2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Ask me any questions


Asked by Jan 19, 2015 at 09:00 AM about the 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

I have totally replaced and rebuilt this car. I
have experienced some major obstacles
and solved them. I have experience with
this year model Grand Prix. I may be of
some help to others.

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Welcome to site. It will be good to have another expert to help.

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I was forced to become an expert. Better than the alternative which is CAR PAYMENTS.

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I changed my left front wheel bearing and its still making the same fxcking sound please help me out

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B_Scott help me out

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What is the sound? Does it affect the driving?

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Its like a rubbing sound i was told it was a bad wheel bearing so i replaced it and still hear the noise


hello, I have a big/small problem with may Pontiac grand prix 06 supercharger. First it overheated, change the thermostat , and the hose from engine to the radiator and the car stooped overheating but now I have no heat,I flush the heat core and again I have heat but first time I drive it again overheats and a strange sound inside the car like boiling water. OK now I changed the water pomp, belt, and checked the coolant flow in the system everything is looking nice, the sound is gone, the engine sounds great and no overheating but again no heat inside the car , and I noticed today that after I drive a short time, if I listen near the engine/heater core I hear like a beat, and at the same time as the sound i can see in the overflow tank a bubble air. (I did bled several times) HELP HELP HELP, what am i doing wrong!!!!!!!!

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lilhaiti is your caliper sticking?


sabaucristina. When you bled the line did you fill up with antifreeze? Open bleeder valve and fill with antifreeze until the bleeder valve is bubbling. Then tighten bleeder valve. Then you can fill up overflow tank also with antifreeze to fill line. The bubbling is normal. My car does it also. Is your temperature running cooler than normal?

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No dnt think so how can i tell if it is sticking B_Scott


If it is sticking you will smell brake pads and they could smoke also. I'm not sure. I am stumped on this one. I would have to see it in person. I would recommend going to NTB.


Its not doing that what esle could be rubbing in that area


I have a 2000 grand prix and am experiencing problems with the coolant/zntifreeze..im worried I might have a leak. I checked oil and no antifreeze seems to have mixed with it, it is splattered all over my engine and leaks when I pour more antifreeze could I be filling it to much?? please help! thank you

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B-Scott, how i told you it used to get very very hot, but now it is running great although sometimes I can see the that the temperature gets down wile driving but in a short time flips back to normal.... Thank you very much

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Hey b_scott, I'm the one with a 98 grand prix gtp 4door sedan. I am having many issues, firstly only being able to use 10 gal of fuel from the 18gal tank. It just dies and will not start after using 10gal. Any ideas of where to start? Idk if it has anything to do with this but the fuel gauge is also all loopy. Can trust it until 3/4 tank line, then I get gas so I don't run out. Also throws codes for Throttle Positioning sensor and "CAT CONN." Below Threshold.

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2004 Grand Prix low oil pressure light comes on. I pull off road and engine stalls. Won't turn over. After waiting 30-45 minutes it cranks and starts but runs rough. Tow it home, it sits 4 or 5 hours, a buddy and I go out to check it out. It starts right up, running smooth no noises. Whats the deal? Clogged oil pump screen or bad oil pump? Had no check engine lights and no over heating before oil pressure light. All fluids still level and fresh.

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Hi I have a 2006 Grand Prix that runs hot when idle. I have changed the hoses, thermostat, and radiator. The water pump is fairly new. Once the system is bled I am good for about 3 or 4 days then when idle it starts to run hot again. I have no problems when I am moving even at low speeds. I have spent quite a bit of money please help.

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B_Scott, I hope your still offering help. Can you please tell me what the average temperature for the transmission fluid is suppose to be once the car had warmed up? I don't know if I hit the dash button for it to pop up this afternoon or what but right after I got in my car to drive home I happened to look at it and within 4 miles it went from 105 degrees up to 141 by the time I got home. Is this normal?

By the way, my car is the exact same as yours! Its a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Supercharged....and I love my baby...! Thanx, in advance for any advice you can offer!


pop in da hood i open it to find coolant everywhere up to car started smoking and begin to overheat since ive replaced the thermostat and elbows now i notice smoke out of the tailpipes and leakage from the mufflers car starts and drives but soon overheats PLEASE HELP is it the water pump? Intake manifold? And please dont say blowb head gasket?

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Dama143 Where the leaking coming from, if it's coming from around the passenger side of the motor vy the pulleys it's possibly a water pump. However you said you had smoke coming from your tail pipe. I would say you have a blown head gasket. Do you also have water building up on top of your engine?


If overheating on a grand Prix there are 2 little plastic pieces by the firewall that tend to get brittle and crack. One is a 90 and the other is a straight coupling. It is about a $ 7.00 fix.

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B_Scott hope your offer to help still stands. I have a Pontiac Grand Prix GT. I've had several problems but got most of them fixed. it was overheating, air conditioner not working and water sloshing on passenger side floor board. It doesn't overheat anymore, the radiator was flushed twice, replaced thermostat, replaced the water pump, put sealant around windshield so the leak is gone. The heather and defroster both blow air but it's very cold air. I flushed the tube, I had to crawl under my dash to find. The car runs fine but without the defroster, I can see out the windshield (it gets fogged on inside and outside) and I'm freezing. I believe my fuses are fine. What else can I do.

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kwhawk, You may need to check your heater core. This could have also been the cause of the water being on the passenger side floor board.

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Thanks. It's been checked. I found out the water was totally from the leak around the windshield. Found out that's a big problem with Pontiac Grand Prix's. The heater core was my first thought as my parents used to have a Ford Tempo. The floor board would get wet and the heater core went out slowly on it. Mine was suddenly just gone. But thanks.


Hey I have a 03 grand prix gtp supercharged and my a/c pump froze up I would like to by pass but I have a new compressor and was told I have to pull my motor to replace

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I have a 2004.Motor blows but no heat never runs hott.the other owner said heating core but floor ain't wet


I have a 2006 Pontiac grand Prix supercharged that shakes only when I accelerate. I bought 4 new tires thinking that was the problem but it still happens. On youtube they mentioned something about a universal joint, but that was for a car that shakes even when at idle. Could that be my problem?

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Donnyp21 my 2007 Grand Prix would blow no heat also. I flushed the coolant system / heater core and that fixed it. Apparently there was stopleak in the coolant system that was clogging the heater core. WARNING though, the stopleak was there for a reason, because after they flushed it out, my coolant all leaked out within a week, and I had to deal with that as well. But at least now the heater works :)

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I replaced my radiator and thermostat after over heating my car and my car still runs, we bled out the coolant system to get the air bubbles. There is a water swish sound coming from under my hood as well. My car's temp gauage takes forever to even go up but when it does says it's still over heating and i still have slight smell/ What could be cause my car to still over heat? We checked the head gaskets there are not cracked nor gonna blow

Hey are u up for offer some help, I have a 04 3.8 supercharge. Recently did new tune up. The other day it died but started up moments later. So I did new fuel pump n filter. Following day it acts funny when car gets about 2000 RPm loss of power as if not getting gas n dies but it starts right back up. Meanwhile it's just up street from my house and it does this just about every block. Any help please. Check engine light does not seem to be on. Please if ur up to offer help

I have an 04 gtp. Will be changing the throttle body and the cat. Do you know if throttle body from 06 non supercharged will fit?

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