random stalling when coming to a stop or slowing down.

Asked by Dec 18, 2009 at 10:08 AM about the 1999 Toyota Camry XLE

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At random times - once a week when I am coming to a stop or slowing down in traffic (when it's below 1 rpm) the car will just stall. It starts up o.k., and then will be fine the rest of the day. I've had it to my mechanic 4 times and to Toyota dealer once. No one can figure out what's wrong.  Quite scary since I lose all power, brakes and all when it stalls!!   Help!!

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Not sure if you found any Camry stalling fixes but take a look at here: http://www.toyotanation.com/forum/showthread.php?t=77478. I'm having the same issue with my 98 Camry CE. Usually happens randomly when slowing down (when the rmp drop below 1000). Hope this helps. I'm going to try out a few things from all the replies. Going to start with fixing the EGR value.

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Over the last 8 months, my 2002 V6 Camry with 105,000 miles on it, has had intermittent stalling when I stop at a light on the Bronx River Parkway. The car is dead for about 3 minutes and then starts up again. It has happened twice in one day, twice in a week and then it doesn't happen for two months. All total it has happened about a dozen variable times and only after driving about 6 to 8 miles at approximately 50 mph. My mechanic did some research, but there was nothing definative until I held off a stall by putting my car in neutral at a stop light on my way home from work last week and then stepped on the gas pedal to keep up the rpm. Finally, after a near stall going home from work last week on BR Pky at a stop light, ( I so feared getting rear ended during this rush hour) I put car into neutral and pressed on the gas until the light turned green. I made it to my mechanic by not making full stops and taking a route with the fewest lights. Finally, the car totally stalled in front of my mechanic's garage where he was able to make a diagnostic. I was told it was a "fuel problem". The car was getting "spark", so not electrical. Hope this helps. MLB Now my car has been fixed, and I picked it up today. My mechanic said he had to drop the fuel tank and found the fuel filter in the gas tank to be filthy. I got my car back today after spending $270. Toyota said it was something else (some kind of assembly), but my mechanic had his doubts.

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Random stalling when coming to a stop or slowing down. 2/9/2012 - I live in a steep hilly area & drive a 2002 Toyota Camry XLE with approx 69,000 miles on it. Randomly (approx. 6 times in 3 months)- usually the car stalls on the Parkway when I slow down to avoid or stopping for a red traffic light. On two occasions I barely made it on to the driveway (also on a slope) and the engine stalled before I was able to turn the ignition off. One time I lost power in a turn and lost steering and felt pretty scared. After 10 minutes I could start the car again. On two occasions my mechanic twice adjusted the air mixture to increase the RPMs and reset the engine's computer. The second time he asked me to take it to a Toyota Dealership and they charged me a diagnostic fee and could not find an error computer message or fix the problem, but recommended a new transsion for $4,388 saying the only thing they can find is a slight stumbling between 2nd & 3rd gear. That seems odd when the problem is when I am slowing way down and could understand it happening between 1st & 2nd gear. I am torn between taking the car into my mechanic or buying another brand of car because the anxiety of stalling is getting to me - potentially in rush-hour traffic or on the freeway.

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All I know is that I trust my mechanic over the Toyota dealership that wanted to make a diagnostic at a cost to me. I knew that if nothing happened during the Toyota dealership diagnostic, nothing would be conclusive and I'd still have to pay for the diagnostic. My regular mechanic doesn't charge for a diagnostic. The last diagnostic occured during an immediate stall right in front of mechanic's garage. I had delayed the stall by trying not to fully stop or pushed down lightly on the gas pedal as much as I could to prevent the stall. Several things have been fixed on my car by mechanic. First it was the rotted out fuel tank. Mechanic fixed that as well as replacing the gas tank fuel filter and the fuel pump. Stalling continued. A sensor was then replaced. Car still continued to stall. Another different sensor was replaced and mechanic did not charge for this. In addition he gave me a free oil change and other servicing. Guess he felt bad. The car then worked better, but stalling began again with a different stall pattern. This time whenever I stop at a light on the BR Parkway or on an off road just after getting off the parkway and it stalls, I put the car in neutral and restart the car. It starts right back up, but then fades again towards stalling. Only after rev ving up the engine one or more times does the rpm go back to normal. All this is tolerable for the time being, but yes, all this stalling does cause anxiety. The week after next I have off for a week, and will hand over the car to my mechanic. This type of stalling now occurs several times a week. All this has never been a problem at all while driving. It is only when I come to a stop. Most stops it doesn't stall, but again, this is now happening several times a week. I now have had my 2002 Camry for 10 years with just over 111,000 miles on it, and up until fall of 2010, I never had such a problem before. It is my feeling the problem is all related, from one thing to the next. While under warrantee after buying the car, there was a problem with filling up the gas tank. Fuel pumping into the car would constantly keep shutting off despite the tank not nearly being anywhere full. Toyota dealership fixed the problem at no cost while under warrantee, but I oftentimes wonder if there has been something inherently wrong with the entire fuel delivery system from the very beginning. I'm hopeful that this will be resolved, but I have begun to look at other cars including possibly another Camry ( just like this comfortable good looking mid sized car that has been rated well over the years by Consumer Reports magazine). In the past I bought a Corolla that lasted 10 years with only 75,000 miles (stalling while driving, which was so very scary!), but then had a second Corolla for 15 years that lasted with over 205,000 miles never stalling, and its life ended only because of an accident that had nothing to do with the mechanics of the car.

