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Asked by Jul 12, 2008 at 07:06 AM about the 1997 Toyota Supra 2 Dr Turbo Hatchback

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does anyone have a turbo supra?? and if so how many problems have you had and is it worth buying one. I know they have bullet proof motors that can handle about 700hp on stock eternals.

And for those who dont have one would you ever buy one and what do you think of them as a car with all the hype on them kinda like the skyline.

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Beautiful car mate. Once they are modifed they could get some problems if the right components are not fitted but as a general the twin turbo model is probably the best. The drivers area feels like a planes cockpit with the curved dash which encloses the driver slightly from the passenger. The engines as good as they get. I had one running just short of 900 hp @ 4 bar psi and with NOS. If it can handle that, a 3000cc engine, must be very good.

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the engine is better than skyline engines.

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A wise man once told me Price Performance Reliability Pick two

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the prices onthem are rediculous and for the money you could pu tout for one, you could build a 240sx or older supra that could keep up and even maybe a honda turbo of some sort if you do it right


my bro has a 1992 turbo supra that hauls ass his friend runs up to 30 pounds of boost on a stock inline 6 and it runs great and doesnt have any problems w/ it let me know if u know any one w/ a VW corrado slc i have one and want another they are rare and really fast


The price might be considered ridiculous by comparison... but Supra is a collector's car. It was remade famous with the Fast and the Furious movies... and discontinued in 1998. Toyota has yet to put out another pocket rocket/ Mach 5 vehicle. In California, the Supra Turbo did not pass emissions laws ... which added to its outlaw status as a then new vehicle, and may have contributed to Toyota discontinuing production.


I agree with Mr. Zaman. I sold the last Supra in my dealership in 1998 to a professor of music at a California school. She loved it! It is fun to drive. Looks great. The spoiler is not for everyone. Whether the vehicle is worth the money or not is quite subjective. It depends on the condition of the vehicle... GET A CARFAX. And how bad you want it... with each year, they are increasingly scarce expecially if you are talking about one that has not been in accident or not excessive miles.


i definitely is worth the money but i would buy the first gen body that one is hideous. I want show and go not just a car that looks like hell but can beat anything around


im sure i could but why would you want to while everyone else is running those? plus it would last long then a boosted b series all that stress doesnt last long. my buddy has a integra with 470hp its a b18 bored to a 2.0L.


you are right but the rb26dett motor is a beast of a motor its almost about equal to the 2jz


ok dude first things first, THESE ARE VERY EXPENSIVE CARS TO OWN!!!! <- PETROL!!!!!!!! i havnt owned one but ive worked at an auto importer and one of my bosses previously had one. their nothing like skylines, completely different cars to drive and own, supras earn their stars in straight lines, their alot like muscle cars but quicker :P, skylines are lighter and more nimble, but they tend to whip their tails out alot more, also toyota vs nissan toyota's are 100x more reliable. supras also rape skylines off the line (except gtr's) a non turbo will beat a gtst skyline off the line and usually for the first 60ft, depending on the driver with a few light mods the non turbo can haul ass and 200rwkw is easily accessable and enough to destroy any r32,r33 (non gtr). if its ur first performance, sports, fast car id reccomend the non turbo, you should save a fair bit of money, you can easily turbo one of these single turbo (toyotas sequential twin turbo system is a joke) plus the w57 5 speed is alot better and slightly stronger. the turbo conversion is actually an extremely good idea all of the converted ones ive seen have turned out better than stock TT's. twin turbo supra's are beasts, dont kill yourself thrashing it around corners, once the car spools it is a fucking demon to controll (first car i ever spun out in was a TT JZA80) but dont get me wrong, the quality of their drive is exceptional and their handelling (when ur not sideways) is better than any skyline ive ever driven. but if i had to own one of these vs a gtr id take a gtr anyday id expect to pay no more than $30,000 for a twin turbo supra, anything under that is fairly reasonable (our exchange rates are allmost dollar for dollar so i'm guessing your supras cost the same as ours) fast and the furious is a very old movie i'm sure that cult status is no longer a tax on these cars. buyers advice for jza80's: YOU CAN NOT DRIFT THESE CARS, they require waay to much power and way too much skill their also waay 2 heavy for a novice drifter to control, please do not try it. supras were designed as touring cars and to go hard and fast in straight lines, they do take corners well but not sideways. these cars can be expensive to service, twin turbo's their tyres are rather expensive (8 -9.5 inch wide wheels form the factory, their also staggered for all those playing at home i just cant think of the exact sizes atm) however these cars are extremely reliable and can be daily driven with excess of 400hp without damaging your engine, all you need is a new exhaust (but i duno aobut american emission laws)(the exhaust will also increase your fuel economy) and a boostcontroller, a simple T-piece and valve will do. everything built by toyota is reliable (ive got a pretty decked out ae86 :D with a tough N/A build 87rwkw from a 16 valve :D:D:D) 700hp is a bit optimistic, realistically your looking at about 600-650hp on stock internails depending on how old the motor is and what ur compression goes like, id reccomend buying a 98 supra with vvti, you will get better power and more economy. dont worry about replacing your turbo's if you get an american supra, they have steel compressor wheels and are incredibly tough turbo's if your looking at getting an automatic please do not waste ur money, the turbo auto's go just as hard as the non turbo manuals (ive seen it with my own eyes many times) unl;ess you wanna put a high stall kit in the car but this will make it useless as a daily driver or street car. you might have noticed ive gone on about not drifting these cars PLEASE DO NOT BUY ONE THINKING YOU CAN DO IT their simply the wrong car, if you want something with the same power that you can drift id reccomend buying a FD3S, message me if you have any more specific questions

