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I have had my car for three months
maybe. Piece of shit. 2004 black
grand am GT. I loved it and it was
perfect til a week later. It stutters
every time I try starting it I have to
give it gas. It gets bad. Now it wot
start at all. Won't click over nothing.
Battery is fine. Could it be the coils
or spark plugs? What the hell do I do!
I'm tired of this happening to me!!

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If you're hearing nothing at all when you turn the key to start, it's a problem somewhere between the battery, ignition switch and starter. Nothing to do with spark plugs or coils (although you could sure have an issue with them if the car runs poorly). Start with a good battery, check that the engine is properly grounded. After that, I always try running a jumper wire from the battery + direct to the starter solenoid. If nothing happens, you've got a bad starter. If it spins ok, you need to go on to check the ignition circuits to the key switch (in and out). If those are all okay,and no fuses or relays are bad, check the neutral safety switch on the trans. Last but not least, the security system can disable everything at the key switch, so check that as well. One of the above will be the problem. The poor running engine may be as simple to fix as a tune-up. Fuel filter, air filter, plugs, maybe wires, maybe you need an injector clean-up. When an engine runs, but runs badly, always look for the simple stuff. If the engine is making horrendous noises and losing fluid, it's not going to be fixed with a tune-up. Good luck!

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I had a similar problem with my 04 grand am... ended up being a bad ignition switch. changed it out and it worked fine until some one hit it in a parking lot. 2 weeks later

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In case anyone has a similar issue. My wife's 2004 Pontiac Grand Am 6 cyl. wasn't cranking. We were stumped until we checked and replaced the a/c bfc fuse. Really amazing that this did the trick

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2004 My grand AM is not turning over completely. I have been to two dealerships to get a diagnosis n they both come up with something different first one says I needed a crankshaft sensor for the tune of 463.00 of course I let someone else put it on n still nothing. Went to the other one nothing with a positive answer. But one friend says that it sounds like the starter.

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I have the same issue and I changed my ignition switch and I still have the same issue. Please help.

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Its sounds like it could be its your Passlock 2 anti theft system. In the 6cyl. it cuts the starter preventing it to start, in the 4cyl. it stops the fuel injectors to work. Is the "Evil Red Security Light" on or flashing when you try to start it. if so I can show you a procedure to reset/ relearn the Passlock ignition. Send me a message I know a few things about these Grand Am's

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This is the complete relearn procedure, it should reset in 10 mins. but could take a little more than 30 minutes but easy to do. Your ignition has 4 positions 1.Off 2.ACC 3.On 4.Start (Cranks over & springs back to 3.On) Step 1 – Attempt to start the vehicle, this is the "start" position. It will crank, and start for 1-2 seconds then stall. The security light will be on or flashing. Leave the key in the ‘on’ position for 10-11 minutes, then the security light will stay solid or go off. Step 2 – Turn the key to the ‘off’ position for no less 10 seconds. Attempt to start the vehicle. If it runs at this point then you have reset your passlock. If the problem persists you can continue repeat Step 1 two more times. Make sure turn the key to the ‘off’ position for 10 seconds before each 10 minute cycle. Hopefully your car is running by now Step 3 – The vehicle is now ready to relearn the proper code. Turn the key ‘off’ for 15 seconds and then ‘crank’ the vehicle. it should start back up now. The security light might stay on solid for several minutes afterwards.

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I just learned the hard way the grand am has a 7x crank sensor and a 24x crank sensor... the 24x crank sensor is in the front of the motor down near the fly wheel. if it is bad it the car will not crank and will act like the starter is out.


Robbie2599, You are absolutely awesome. Thank you very much for the detailed instructions on how to reset the passlock code. It worked on the first try almost exactly as you spelled it out. A few minor Additional details to8 note: You mentioned that In Step 1 that the car would crank and run for a few seconds before stalling. My car Would not do anything with the starter when I did step one.Therefore, my system Completely Stopped the signal from going to the starter. My Security Light on the dash blinked for approximately eight or nine minutes before briefly going solid and then Going completely off. I still waited the 10 or 11 minutes total that you recommended just to be on the safe side before I Started the car.

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Question I have ab 04 grand am that turns over but doesn't start. It may do this all day then the next day it might start right up. Any ideas? It's been in the shop 3 weeks now and they keep putting parts on it and the results stay the same.

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Robbie 2599 thank you very much you are my angel I dont know wat i would have done without your help you are Awesome thanks

I'm experiencing the same as those above where the car died on my and wouldn't start Saturday night - (mile from the house) -walked home and left it overnight. Went back in the am and it turned over. Sunday took it a little further (5 miles) and when I came back out again it was cranking but not turning over. I will try the steps Robbie posted above but is there a permanent fix for the passlock code issue? Is there a sensor that needs to be replaced or will I have to go thru this on a daily basis every time it dies. I work 40 miles from home and this is not what I need at the end of the work day. HELP!!


I spoke with a GM technician and he told me that it's a wiring problem or a computer problem and that my issue is no way related to the security system. So I don't know. I wish I had never seen the damn car. Luckily I'm not being charged by the dealership I bought the car from. Today is 5 weeks without a car. I'm disabled and it is a pain in my ass tho. But I don't really have much choice since I purchased the car as is. The only reason for them working on the car is that the service engine light was on and I asked them about it and was told that they changed the oil without resetting the light and I took them for their word. When AutoZone read the light codes and told me that the service light had nothing to do with the oil I went back and raised hell. It was working fine until we started to replace the parts the codes said was the problem and the light would come right back on for the same codes then the car started not starting.

I have a Grand Am 99 I was changing the radiator but I jammed the cable from the gas then when I start the car it got a simulator real bad I turn it off then the car don't want to start no more it would turn the motor over but doesn't have no power wont crank up no start I just wonder what is the problem thank you

I was having trouble with my car starting and a mech told me to check my a.c. bfc fuse and i did it was blown, i changed the 15amp and so far it's been starting but don t trust it after hearing because everyday in the morning about the shit lucķ everyone is having with their grand am !!

I have a 2003 grand am .My car started this morning but I needed oil so I shut it off put the oil in it and tryed to start it.It turned over but it didn't start.It sounds like the starter but I'm not sure .I tryed the security code on off 10 minute thing still no luck . Please give me a idea what the problem could be it's a 4 cylinder 2.2

Any idea what the proble could be?


My problem is fixed. A used computer from a salvage yard flashed by GM dealership and it runs better than it has in a long time.


Problem is back again. Worked like new for 2 weeks or so after it came home from the shop. Now it's doing the same thing. I usually disconnect the battery for about an hour then it will start right up. 04 grand am.

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