esp visit work shop light is on steering wheel turned to the right what could cause this?

Asked by Jul 05, 2013 at 11:43 PM about the 2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C 240 Sedan

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Lots of 2002 owners having issues with this. Electronic Stability program. The answers are all over the board for this one, could be a wheel speed sensor bad, tire alignment issue, tie rod issue, battery voltage issue and even a wiring harness issue. Wish I could be of more help but there is a lot of different things that can cause this. With yours happening when you turn I would lean towards the alignment or tie rod issue maybe. Might be good idea to contact your local dealer for more info on potential problems.

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"work shop light" am thinking the kind you plug into 120 volts~ not clear on what the problem is here? overzealous Body Control Module~ hows the ground to the battery doin'~?

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These models have a warning light that says (esp visit work shop). Means problem with the Electronic Stability program.

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...that IS special.~

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My C240 ESP turn on this evening and tell me to visit workshop--Can I delay the visit till when I have cash to visit workshop and how much can it cost me to fix it

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ie Mercedes Benze C240

38 out of 38 people think this is helpful. can delay the visit to the shop....if this has basically NO effect on control of the car~

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I watch youtube, do some work on it and it disappear. I hope it will come back. I saw this experience after a 30 minutes drive anyway.

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It will not come back...

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I have a W 203 and i had this error,i checked with diagnostic and said it is a yaw rate sensor, i was told to replace the sensor.i decided to check on you tube, some one said it is possible to have wheel aglinment not good, i checked my tire pressure and they were not good inflated,, i made the pressure good and it came good. . but i am still having some problems when i hit the accelerator hard the car cuts off the revs, and epc comes on. any help pls??

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My 2014 E350's ESP out warning icon appears, the car decelerates, which was extremely dangerous in 4 lanes of traffic going 70 mpg. Anyone else have this problem? I never had my Audi's leave me sit! This car doesn't even have 5000 miles. I can turn the car off and turn it back on, which makes the warning light disappear. Aftet a couple miles it comes back on and decelerates. It was towed to a dealership and i am waiting.

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I have 2004 C240 When I had this problem the first time, the ESP light went on, the engine was still on but nothing happens when pushing the gas paddle. Thankfully I could hit the brake to stop the car on the side of the road. Turned off the engine and restarted the car. I drove the car to the repair shop and he told me, without even checking the car up, that the problem was with the oil. I need it to change the oil. I did and then everything was fine. Every about 8 to 10 months this ESP light comes on, I change the oil and problem solved. So I guess the ESP light was telling me that the oil is BLACK and must me changed. GOOD luck

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My ESP warnings started after I had some major front end work done on my 2002 C230 Mercedes, and the shop had the front alignement way off so the car wanted to turn right and the steering wheel was off center. The ESP apparently tried to compensate for the steering, which is what it is supposed to do. The other thing it did on occassion was cut the engine speed which apparently it is also supposed to do as it corrects power to promote stability. Fixing the front wheel alignment for $85 fixed the ESP as well, by solving the problem that ESP was correctly trying to fix. So the first response in this thread by dandyoun was right on...

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I have a C240, took it to the deal ship they changed the Accelerate Sensor but it didn't fix the deceleration. I have addressed it as a safety issue, they have not responded to it except it's my issue. This the first time that I heard that it could be a front alignment problem. I will look into that than give the deal ship four thousand dollars. Thanks

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Hallo guys, I have a 2007 C200 W204, I got the "ESP is not available" message today while driving and the steering immediately turned to the right, but I was at a low speed so car didn't veer much. At the same time I got the "Run Flat Indicator inoperative" message. The car felt "wobbly" as I continued driving and felt like it's yawing from side to side. Is it a sensor issue or should I do wheel alignment first before taking it to the dealer for diagnostics?

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I have mercedes c240 2002 , I start seeing check engine light today and the car start being slow responding when I hit gas paddle , is any one can help me because I have no mercedes dealer in my country I should fix it my self

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I have a merc c180 (51 plate), the "ESP warning message" appeared, a Mercedes garage said they were not sure "but quoted me £500" to sort it. they told me it MAY be the steering angle sensor. I got a replacement one for £45 and replaced it myself, this did not fix the issue. The problem was fixed when my wheel tracking was adjusted.......

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ESP warning? GET YOUR Wheel alignment checked... it worked for me

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I have a 2001 C240 and have had this problem for 3 years... This has been an intermittent problem so it has been very hard to replicate with the mechanics there. I took it to Mercedes they said it was the tire alignment and a computer problem. They checked the computer, nothing. Got new tires and an alignment for tires. Not the problem. I have also turned off the ESP with the button on the dash. That worked for a while but then I noticed that when the car is driving, it tries to correct itself. Even when I have the ESP turned off. The correcting function is similar to when you push on the breaks really hard which triggers the ABS and there is a pumping sound. It is rather startling when this pumping happens since there is no warning or anything prior, it just happens. Again, I took it to the dealership. Nothing. I took it to an independent since my car is a 2001. I had the brake sensor replace and this problem went away for a year. Now it is back. I had the brake sensor replaced again but still have the problem. If anyone has experience this let me know what to do.

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Hello Merc users, I m using E240 Avangarde 2005 model n the last week or so having this problem 'ESP visit workshop'. Each time the indicator light appeared on screen, engine will automatically slow down and pressing accellerator pad will no effect on speed. When few suggested to chk & rectify alignment, etc etc I am not sure as I just had my tyres recently replace, balanced and aligned. One Merc mechanic today mentioned it could be due to ineffective small battery located at front engine compartment next to air filter. But, cost of this small battery double that od the main car battery. Could someone shed light into this issue pls?

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Hi, I had a similar problem with my 2001 C200 of the car decelerating on itself. Hooked it up to MBSTAR which indicated YAW Rate Sensor. Got a second hand on ebay for about $100 and fixed it myself. It's now been over six months I haven't had the problem again. The dealer gave me a quote for $1,700 jus for the part. It's found in the boot just next to the steering sensor under the covers near the back sit. I have a photo but I don't know how to attach one here. Chanda - Zambia

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In addition to decelerating, ESP and BAS would come up at the same time.

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Thanks for yr reactions Chanda2016. I wud to share my exp abt a week ago when I got my ESP indicator issue fixed. I sent the car to one Merc mechanic who checked few of the possible causes. He identified the rear Axle had much reduced oil level as well as already black, i.e. needing axle oil change, which he did. The ESP indicator light never came back since that day! Problem solved!

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Hi. I have change the breaks and now I think ESP dont work because when I Push the ESP key on car the indicator light dont went on. Please , how I must to understand ESP is working?

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Hi France98, I reckon your car stopped indicating the ESP means the earlier ESP indocator was due to possible problem with yr break, which is part of the ESP subsystem really. When you had your break fixed indicator ESP stopped. This is what happened.

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Hello Everybody I think ESP stands for Enjoy Sweet Potato about time to renew.

Hello Guys, I had the same issue for more than months, However I tried everything mean everything!! after I watched 100000000 youtube's regarding the same issue. and finally i put in my mind I should change the ABS it self, but i couldn't for financial issue :). But ,,,,,,But,,,,BUT,,,,Today after i parked the car for 30m everything back to normal. I dont know what happened :)

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