heater fan not working. Is there a fuse? Any ideas?


Asked by May 13, 2007 at 03:11 PM about the 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4WD

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

The heater is not working nor the cigar lighter, are these connected to the same fuse? Could it be the fan switch?

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I dont think they are the same fuse but it definitely seems like a fuse problem. Take a look at the fuse box and see what they look like. I also think that in your manual it tells you what fuses belong to which component.

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I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee. If the fan doesn't work on any position, it is the fuse. The fuse is under the hood and is 40 amps. Sometimes all you have to do is take it out and put it back in. It may not be necessarily blown. If the blower only works on the high position, it is the blower motor resister. It is behind the glove box. You have to remove the glove box. It is a white rectangular resister about 3 inches long.

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We checked the fuse to take it out but a new one put one in and the blower still not working any suggestions

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I have the same problem but when I turn on that car and went to turn on the heat and there is no noise no nothing just the lights are on I guess that's one good sign.... I had the heat on when I was driving and I parked at my local store to go in and I had the heat on and I didn't bother to turn it off when I turned off the car and when I got back in and turned on the car there was nothing the heat did not work. But when i bought that car used it was in the summer and i did not bother to check if anything worked, and when it started to get cold outside I started to use the heat and it only blows out hot air on the passenger side and the driver side it blows out cold. I also do not have the A/C compressor nor the hose could that have something to do with it blowing or could it just me maybe the flaps/doors are not opening right, also the defroster blows out cold air. I have not checked the fuses yet. but i will when I get the chance.

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I have a similar problem on my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The heat worked fine this morning on the way to work. Now I have no fan. The lights come on, but no air at all, heat or AC. I checked the fuse and it is fine. What else could it be?

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My heater blower stopped working as well, and my solution was under the glovebox. There is a raised housing unit sticking out under the glovebox on the passenger side. Take the butt end of a blunt object and give it a few love taps while you have the blower on. Thre is a part that needs replacing, can't think of the name, but this has been a temporary fix for me for the past 2 winters. I'm just that American. Lol

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HA! I Just tried Brandons trick of hitting the unit under the glovebox and it worked!!! Yay! Had to do it a few times, but for today it's working! Thanks Brandon!!

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I also just tried Brandon's suggestion and it worked!!!! Thank you!

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Thank you Brandon! Heat blowing once again! Amazing!

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Wow I can't wait to try Brandon's fix! If it works I'll let you know. If it doesn't, does anyone know what other things to test (aside from fuses)?

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Brandon's fix worked. I also spoke w/ my mechanic and the issue is common in Jeep's. He said hitting the box will work for a bit, but eventually the wire back there gets too hot and has to be replaced, or the circuit itself goes and the box itself (new $250, after-market $125) has to be replaced.

Brandon - thank you very much, it worked like a charm, this should be a sticky on Jeep forums. Saved me a lot of grief and costly repairs. Thanks again!


Thanks Brandon! Bought a Limited and just had it delivered today. I was checking everything out, making sure it worked. When I first started it up and was running it for a while, heater was fine. Then, although it's ~28F here today but turned the A/C on, again just to see if it would kick on, that's when the blower stopped working. I was pissed, then thankfully stumbled on your post. Now at least I can enjoy the rest of my first day with my "new" Jeep.

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Wow, thank you Brandon. 16* outside, no heat. Just tried this and it worked. So happy to have heat again!

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Holy cow Thanks Brandon


My fix was to have it replaced. I have the Max Care warranty, which covered it (minus a $100 deductible). They called it a "relay" which I think is a slang term for whatever specific part it really is. It was a quick and easy fix once I took it in and this time I was able to reproduce the problem in front of them.


I wish I did that before I ripped out the blower motor I'm getting no power to the wires coming out I can't even get at it

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Brandon's fix works on the 04 jeep grand Cherokee as well....thanks Brandon

Tried Brandon's tip 30 minutes ago - worked like a charms. This was the first time this issue happened. Going to price out the relay and see what it costs.


OMG, I hit it with my dog's bone, and now it works! Great fix, even if it is temporary.

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It works on my 1993 grand cherokee too. sved me soooo much time trouble shooting.. Thanks Brandon!

