2005 dodge ram 1500 won't move when in gear

Asked by Feb 11, 2010 at 06:33 PM about the 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab SB 4WD

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My truck starts fine, idles fine, and will even shift into any gear. The problem is that it won't move when it's in gear. I shift it to drive (or reverse or anything else), give it gas, and the engine just revs no matter how many rpms I give it. The shift cable is fine, the transmission fluid is good. It's throwing codes P0700 and P0841. I found a transmission service bulletin (TSB 21-007-06) that says a bad transmission cooler return filter and transmission sump filter can throw those codes, but would that also make my truck just sit there? Then, I cannot find where to purchase these filters. Can anyone help me here? Am I on the wrong track? If not, where can I get these filters that need changed?


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I had the same problem on my 2005 dodge ram 1500. Turn out to be the fluid pickup tube assy. had fallen out an was lying in the transmission oil pan.

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I'm sorry to hear that, i thought i was the only one that has that problem. What did you find out? I am just now having the same problem. There was no warning. I got up for work, went out to my truck and nothing just like you. I am going to open the pan tomorrow to see if anything looks out of place.

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it sounds like the torque converter isnt getting any fluid, and with out fluid to the torque converter it basically acts like a manual when you push the clutch in. id pull down the transmission fluid pan and bam theres your sump filter right infront of you and go to your local napa and they should have the filter, i can almost garuntee thats the issue, if it was the return filter your system would just build pressure and more than likely either blow off a line or it would keep your converter locked and when you come to a stop after driving you would stall out cause the oil in the converter has no where to go.

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sounds like your tranny has burned the clutches and gotten into the filters which is why you getting the codes,drop the pan see if it is a greayish color and thick on bottom of pan,if so,clutches are gone.the filters you mention are internal.

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Hi well I don't have your answer but I do have the same problem with my truck 2006 ram 4x4 mega cab I already replaced the two trany filters and it ran fine for two day. After the 2 day is doing the same thing now it woun't move again. Any one has another suggestion. We should really make a dodge ram problem club

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sounds like you got the same problem,you do know that dodge has its own trans fluid,if u put dextron or anything else in it,it will burn it up.

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Yeah I have the ATF+4 fluid I replaced the two filters it worked for 2day now is doing the same thing. I'm thinking maybe a sensor. Stay in touch we need to find out what this problem is

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well i can't answer your question but I am having the same issue with my 2005 2500 5.7ltr hemi auto tranny. I haven't hooked it to a code scanner yet but its strange how my wife was just driving down the road and poof no response from the tranny. Truck starts fine, idles fine, goes into all the gears but no matter how high the RPMs it won't move. I't won't even jerk like most trucks do when you first put it into gear. anyone have any answers please feel free to contact me at headstrong569@yahoo.com

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i work at a small tranny shop and we just rebuilt this same exact tranny for a 04 ram 1500 5.7 hemi. we had the same problem after completely rebuilding this tranny. the tranny was burnt so it needed to be done but when we put it back in it would shift into gear but would not move. inside the pan on these trannys there is a filter that looks exactly like an engine oil filter just smaller. when these filters get cloged there is not enough fluid pressure for this tranny. you need 125 psi. we only had 23 psi. so buy the filter and a new pan gasket and replace it. if that doesnt there is also a line pressure sensor that is about 120 dollars.

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hey ryan i have a question for you buddy since you work at a tranny shop.i have a 2005 dodge ram slt 5.7 hemi and the parking paw is making a clanking noise everytime you put it in gear or take it out. the parking paw is on the left side of the tranny so can i drop the pan and fix the problem and what problems are known for the parking paws? not sure how to find out what kind of tranny i have? thanks buddy!! really need help.

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I seem to have similiar problem, drive 2005 Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi. I put it into drive and press gas and engine rev's truck doesnt move for at least 20 secs? In reverse it doesnt do that? what is up? And is this expensive

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my 2005 dodge ram 1500 slt 4x4 will not move rite until it is warm when i first start it i put it in drive and it acts like it is slippen but if its warm it dont do that it goes rite into gear and takes rite off with out a problem cold it wont move very well why does it do that

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08 ram 1500 just did an engine swap, same tranny problem only when cold was about 15F today and truck sat for 3-4 days.

