Help' ' my dodge ram 1500 keeps turning off on me while driving battery is good no codes read at auto zone no bad wiring oil n everything up to date fuel pump is good n so is the pressure no overheat


Asked by Nov 10, 2013 at 02:14 AM about the 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 2 Dr SLT Quad Cab SB

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When does it die when your stopped? Does it back fire or hesitate before it dies? How often does it occur i would check ignition coil some times the windings in an old coil get weak especially because of the heat the engine creates

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it dies when i drive or sitting at a light and it doesnt make any noise at all just shuts off by itself but the lights and power alll work could it have something to do with the radiator hose tht runs into the truck cause right now it leaks and get the computer wet could tht be it ?

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No computer is sealed, it sits in the engine compartment, there is a few things that cn do this the easiest ans most likley is the ignition coil, follow the middle sparlplug wire in the distributor cap and it will come to the front of the engine on the right side, it will go into the coil it is very easy to change and nothing has to be set, try one out.

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kept shutting off on me out of the blue, i thought it was going to be something serious like the computer BUT ALL IT WAS WAS A Duralast Ignition Switch form AUTOZONE. the receipt number says LS1259. Hope this helps

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mine is doing the same thing, except mine is trying to gain the power to stay on, but just dies. but it will start right back up. im going to replace my ignition coils. computer says 8 is bad. and replace my mass flow air sensor in hopes that that helps.

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Fuel cap. Mine cuts off at 1/4 tank and when I fill up. Replaced cap and all is well.

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My 95 dodge ram 1500 keeps shutting off after driving for 15 min or so. I have replaced the ignition pick up, coil pack, Coolant temperature sensor, and igntion control sensor I believe it's called. I don't know a thing about fixing cars I just detail them lol. Can anyone help me with what it might be

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I have the same problem on my 2010 Dodge ram have mentioned this and had it written up at over three dealerships it happened again today in the major intersection could've been in a serious accident

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Replaced igntion switch now along with the others cts, ignition control senor. Still doing it ,

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My 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 would cut out while driving. Always started right back up. This first occurred at just over 100k. Dealer replaced "transmission sensors" problem went away. Now with 250k same symptom. I am hunting for sensors.....

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Everyone is saying it is the fuel filter. But I don't have the time or money to drop the tank and replace the filter, which is a lot of $$$$$

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I have a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 with the Hemi with 90,000 miles having similar issues. Will cut out after about 10 minutes from cold morning start (50 degrees) while driving. Sounds like it's trying to keep itself alive as well. Then I restart, step on the gas, and everything is fine. Has happened 2 days in a row in nearly the same location. I took it to a shop and no codes are showing. Has anyone pinpointed what the solution is yet?

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?????? I'm stumped don't know tried almost everything

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So I have a 95 dodge ram 1500 with the same problem I have replaced idle air control valve both front and back sensors 1 on top of the rear pumpkin and 1 on the side of the trans also cap rotor plugs wire's fuel pump and filter all 1 unit oil ignition switch sensor for abs and the tps and still no help the dash light's still on and still stalls urgh it's how we get to work and with a new baby it's hard to find time to go through every little thing help anyone

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I have a 01 dodge ram 2500 5.9l gas. It seems like once it heats up or after driving for a bit it Stahl's out and you have to wait a bit for it to start back up. I replaced the ignition coil and it did it again today. Should I replace the ignition switch this time?

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Throttle Control Sensor. Fixed my 05 Dodge Ram 4.7 . Same symptoms as all you guys with no codes and no help from dealer. TCS

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When my throttle control sensor went in my 05, it went into creep mode. It's now stalling, just don't get any warning lights or lose radio, but no power anything. My mechanic likes to start simple, suggests voltage regulator/alternator/battery. Then go from there.

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2004 dodge larime has been shutting off while driving for about a month now but always starts right back up . Took it to auto shop no code problems and tonight in 16 degree weather shut off on the highway almost causing a serious accident. Had to get it towed back home

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hope this helps someone i have a 03 dodge ram 1500 that kept stalling at idle or take off .....turned out to be 02 sensor no codes were being thrown but asd relay kept kicking when the truck would die unplugged o2 stopped dying ...

