I changed my thermostat and water pump because it was running hot. Now it stays at 240 degrees until I turn on my heater, then it would go down to normal temperature(200). My heater sometimes blows cool when the engine is hot also. Is there a leak somewhere?

Asked by Feb 18, 2013 at 02:51 PM about the 2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT

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If you don't see a leak, then I'd say no. The problem with having heat and then no heat is due to air in your cooling system. Bleed the air out of your cooling system and see if that helps. Maybe someone else can post on how to exaclty how to do that, or you can search the web.

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You may also have blockage in your cooling system. I just got done with the same problem with my son's 91. I flushed it real good and used Prestone cooling system cleaner. As for bleeding the air out, the 91 has a tube leading from the thermostat housing to the reservoir. It was blocked and I had to replace it. If no tube, look for a bleeder screw near the thermostate housing. Open it and close it when coolant starts to come out.

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Also a note on flushing. The instructions on the flush and fill kit tell you to put the T fitting on the heater inlet hose. The one coming from the engine block not the water pump. After I flush that way, I disconnect the outlet hose, clamp a female hose mender into that hose, connect 3 feet of extra hose to the inlet hose and drape it over the side of the engine compartment and back flush just the heater to make sure it is clear.

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Kick I do something similar but instead of cutting the hose I just pull both off the heater core and loop it eliminating the heater core all together. Then at the end I back flush the heater core solo and put it back to factory. I do that because those flush kits are "ugly" also some people are curious and pull the cap when the engine is hot wondering what it is. "Hey BillyRayJoeBob Jr. this looks like a garden hose connection, let's see if its drinking water cause I'm thirsty....."

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Everybody has their preference. I don't care about ugly, just results. Making the heater work is what counts. And if you pull the cap you shouldn't be under the hood anyway.


The V6 needs to have air bled out to work correctly. Go to GAOwnersClub.com for the location and procedure.

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My 2003 pontiac gand am went in the shop for temperature hand going up and down no heat look at the water pump good no signs of a head gasket put a new thermostat a little better not much what esle could it be ?

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Temp going up and down and no heart inside car is a sign of either an air pocket in the system or heater vote is clogged and radiator is beginning to clog.

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Remove the lines from the heater core and insert the flush kit between the hoses, once you have flushed the system find out which line to the heater core is the return/outlet and flush water into that side with nothing hooked to the other side, that will backslash anything stuck inside the heater core

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Back flush*...

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Is that the only symptom


Hi, My 2000 Pontiac Grand AM is getting very little power, when getting on highway takes a few minutes to get above 50kmp and after will slowly get up to around 80 and going uphill I get NO power maybe 40 if im lucky! I bought this car from a friend of a friend the other day, it was a very dishonest deal but now i am stuck with it as I sold my other car! .( Also, the heater does not blow warm at all,no heat at all but a gush of heat came out today when on the highway and fogged up all windows almost getting my in a accident. It smells like it is over heating but when I went to pull over and look there was no smoke, Im so confused and I am a new driver, please anyone that knows anything that might be happening with my car please your feedback is so greatly appreciated, Thanks!!! Nicole

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^^^ had a Malibu do that it ended up plugged Catalytic converter back pressure which eventually Blew HEad Gasket. If woulda caught sooner coulda js cut Cats off

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I have a 99 Pontiac grand am v6 3.4l that keeps over heating an I changed the water pump radiator an thermostat but it keeps overheating cause it keeps draining the coolant from the reservoir any help will be greatly appreciated

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is there any oil in our coolant or coolant in your oil? any white smoke out the tailpipe? you might have a head gasket problem. do you fans work? I just read that dex cool is really destroying the 6 cyl grand am's.

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my 2002 pontiac grand am is running hot i already had my thermostat changed today what else could it be?

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time to back flush the cooling system?

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i think its time for me to get another pontiac grand am se 1 with fewer miles lol

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My car overheating I bought a new thermostat flush it out and a radiator cap but I still cnt seem to fix the problem

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Have you flushed out your cooling system (cleaned all the junk out of the lines and radiator)? if so and that isnt helping I would say you have a head gasket problem and you have to decide if you want to spend a sh-- load of money fixing it or just get rid of the car.


also have you checked to see if your fans are running when the car is over heating? I have a 2004 pontiac grand am se piece of shit and the fans on mine only run when I have the a/c on (piece of crap) and thats what keeps my car from overheating. how do I know its the fans? because when it isnt hot I dont have to use the a/c to keep the car from overheating.I sued the car dealership who sold me the car for 1500.00. there is usually an electrical problem when this occurs and i am going to have to rewire the fans with a kill switch up in front so i can turn the fans on when i am driving and turn them off when im not. fun fun.

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ok here is the answer to your original question. if your heater is blowing cool when the engine is hot you have a head gasket problem. get rid of the car unless you want to pay over 1000 repairing it. it isnt worth keeping unless you have a lot of money to invest in it from this point on.

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I have a older Grand Am. 1996 Gt 4 cylender. Is getting hot. Changed the hose uper.radiador hose was busted .Thought that was it. Put new antifreeze and flushed out before I put it in. What could be wrong with it?

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the thermostat may need to be changed. also the water pump may be getting ready to go. did you do a back flush of the system when you flushed it out? go thru your engine again and hand test all of your hoses for the radiator etc and make sure they dont feel spongy. if they dont feel hard (normal) replace them. also check and see if there are any leaks under your radiator. also are your fans working? to check the fans turn on your car while sitting still and turn on the a/c and see if the fans come on. if they do the temp should drop back down to normal which is the halfway mark on the gauge or 200. if it goes past that and starts getting hotter its time to start checking things. Its like my pontiac. I have a problem with my fans not coming on so I have to turn on the a/c to get them running sometimes. (time for a kill switch lol).

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