Engine starts but then shuts off right away with other weird things?


Asked by Jul 18, 2011 at 12:20 PM about the 2001 Chevrolet Malibu LS

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

The other day I went out to my car to find that my key fob thing didn't work, which didn't surprise me at all. So I unlocked the car with the key and flipped the lever to unlock all of the doors and it didn't work either. So I thought maybe I killed the battery or something so I tried to start the car. The car fired right up and then shut off right away. Some of the other weird things that I started noticing is it takes a few seconds for the dash to light up and they come slowly and not all at once like normal. Also, the interior lights did not work, nor the dome light, the trunk release also does not work. The radio worked as it was on but after we shut it off it now will not turn back on. Last night my land lord knocked on my door to tell me that my interior lights were on in my car. What??? They did not work?? I went out to my car and they were on and would not shut off, I had to pull the fuse to get them to shut off.

Another thing that I found was after some serious rain that morning there was water on the floor on the passengers side. The rubber thing around the windshield is coming off on the bottom.

I just had the Throttle Position Sensor replaced a couple of days before that. After having that replaced the car ran better than I can even remember it running before.

Could something have gotten wet??? Would that effect the car starting and shutting off right away?? My mechanic thought it might be the Theft deterant system failing. My dad told me maybe a dead cell in the battery. Any other ideas??

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body control module? this is the first thing i would check BUT you should call a chevy dealer.. cuz it sounds like you may have more then that and they can diagnose it with a computer..

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I agree with your dad,replace the battery,a bad one will cause all kind of weird things to happen on todays computer cars.

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I talked to the Chevy dealer here in town and that is the thing that they mentioned was the Body control module which is tied to the theft system. My dad tried to pull a code off it with a code reader but it wasn't putting one out. So looks like it will be towed to the chevy dealer. It is crazy to me how the day before I got such great performance out of it to come out and find it in this condition..like it was nothing!! Ugh!!! Oh and we checked the battery, the battery is fine. I am guessing you are right on the money with the BCM. Thank you for your help! :)

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i would have the alternater tested bc if your alternater is going bad then the whole car shorts out..that happend to me going down the road..everything electrical stopped working...radio shut off lights didnt work...it was running off the batttery.. when i came to a stop i had to drive on the shoulder to get up to speed well got home and as i was coming down the hill it died....so im for an alternater replacement...go to adv auto and theyll test it for you

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I had the same problem and my mecanic find the answer so it was the fuse for the computer.

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Have your thought of an exorcism?

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BCM is wet for sure.

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My car 2001 Malibu is doing the same thing, bought it for my daughter and it ran out of gas, And the lights were left on, So it needed a charge. SAME symptoms. No key fob working, No dome light, No radio working, and will start up beautifully EVERYTIME. but then shut off. did you find out your cars issue.

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2011 Chevy Malibu, died while at stop sign and red light. Pushed to side, then wouldn't restart. Had it towed, Chevy dealership hooks to computer and they show nothing wrong. Sell $300 things that MIGHT help. 3 days, drop son off at school. Went to restart, car won't start. Towed to dealer, this time they claim needs Fuel Pump. $700 and it is NOT covered under warranty. FINE. car home 3 days, same exact thing happens. Dealer has not had my car 2 days and they swear they cant get computer to find anything wrong. However, each tow truck driver mentioned fob. ALL state there is an issue. Dealer states they are not techs and are clueless. Now I want the $700 back it surely wasn't the fuel pump. Still clueless in AZ. Hours of missed work and a 2 year old car that dies and wont start. ANY advise???

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Contact GM customer service. NOT the one at the dealer. There is a GM representative that at times monitors these postings an suggests any issues with a GM vehicle, especially a two year old one, to contact GM Customer Service. Your good dealer has their number to the representative in your area. You are being taken advantage of big time. Any chance you are a female and the service writer is a male? There may be your problem. I would not take this laying down. (No pun intended). You can get your money for all repairs that did not fix the problem in small claims court if GM does not fix you car. Also check on lemon laws in your state. You may force the dealer to take back your car and replace it with a similar one that works. Last avenue it to find an attorney specializing in product failure. Not one that advertises after 10 PM on TV or early Saturday mornings on TV.