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before you put the filter on put the round seal on with a socket and a hammer drive it into place if you do not do this it will fall out. After this put the filter on with the one bolt if the filter falls down on the front it willnot work start over this should fix your problem it needs 125 lb of presser with that seal not all the way in does not pick up the fluids JIFFEY LUBE changed mine and it fell out so i did it myself and it works fine now

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wadehagemaster was right on. It fixed my 2005 Dodge Dorango. One morning the car sudenly quit moving without warning. After removing the transmission pan I found the oil was clean but the front of the filter was loose. I pressed a new seal in with a 3/4 in. socket and installed a new filter. Car runs as good as new. I had previously had the filter and oil changed at Amco.

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I have a 2002 Dodge 2500 and we were camping hooked the camper up and drive it home and when we went to back up nothing, I runs fine forward, when you put it into reverse it sounds like it trying, no grinding or anything, just wont move. I am going to try to drop the tranny pan ad replace the filters. Thank You all for your posts.

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I have a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500. This morning while driving down the road it acted as if it just jumped out of gear and quit "pulling". I did notice that it was making a whining sound up to the point when I turned it off. When I restarted it was still making the same sound. It will not move in any gear. I was told that it was the Torque converted and transmission and would cost about $1600.00 to rebuild. Any comments or suggestions?

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I have a Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 litre. I replaced the front seal in the 46re transmission, and now I cant get it to shift into any gear. Never messed with the linkage just took it off ang put right back on.

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Hello. I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500, with a 5.9L Magnum. Yesterday with no problems whatsoever driving, and after the truck had sat a couple hours; 2 minutes after starting up again, and driving through a parking lot, then at 10 miles an hour the fluid completely dumped out. Does any one know what could cause this, besides a hole in the transmission fluid pan? Thanks ahead of time for your input Matt, in Denver. 12/7/2013

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I have a 06 Dodge 1500 with the 5.7. When you take off its just dragging I have to get it to about 3 rpms and it start doing ok but it doesn't seem like it has first gear. Anyone have an idea?

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Hello all - BIG thanks to Ryan01 and Headstrong569 especially, because I have an 06 Durango that had the exact same issues and your answers helped fix it! Actually found out from my local auto parts gurus that the 2006 Durango has TWO transmission filters - go figure! Removed oil pan, drained fluid, replaced BOTH filters and added new pan gasket after cleaning everything meticulously with lint-free rags and solvent, and TA-DA! Runs like a champ! Of course I had to consult my repair manual and several online sources for the how-to particulars, as well as the knowledgeable guys at the auto parts store, but now I know that this needs to be done every 30,000 miles or so. Huh. Learn something new all the time!

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LAWNMAN - just saw your post and wanted to tell you that my 06 Durango was doing the same thing you described prior to just flat not moving. It had been "dragging" at takeoff for well over a month, and didn't seem to want to get over 2000 rpms until we were on the road. Had resorted to putting it in 2nd before trying to take off just to get enough power to keep from being rear-ended! Checked everything we could think of (well, obviously not EVERYTHING!), including fuel injectors. So, long story short, if you haven't changed out the transmission filter(s) recently, it's worth a try. Much cheaper than having to take it in for diagnosis, which you will need to do if the filters don't help. Changing them DID resolve that problem for me, though. Best of luck!

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94 ram1500 318 4speed auto - works in reverse and 1st - slips in 2ndd and drive? Please help!

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I sold my truck without fixing it. I have been told though from a few different people they changed the filter and the fluid in the trans and torque converter and it fixed the problem. Not sure how true it is but thats what I was told worked for them.

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my husband 1999 dodge ram truck is does not want to shift 1st 2nd or 3rd gears. he is changing the filter. we have noticed that it does it when its cold.

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I also have a problem that sounds similar. I was driving down the interstate at 65mph truck has had no tranmission problems at all. The RPMs went up truck slowed and came to a stop put it into park. would not go back in to gear. put it in to drive will not move rpms go up but nothing same for all gears. took it in and had them look at the transmission change filters and fluid which look clean but still nothing they wnated me to buy a new transmission for $6800 or a rebuild for $3800. I read on other forums about speed control sensor and I replaced both still nothing. Again I had no indication of a problem with the truck. I need help please any ideas.

