Car intermittently will not start. When it does start can drive but when u turn it off and try to restart immediately will not restart. Does not crank but do have dash power? New starter and battery!


Asked by Nov 12, 2013 at 03:05 PM about the 1994 Toyota Camry LE

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We have to keep it running while we pump. Won't start back up sometimes for hours. Also, Mine doesn't do it everyday but seems to act up more in colder weather. Changing starter relay today and hoping for a miracle!!!

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I had the same problem with my ' 89 pick up and my ' 95 Camry. I just ran a jumper wire from the ignition wire, to the positive on my battery, then to a push button I installed under the dash. Problem solved. I was told that there is a module on the underside of your distributer that can go bad and cause that problem. Could also be the ignition control module. You can get one on Ebay for about 40 bucks.

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You need to have the wire going to the starter checked for power when you turn the key to start If you have power their when it gets hot it is not the switch if no power then you need to check power from the switch if no power out of the switch then replace switch if you have power out of the switch the you need to check the wiring to the starter You can have some of the wiring breaking down when it gets hot even the battery cables can break down when they get hot because their is more of a amp load . Every thing will work and come on but when you turn key to start it want in gauge the starter because of the load demand all so check all connection pos. and neg. If you have a bad connection it will do the same when it gets hot I would check them first.

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My 95 camry just started doing this today and the techs at firestone are stumped and so am I! Was driving the car along about 40mph and the car lost all power including power steering but did not sputter out and die but wouldn't restart after I shut it off. About 30 minutes later I cranked it again for the hell of it and it fired right up and made it to Firestone without a problem. They said they have never seen this before and don't know what to do next. They did say they thought the fuel pump was fine though.

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We had the exact same problem. Spent money replacing the sensor and starter. Didn't fix the problem. Midas said the fuel pump was okay. Went to Goodyear. It was the fuel pump. Replaced the fuel pump, cleaned the tank, and replaced the injectors and the car works like a charm. It has been 8 months so far and no issues.

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How much were the repairs for all of that? That's two people now where the fuel pump was the culprit. Which makes sense to me because the car lost power while driving.

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It was $850.00 at Goodyear. My brother had the same problem with his Camry. It is pretty easy to diagnose. They take the back seat out to access the fuel tank, remove the pump and look at it. It took Goodyear a 1/2 hour to tell me. They brought me into the Garage to show me the pump and the tank.

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I have the same problem basically. In the morning, I wake up and drive to the gas station, shut car off, go inside, come back out to start it and it won't! I try starting it a handful of times and then eventually it does start and I have no more problems the rest of the day. It happens almost daily. I have a 1997.

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We had the exact same problem. The car would start and work fine. We would then stop for a while turn the car off and when we would come back and try to start the car, it would not turn over. We would back 30 to 45 minutes and then it would start. We also had a check engine light on. Autozone was saying it was the Oxgen Sensor and that our battery was bad. We changed the battery and O2 sensor but it still did not resolved the problem....FINALLY we found out it was a bad fuel pump and that the tank was full of crap. Replaced the Fuel Pump, cleaned the tank and now the car runs like a charm!

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anyone ever had the starter drive come off three new starter did the same thing. teeth on fly wheel good never saw this problem before

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Our 2003 Camry sounds exactly like b0141586 above. Cranks and runs, shut it off and it does nothing for about 45 mins. Happens once a month or so. Seems to be worse in hot weather. Why would a fuel pump make the starter not turn over?

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John, yeah the starter has nothing to do with the fuel pump. I think people are just not explaining the situation correctly. In your case, you may have the following as the culprit: Ignition module, neutral safety switch, or the ignition switch. Then there's always the oddball things like a bad starter relay that becomes loose, or a corroded battery or starter cable. Here's a short video on how to diagnose the issue.....................................

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I have a 2003 Hyundai Elantra with 120K miles. It has had an intermittent starting problem for about a year now. I have changed the ignition switch, starter, starter relay, battery, and coils. Every time I would replace a part it would run good for a few weeks then just suddenly not start for a couple days. Lately it has only given us about two or three good starting days and won't start for about a week now. I have had it for 10 years, so I bought a new car, but I would like to get to the bottom of the problem so my kids can drive it. It has been a good car no major problems until this started happening. I don't want to just keep throwing parts in hoping it will work.