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Hey when the asd rely kicked would it only start after u put it in park and turned off the key


yeah, my truck (2003 dodge ram 4.7) only starts back up after you throw it in park and turn off the key and even then it has trouble starting back up

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I had problems with my 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7 throwing random DTC codes and stalling. When going highway speed it would occasionally "buck" and the tach would drop to near zero and come right back. Occasionally it would happen repeatedly and make a lot of noise. When slowing down it would stall out and die, but always restarted. The truck was always warm when these things happened. Some of the codes I got were "closed loop fueling not achieved" on both banks, cam and crank position sensor codes, throttle position sensor codes and low voltage codes. I replaced cam and crank position sensors, throttle position sensor and oxygen sensors. Battery and alternator tested good. I had about given up, when my mechanic called me and had found a common but rarely diagnosed problem on this model year, and I assume many other 3rd gen Rams. The wiring harness from the computer runs over the back of the passenger side cylinder head and actually rests against it. It's not easy to see. Over time it gets hot and can break down the insulation on the wires. On mine it was the sensor feedback wire that had a worn spot. Taped the wires with a good amount of electrical tape, zip tied the harness to the transmission dipstick tube to keep them off of the cylinder head, and problem solved. Hopefully if someone is having similar problems, this can save them the headaches I had.

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Imy truck dies in the afternoon after work, Im in phoenix, don't understand why it only dies in the afternoon and not in the morning, I'm guessing it's the heat but, any suggestions

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I was drive my 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 for about 6 minutes and all of a sudden my RPMs dropped for 2 seconds and lost speed, then my speed went back up, the happened again. And my fuel went from full to empty to full. I was going about 55 MPH In the past week I changed a cracked spark plug, and the air filter. Anyone else have the problem?

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I have 03 dodge 1500 that shuts off going down the road, usually when slowing down. It also won't start at times, it tries the first couple of times u turn it over but then nothing. I did figure out the fuel pump was not coming on when key was cycled, so i replaced the pump with a complete new fuel pump assembly. i filled the tank full right afterwords. truck ran great until the fuel level was under half, then the problem came back. If i hit the tank with a hammer it fixes the problem for a while, i think im going to buy a fuel cap and see about a new pigtale for the connector on the pump.


Update: Mine was a crack shaft sensor that would not work every once in a while, swapped it out now it's running better then ever!

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My 2003 ram 1500 4.7 would stall intermittently. No codes ,no warning other then square around the d would dissappear then engine would shut down. Had to turn key to off position to start back up. Turned out to be a bad coil. Must have had a short that shut the engine down . All good for over a year now.


My 2006 Ram 1500 5.7 shut down while driving yesterday, only it will not start again. Looking for answers but it seems to be a possible issue with this model without a real answer as to why or how to fix it. Seems like a big paper weight at this point. Might trade it in for a ford lol

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Could be crank sensor or timing sensor


My 2011 ram 1500 stalls while driving without any warning or codes. It has done this 3 times now about 2 years apart. When this happens I can turn key off and back on again and it just comes back on while still moving and in drive like nothing happened. Any ideas?

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Ya definitely sounds like a "crack shaft" sensor to me aswell Nwillen44

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Check the plug that goes to the fuel pump. mine is an 03 and the four female spade terminals in the connector were wide open. i figured it out when i wired a stran of automotive electrical wire threw the spade terminals and it stopped dieing. I only did this so i could have it plugged in and functioning and be able to test it without taking it apart. I took the terminals out of the plug and bent back the tangs and it has not died yet.

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Same problem with my 1999 Ram 1500 5.9L. It was the CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR! It sarted off with momentary hesitation that I initially though was a transmission slippage. Later it died momentarily while driving and tach would go to zero, then restart. Went a few months without issues then started randomly dying, would coast to side of road and wait 2-3 minutes before restarting. Never lost lights/power, no misses, etc. When the crank position sensor has a signal loss, it cuts power to the fuel pump and stops all ignition. Apparently once it starts going bad, it just gets worse and worse. The part is $75 to $90 and a pain in the butt to get to. I gladly paid my mechanic $100 labor for the install (he said he will never put one in again!) Had to pull the R Front wheel and fender well out to reach it! Hope this helps!

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