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The truck is and 08 dodge ram 4x2 4.7l automatic bighorn

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i have a2006 dodge ram 4x4.i changed the fluid and filters just for routine maintenance and now the truck wont shift if u get into it. under normal driving conditions it performs perfectly. any ideas?

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i have a 05 1500 5.7 hemi the tranny just quit it just as you if put in neutral, it makes alittle whinning noies like a powersteering pump, and when you cut the truck off you here a small noise like a motor winding down. but it will not go forward or backward or nothing when you change gears

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Check the transmission fluid and add as needed. If this doesn't work, then you might need to take it to a transmission specialist. Matt

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Hi I have a dodge 1500 360 and when I got up to go to school I started the truck up and it went into any gear I put it in but wouldn't go even at high rpm. I then tryed to put I. Park and it make a grinding nose so I kept it in reserve the turned it off and placed it back In park and started it once again no noise could I have blewn my transmission?

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Im having the same problem with my 05 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi. Just stopped while driving, it makes a whining noise and acts like its in neutral no matter what gear its in. Did anyone ever figure it out?

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I have an 05 Dodge Ram 1500 with the same or similar symptoms as others. After it sits overnight is when the problem occurs. In any gear until the engine warms up there is a momentary "lag" after you drop the trans in gear, whether forward or reverse. No noise is associated with it, just a second delay before the trans gear engages. I read the TSBs associated with this and one identified which trannys were affected giving build dates using the so-called "Julian" clock. What a PITA that is. Took me a while to figure it out, but I also found my trans build date fell outside the dates detailed. I don't think it matters actually because this problem spans other models and different year vehicles. I talked to a highly respected transmission specialist I know and he said for me not to worry about it, just put the vehicle in neutral first before engaging the gear to allow the fluid back into the converter. He said the problem is fairly common and really didn't put a high priority on it. I see it differently, number one I don't want to add another step when shifting from reverse to forward or whatever, conceivably you could screw up when the vehicle is in neutral, basically I believe in Murphy's Law so I want to have this issue fixed. Another symptom that doesn't appear normal when checking trans fluid levels, the level is normal when hot, but when the engine is cold the dipstick level is way out of whack, showing a fluid level about an inch over the hot indicator on the dipstick. As we know, the cold level is down near the tip of the dipstick, I checked this twice over two days with the same results. This tells me something is holding up the trans fluid, whether it's a pinched hose or crimped filter, I don't know, but I would like to know if any others here noticed the same thing when checking the trans level fluid when cold? At this time I have a good mechanic who will fix it for me, but he suggested I round up OE parts and mentioned to buy only the Mopar trans fluid and nothing else. I love the truck, nothing has really gone wrong with it over the last 10 years except having the "Hemi tick" for a spell, the problem there was warped exhaust manifolds that caused the rear mounting bolts to break off, thus causing the ticking exhaust leak. For those of you that are skilled enough to do the repair yourself, the dealer charged $552 in parts and $630 in labor. Also, just recently I took it in for a recall fix, something to do with a rear end bolt and the service writer said I needed the rear pinion seal replaced, theres a small leak because of it. He quoted $277 to replace it, but he said it wasn't critical yet. Later on I went back through my receipt for the exhaust manifold fix and come to find out the rear pinion seal was changed out at that time, in fact, the same service writer's name was on the invoice. Obviously, he didn't check my vehicle's history and the repair was done under two years ago. My question is, shouldn't the pinion seal last longer than that or is it an easy sell for the service department? Lastly, I called three different times leaving a message with two different service writers and not once did they call me back. I wanted to ask how long a pinion seal is supposed to last and then go from there. I added this off topic information for the benefit of others that might have the common Hemi tick issue and to send out an advisory regarding the topic of up selling and not to take each and every diagnostic as honest. Just like people illnesses, get a second opinion, it could save you a lot of money.

