Twitter and send a message to @GMCustomerSvc and include a link to this page....

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We need to start a class action law suit.

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I got rid of the pos and bought a 05 Ford f 150 last year. Been much happier don't have the room in the seating area but have plenty of room to pack.

2002 Saturn Vue with same leak issues. 3rd time now dealing with this. Firts two times it was passenger side, now driver side. FYI, those who are experiencing prolonged dampness issues, DampRid does the trick.

My 2007 Aura XR sunroof drain hose shrunk in length and detached itself at the driver's front sunroof corner. Water would run down the top of the headliner and into the windshield post trim panel and out of the fuse panel compartment on left end of dash and cause a puddle on the carpet by my left foot. I used Mitchell 1 pro demand to find out how to remove the trim panel and sun visor and was able to pull back the flexible headliner edging enough to lower the corner of the headliner. I used a flashlight to see the fitting and drain tube had separated. I cut about 3/4 inch of the drain tube off for a stub to plug back into the fitting and made a splice with a short piece of rubber hose and using very little black RTV I reattached the drain tube. Problem solved.

I'm also getting rain water dripping near the gas pedal. I think the leak might be coming from the cowl vent area along the bottom of the windshield so I will remove the wiper arms and vent panel to try to find the source has anyone had this problem and found the source?

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