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I forgot to mention, and Toyota needs to know this, that I expect more from the 2002 V6 Camry I have. What I've heard and seen in written reports about Toyotas being still better than average vehicles, last years' recalls and my recent experience with a car that is "just broken in" is disappointing. It is the first time in nearly 30 years that I am considering not buying another Toyota. My spouse, after buying several Toyotas over the years we've been married, purchased a very high rated Honda for the first time last year.

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Stalling continued. I bought a new car.

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clean the throatlebody

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I have a 98 camry auto 4cyl, how many rpms are normal sitting on 100km??? thanks

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hi I am sharing with you that I had the so anoying problem and after changing a number of parts trying to figure out the problem finally came to the end of the road thanks to all the tips i found on google and the help from a mecanic who happens to be my brother problem fixed but not before spending a good amount of time and a lot of frustation isspecially because just buyed the car for my son trying to help him out butt hank god and you guys his car is running like a champ now aftter changing the throtle body distributor coolant sensor oxygen sensor fuel filter fuel pump poretd vacum swith etc.turned ouy to be very simple egr valve was getting stuck p.s. I now have a lot extra parts for my car and some experience with camreys to share with you I hope this helps someone out there with same problem

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Have 290,000 on my Camry LE, FIXED the stall problem by getting a lower mileage (150,000) throttle body which came with Idle Air Control. Also cleaned the EGR port. Runs great now. A new IAC was $210 bucks. The salvage unit was $35. No big problem to replace, if you have basic mechanical skills.

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I have a 2002 Toyota Camry XLE V6 with 110k miles and have the exact same problem. A few months back, when this happened, the mechanic cleaned the throttle body. This happened again in the rain last weekend. Two separate mechanics couldn't find any problem. One suspects the idle speed control valve but said that he didn't have proof.

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My 95 Toyota Camry 4cylinder sometimes cuts off when I am at stop lights or stop signs and it jerks when accelerating from a complete stop once I get up to speed the car runs good I am able to ride on the highway fine and up hills fine once I reach high speeds I have changed my fuel filter and I just got a oil change the car wont cut off when its been running for a while what could the problem be ?

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I am trying to find an answer for my 2001toyota sienna. Its got over 125k miles. Lately, the check engine light blinks profusely, vibrates lighty as if its about to stall when slowing down to red light. Ive counted one time 45 blinKs of the check engine light. Thats crazy!!!! I took it to auto zone to get the computer codes and it revealed three ignition coils were misfiring. i gave it a tune up since it had been a while. That did not fix the problem. Bought the three Ignition coils and had them replaced. That did not do it. Mechanic believes the three catalytics on the vehicle are about to go. I believe the issue is deeper than what we think. Based on all the explanations you have all prpvided, i will recommend my mechanic checks the throttle body and the egr valves. Sounds to me something much siimpler is causing this issue, but then again, im no mechanic, so what do i know? I will let you know what happens. would hate to depart from this truck.

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One more thing i forgot to mention which causes a safety ossue when the sienna truck

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Sorry about the incomplete sentence above. All i wanted to say was that the sienna truck loses braking when it attempts to stall, i have had to pump the brakes to stop. Quite scary!!!