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Had the issue also, driving down the freeway, hit a pot hole, and the engine just reved up like it was in neutral. No gears responded, mine was not getting any codes however. Took it the the local tranny shop and they deemed it bad. I ended up replacing the Tranny and Torqe converter at the dealer. I was told there has been alot of upgrades in that Tranny over the years and the local after market shops may not have access to.

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Before you do that someone told me about a tube that pops out at times and it wont give pressure of 125 to the tranny to shift. Also I was told there was two filters that should be changed, I know of one but not a mechanic that works on transmissions. Just talk to guys who try to help in certain situations. Hope this helps some.

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My 05 dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi is giving me problems. The check engine light is on. It will die when going under 40mph, when I take my foot off gas, RPM drop AC goes hot and truck dies. It will start back up but I need to FLOOR it to get it going, sometimes it will not shift in reverse. 1200 for a lightly used transmission but they don't know if it will fix it. any help????? RPMs drop to almost zero every time I take my foot off the gas

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I have a 2007 Dodge ram 1500 4.7l automatic quad cab flexfuel. My truck reads p0841 trans pressure fluid sensor. Where is this located? At times my truck shifts fine. Others it stays in 3rd gear, doesn't shift up or down. I've seen things of it going into a "limp mode", how do I fix this so my truck shifts normally? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Last night my 1500 Hemi had the same problem after a drive down the sand dunes. It starts normally I can reverse backwards normally but moving forward with Gear 1 and stops moving as it shifts to 2nd and 3rd and upwards no matter how much RPM hits. It moved fine only when I turn on 4WD 4-LOW returned home on 20 MPH on 6th gear. . Any idea what sort of issue it could be?

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I recently did a transmission service on my '07 2500 Hemi. No problems before, just trying to keep on top of things... Immediately after I noticed a slight delay in reverse-almost seemed like a pressure issue...I used a Duralast kit, Castro ATF+4 fluid & replaced both filters. Shortly after that I did a new exhaust & now hear a "whining" noise coming form the trans. I have seen on other forums that the aftermarket exhaust & whining noise can be related..??! I am going to do another trans service with the Mopar fluid as I have now heard not to use anything else. I'm thinking maybe priming the spin on filter will help with the pressure issue..? I worry about the fact that the torque converter will keep a hold of a lot of the castrol fluid, but if it helps I will drain the fluid & fill with more Mopar a couple months down the road. Sucks that regular maintenance turned into an issue!! I have done many auto trans services in my day & am confident everything went well. ( I am going to use an ATP trans kit this time rather than Duralast) I will let you all know if this helps....

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okay can anyone help me i have an 05 ram 1500 quad cab it is only 2wd and we have already replaced the transmission before which cost me $2,000 and that was only 9 months ago and the problem i am having is the truck starts fine idles great but sometimes when i go to throw it in reverse it will just lock up and not move but if i go back to park then back to reverse it will move? and we know it isnt a gear problem cause we dont have any problems while driving it is only when shifting gears at a complete stop can someone please help me! you can contact me at email: mkuryan98@gmail.com

Exact same thing literally just happened to me. No warning or anything, but mines a Ford freestar. It has transmission fluid, hasn't acted up before, but driving down I35 it just stops accelerating and now won't move at all, but rpm does.

I have a 2003 5.9 ram 1500 and it will start up and move and all of a sudden it just wont go.and i can leave it for a few minutes and it will go.but even after it goes when its starts to shift into 2 it goes out.someone help me


All you people having problems with your transmission not moving. I would say if it was a manual it would be your clutches burned out but automatic sounds like the clutch plates are warn out or bad seals in the clutch packs.

I have the same isue with my 2004 4x4 1500 with 4.7 litre . Worked fine before i drained the trans and changed the filters, i used Castrol +4 for chrysler and duralast filters. Ran great for about 600 miles and started slipping. I droped the pan again thinking i made some kind of mistake. The fluid was a little dark but no metal. This time i put mopar filters and castrol +4 fluid. It ran great 2 days and now it's slipping again. I'm wishing i just bought the chrysler trans fluid but don't see why the castrol +4 for chrysler vehicles would be the issue. Any help would be great.

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