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Did all put change bcm. Car cranks runs. Then kills. Puzzled

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Same happen to me today, after i replace door speakers in my 350z i start car to check if speakers work there was no problems, but i didnt have all electronics and AC controll connected i only check radio and both speakers. I turn off engine, hook up everything, put radio back in dashborad and try start the car.It fired right up and then engine shut off after 10 sec. I try several times... I'm going to check computer fuse tomorrow... Its frusrating.

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I have had the same problem with my Chevy Malibu

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I've had the same problem my Chevy Malibu it cranks up and runs for 2 seconds and then dies security light stay on flashing red so I bypassed the ignition module sensor still cranks and runs for 2 seconds come to find out I change the fuel pump and that is not the problem the problem is the fuel regulator up under the hood right there by your intake manifold you pulled the vacuum line off and tap on it with a screwdriver and if it cranks up then you know your fuel regulator is bad or if you pull the vacuum line off and gas pours out the top of it you know your fuel regulator is bad and you need to change it cost me $68 in my car runs with no problem now

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I have a 03 Malibu and for some strange reason It starts and runs for 6 hours before going dead and won't start back up until it cool off for 30 minutes. Then it would start and run for another 10 minutes and dies again. I changed every sensor,fuel pump, and battery but still the samething.So I'm going to try BCM next and hope this solves the problem.

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Hi Malcolm_125, I believe your car needs new camshaft position sensor. Had same problem on mine!

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I know this is an old post but i really need help. My 98 malibu 3.1 is cranking and then dies. I put a now camshaft sensor, icv, and tps. Still wont stay running. If i unplig the tps it will run but then dies as soon as i plug it back in.

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I have a 2000 Chevy Malibu replaced the battery had thermostat and shifter replaced along with a pulley and serpentine belt all that added to 1,309$ In repairs a new key made at dealer to see if that was the issue and my car dies after a few hours sometimes minties kicks off as I'm driving shuts off

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I had the same problem ,it was a security issue , i had to reset the security system . you can do this by using the key .. Turn the key to the lock position then to the unlock position then back to center ,get into car put the key in and try to start it if it does not start turn it off and retry it should start and run ok

I had a 2003 that did the same thing. It would start then die. I tried fooling with the remote to unlock the trunk or sound the horn, and that solved it. Take the remote off your key ring and get it 20 feet away from the car, and then try to start it. If your remote is bad it will shut your car off if it is close to the ignition.


GuruDZZ13, for real? I never heard of that. I've had a couple of fabs need batteries and had two replaced, (expensive) but never experience what you posted. Why remove it from the key ring?

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It must have a proximity chip in it. If it is close to the ignition switch it will shut the engine off right after it starts.


So what you're saying, if it is near the engine block, it may be a chip off the old block? Never heard about the fobs doing that, but the age of progress does move on. Thanks.

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So your saying its the computer.my atitheft Lock is on and engen light.they need to be reset


2011 chevy Malibu starts and won't stay running. It does within seconds of turning over. It sputters and dies right away. My wife had left a light on and had it jumped a few times within the last couple moths and had no issues. I got in to head to the gas station and it shit off right away. I saw a video on YouTube that said it could be the camshaft position sensor but reading all these testimonies I don't believe that to be the problem. I removed the wiring harness to that sensor and tried to start it but it did the same thing. I don't know if that is even a legitimate test but it did nothing different for me. I will try to remove the key fob and see if that works. All the power components (door locks, radio, trunk release) work fine. And all interior lights come on. I too, noticed a very odd thing with the dash board lights.. they come on slower and fade in and out as the car is going through it's sputter session upon starting and dying right away. Please help!

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if security light is flashing turn key on for 10 minutes and it should stop flashing then turn key off and then try and start the car

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