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Darleen 5 minutes ago Best Answer I have the same problem with my 1994 Toyota Camry as of October 26th, 2016... I have had a new battery and starter installed back in May of 2016... I don't know why but it seems there's a drain do you think it might be a fuse problem for me

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Darleen, we have had the same problem twice in the past and BOTH times it ended up being the Fuel Pump. Each time we changed the battery, changed 02 sensor and something else. When we took it to a reputable place, they found in 15 minutes it was the Fuel Pump.

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I have 2007 Toyota Camry XLE 2.4L. with 170,000 mileage. It is to be noted that my battery is brand new and all the battery connection is perfect. I am also observing this issue, no crank and no start intermittently. I took it to the mechanic and they diagnosed the ignition system and the fuel system but they did not find any problem. They are saying it might be something electricial of computer chips. Can anyone suggest any solution please?

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So it seems like I have a problem similar to everyone's I have a 1990 Toyota Camry got her for a hell of a steal anyway just about 2 weeks ago mind you I just got the car 3 weeks ago so it's frustrating but anyway I just got the car and for some reason after the first week it wouldn't start I thought that it was the wheel locking and for anti-theft cuz it's an old car and I have to wait for the wheel to unlock so forever I was moving the wheel back and forth then trying it and it would start in about 5 minutes now it's happening more frequently because I guess I'm driving it more but when I go to start it it will not start I'll wait sometimes 5:10 last night when I got out of work it was the longest time it took 20 minutes so they said they just recently got a new battery and my brother-in-law is a mechanic and he said the batteries fine because if I had a problem with the battery I would need a jump my car wouldn't start at all and it starts and it runs fine there's no other issues with it that is the only problem I have I'll go to start it and it just won't start and I be patient and I talked to the car and trying to make it start LOL but I was just wondering anyone's opinion and prices thank you I've got to get this fixed ASAP my boss had to wait with me last night for like 20 minutes and it's just very embarrassing frustrating it will start I'll turn it off turn it back on and it won't start again so I have to wait and every minute seems like forever but any recommendations I really appreciate thank you

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Also I forgot to mention sometimes it will start right away but then other times it won't it's like one day it'll run great it won't give me the problem the next day it acts really crazy then the next day it'll be perfect and so only

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Your problems sounds exactly what we have had on 2 separate occasions. The problem starts out slowly and intermittently until finally it happens all the time and car doesn't work. Both times it turned it was the fuel pump. We live in AZ and dirt gets into the tank and affects the fuel pump.


Jamie, It could be one of 3 things. A bad coil, bad distributor, or bad ignition module. I would try a salvage yard for the distributor and ignition module. Those parts are very expensive. I have owned two Toyotas with that same problem. I never bothered to figure out the issue. I mention it in one of the above posts. I just hot wired a push button under the dash. I never sank the money into it since it was over 20 years old.

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I just bought a 2015 Camry in April 2017 - 3 weeks later I'm having the problem where the car won't start intermittently and the check charging system light comes on; this happened after I parked while grocery shopping the other day. Called for roadside assistance-by the time the guy got there, the car started right up - couldn't find anything wrong. Next day, the same thing, except I got the car to start after waiting about 5 minutes. Took the car to the dealer and after 2 1/2 hrs they can't find anything wrong but said the light that comes on seems to indicate it's electrical. Said I should have it towed in next time - but by the time it gets to the dealer my guess is it will start right up.

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Guru2KSg - I'm having the same problem with my 2014 Corolla that I just bought in April 2017. Have you been able to diagnose the problem? My dealer also said that they can't find the problem because by the time I bring it to them, it is starting. More detail of problem: Intermittently starts (1 out of 20), when it doesn't start, usually first thing in the morning, the car powers on but doesn't turn over. The car is silent, I don't hear it trying to turn over. If I wait a few hours or try it the next day, it starts up on the first try?

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