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to the guy who had the 900hp supra with 4bar your build must have completely shithouse? or is that average for american pump fuel? with a proper build 4bar should be giving you around 1100hp+ you dont know how to blueprint/balance or port and polish (no offence). you will only run into troubles if you overboost, this goes with every car, if your gunna drive this car as a daily driver set boost levels, id reccomend nothing over 22psi on shitty american fuel, (not your fault) even 22 is a bit psycho and rb26DETT's are far superior to 2jz's, stronger, lighter fewer cc's and a twin turbo system that works, toyota just uses more reliable components


best advice ever


ur a tool, a sr20 cannot compete with a 2jz, neither can a 7m or 6m, they will simply be boosted up cars with short lifespans, even a sr20 running 16psi on an aftermarket turbo (t28 would explode) wont make the same amount of power as a wastegate controlled supra turbo. and the torque the 2jz produces is gigantic compared to any nissan engine. nissan simply can not build engines capable of competing with the torque of a toyota

Its is a very nice car, but if ya can afford it put a supra engin in a celica, then cold air intake on top of that, you get around 35-40 mpg and still run it around 130 depending on how big the motor is. Also makes a great drifter without sacraficing too much accel.


Well If you want a fast car THAT bad. And want a comparison to a skyline. Then go out there and get a 2009 Nissan GT-R. I dont have anything against the 1998 Toyota supra twin turbo but, why not start out with something fresh and new you know? You get a rocket ship when you buy a GT-R. It does 0-60 in 3.3 sec. And you wont have to upgrade it at all for it to do that. All you have to do is hit 3 buttons. Supra is great but it is getting old.

had a few probs with it.. like warped head, clutch nearly gone and dual mass flywheel was stuffed.. but otherwise not too bad and ive seen 1200 rwhp on stock internals, wouldn try it tho heres my supra


first off why the hell would i drop 70k on a car versus 20k id much rather be able to wrench on it then have a nightmare of a time trying to modify that motor. I cant imagine how many sensor and modules that car has and trying to bypass some forget it. The toyota supra is timeless every company pretty much models what they need to do from the 2jz in my opinion that was the best motor ever made.


i hate celicas they are ugly as hell unless they are gt fours that would be the only one i would buy and good luck getting your hands on one of those. plus you would end up spending just as much on labor putting in that damn motor in the celica cause i sure as hell would want a professional do the engine swap not some dude name vinny that turns wrench in his mothers garage.


very very true i would much rather have a skyline one its awd you cant go wrong with that. Plus the motor is bullet proof just like the 2jz, all though if i was going to get one the only one you should get is the gtr no point in droping 40-70k on any other model. Im really picky with cars as well and the r32 and r33 are ugly in my book. The R34 is probably one of if not the best looking car ever to come out of japan or maybe even the world. That would be the one i would drop that kind of cash on the Skyline GT-R V Spec II R34 in either white or blue. And yes i would get the conversion kit so i could drive it on the road. A guy that owns a shop in Portland over here has a skyline r33 and a 98 supra. The skyline is a trailer queen though. Whats the point id spend what ever it took to get that legal and run it as a daily driver. How many people can say "Hey i drive a nissan skyline as a daily driver" the response would be no shit you do?


and that it has the that body kit lol everyone and their uncle slapped that on every car they could find after the fast and the furious came out lol but other then that its a nice car like the color.


Your a douchebag. You talk about how a supra is like a muscle car but much quicker. The supra is only quicker when modified. Nice try junior

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pssh, the supra is quicker than any factory muscle car built at the same time as it, proove me wrong suck my balls fatty

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man gts-t's arent much behind gtr's, for a gtst that has the change spent on it opposed to a straight up gtr the gtst could smash it in a straight line if u spent ur extra coin in the right places, yeah i h8 r33's every cutn has one here in australia, but i like 32's and 34's are mad, if u like the blue check out the v-spec chamelon (i think its paint code is midnight purple II i'm probably far from it lol) the one form my work shuld still be on there and go to australia blah blah blah thers quite a few gtr daily drivers over here, their actually not that bad as a runaround u can get like 500km+ from one tank if u try. haha thers hudreds or maybe thousands of "Hey i drive a nissan skyline as a daily driver" people here, it would be mad if there numbers were small here aswell their soooo common.

I have a 1995 Toyota Supra non turbo and i daily it, i don't do skids or crazy burnouts on it, its fun to drive and likewise very reliable, just look after it and it'll look after you :) just make sure you service it and drive safe and you will be good

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