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1999 camry 4cyl. engine light blinking, engine codes: coils, mis firing cyl 1,2,4. Car stalls loss power. After replacing coils 1,4. Changed spark plugs, did not fixed the problem. Then I replaced the spark plug wires then Bingo! Problem fix, no more engine shaking or loss of power.

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For my Toyota stall, after consulting with Toyota Corporate & Toyota Technical, I replaced my EFI temperature control switch. Haven't had problems for several months now.

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My son has a 1990 toyota camry with the same idling and stalling issue. After much research we decided to replace the etc sensor. 22 dollar part, problem fixed.

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Oops, that would be the ect sensor. (Engine coolant temperature) sensor. Probably cheapest part to start with. Hope this helps anyone else that may have same problem.

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I had the issue recur two months back even after the EFI temperature control switch replacement. Toyota Technical can only suggest replacing the computer & the dealer gave me a quote for $14000 + labor... I'll try the ECT sensor. Thanks folks.

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my 1993 honda accord jerks and rpm drop and cut off at stop sign.

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the mass air flow sensor is the problem and if its a carburetor turn up the air screw the air fuel mixture is off

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No ken. you couldnt be more wrong.

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2000 avalon, replaced all oxygen sensors, EGR, cleaned MAF sensor, all plugs, oil sensor, cleaned the throttle body, and idle sensor, installed new valve guides and continually comes up with lean bank 1 and misfire of 3 cylinders.. the car runs like a swiss watch, except it will not idle with the AC on, I have to put it in neutral at the lights to keep it running. I have a top of the lime code reader, but no codes come up except for the ones listed above

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Change the crank angle sensor, it is just a simple device mostly made of plastic and will heat up and expand and will no longer run until it cools off. The sensor it cheap and easy to get at

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there are no P0335 codes. I have an expensive reader and the only code coming up now is the bank 1 lean. BUT i will change it then almost every sensor on the engine will be replaced. Thanks

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It's the ECT Sensor from my experience. My 2004 Camry with 135,000 miles started to stall at stops once the engine warmed up. Not while driving, but at stops with no dashboard warning lights (i.e., engine light was not on/flashing). I had to keep it reved while stopping. This happened on my way home on Black Friday morning after running an errand. After reading tons of posts, I gave the ECT Senor fix a try first. My local Pep Boys didn't have the sensor in stock, so they had to ship it from a different store and I picked it up the next day. Normally, it was $62, but a Black Friday weekend special knocked it down to about $40. It was super easy to install (I found a Youtube video on how to replace it) and my car hasn't had any stalling issues since (nearly 3 weeks, knock on wood).

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2002 Sienna, 207K miles. Check engine light on, and occasionally flash at stop signs or lights. Codes said 3 of the six cylinders misfiring. Coils replaced by highly reputable mechanic. Still happening. Now it's got a new symptom: engine suddenly sputters at highway speed. Just one sputter at a time. All of this started after I got an oil change at a local oil change place, not at my mechanic's shop. After reading all of the above I'm going to make sure they check the EFI temp control, the ECT sensor, the spark plug wires and spark plugs, the fuel filter, what else?


If you have this problem, BEFORE you start changing any parts, disconnect the EGR valve from the computer, and your car may start running better then it did when it was brand new. The scanner may show something like: "insufficient exhaust gas flow". what actually happens is the computer is checking the egr valve when the engine is at idle, and if the egr valve is clogged-up it keeps sticking and that chokes-up the engine. When you disconnect the valve from the computer it stays open and does not send any exhaust gas back to the intake manifold, and your idle is free and smooth.

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My 98 Toyota has been stalling for few times now when I am waiting for signal. It started in winter and stalled continuously for one week. But started working fine, now that summer just started the problem is back. When it stalls it shows the gas dropping and check engine signal. The mechanic cannot figure out the problem.

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thanks everyone all has been helpful.....


my 2011 camry engine goes off itself when idle or moving slow. After replacing the air filter no more stalling happens.

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SeaFoam works! My 09 camry began hesitating, then stalling at every stop. Poured 2 cans of Seafoam in a full tank of gas, and within 60 miles the stalling stopped and the engine runs great!


my 2011 Camry stalls after I stop. I have had it towed twice and they can't figure it out they say it runs fine

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Hi Denise, Buy a new air filter and replace it. That’s what I did first thing when I had the same problem on my 2011 Camry. It’s on less than $30. It magically fixed the issue. Good luck! Jim

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