Hi I just tried this on my 2000 grande jeep Cherokee and hey presto it's working, which is great as we have hail and torrential rain here at the moment and the windows are steamed up. Thank you Brandon for a valuable piece of information.


I propose Brandon as the new president of the united states.

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Brandon Frank from England Lancashire You are the president what a brilliant fix Sorry I cant vote for you

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One more Thank You Brandon...Now with winter coming on there is a little less stress worrying about my 97 year old dad driving his Jeep around with fogged up windows until we get it fixed right. Thanks again :)

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My wife came home today and informed me that the heat in her 2005 Grand Cherokee (4.7 Liter) just stopped working all together, she said there was no air flow at all and she couldn't even hear the fan running, not even on high. So I went out and verified that she was correct. Fuse was fine, blower motor just wouldn't kick in at all, not even on high. Pulled the resistor and actually opened it up (auto temp control) and cleaned off the circuit board, still nothing. I then proceed to check a dozen sites that address this issue in one way or another. I was about ready to give up and take it to the mechanic when I ran across this post and thought "what the hell, lets try it" I started the car, turned the heat on and still nothing, so I took a wrench and gave it soft whack on the kick-plate just under the blower motor...damn thing instantly kicked on. I was initially speechless but then I started cracking up. Thanks Brandon!!


I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. My daughter just had a baby and the heat and air stopped blowing, With my work schedule it's hard to get it to a mechanic shop so I used my good friend google for some troubleshooting tips. Ran across your article I said what the hell it's worth a try. 1 tap with a screw driver and she blowing like a beauty for now. Thank you Brandon! hopefully this gives me time to get to a mechanic

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1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with automatic temp control. Pulled blower motor and it tested fine. Went on line to find some tips on how to remove the voltage resistor because the screw heads are virtually impossible to see. Stumbled on this post, banged the resistor pretty firmly half a dozen times with a wrench and the blower started working!!! I still need to replace the thing but its 8 degrees this morning and I have heat until I can get to the project. The best tool in the box is always a hammer. Brandon for President for sure.

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As a yank living in the UK I am so proud of you Brandon, American technical know how can not be beaten. Well done my man, Brandon for President.

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Brandon fix a winner :)

I'm hoping that its just the fuse on my 99 jeep , I need heat cause its cold.......let you know later


Brandon's' fix has helped me and many others with a tap of the hammer in that "sweet" spot. No doubt this was a engineering flaw on behalf of Chrysler. So far the fix has stay with us and would probably justify another tap if it should fail again rather than pull the whole heater unit out.

I have a 15' GC and this morning the blower wouldn't come on. No defrost, AC etc. I got home turned jeep off and back on blower came back on. Is this the same problem everyone else is having? I have the Master Warranty through Mopar so will be calling the dealership later today but in the mean time would brandons fix help me in this situation?


If you have a warranty I wouldn't recommend it Cynthia. Put on a warm coat for now until they get it fixed. :(

thanks @scipilot I wouldn't have asked if it didn't effect my defroster. It was hard driving with fogged up windows.


While I am glad Brandon's suggestion worked for multiple people on this thread, I however still have the same problem. I have replaced the Resistor & replaced the connection at the resistor with a repair plug from Jeep directly. (about $33.00 usd) Can anyone point me in the direction of a more detailed troubleshooting guide. I don't want to purchase a Speed Control Switch (knobs in the dash) or a new Blower Motor. Too expensive of a "Try". Not sure if 5vdc at the blower motor input power is proper or not. Thanks in advance.

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Unbelievable..???? Having many cold journeys, I stumbled upon this quick fix. Yup it even worked for me. Brandon for PRESIDENT. YEAH YEH YEH

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It worked for me too but eventually it stopped working. Can anyone tell what exactly is the problem? what part should be replaced/fixed?!

Worked for me as well on my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Thanks Brandon!


Ray I had the same problem, Brandon's idea worked a couple of times but then stopped. I removed the Resistor from under the glove box, (had to cut a couple of cables that were part of the unit making sure there is enough wire to reconnect with solder/sleeve, Best connector) . Removing the plug carrying three cables was tough but with some leverage and pulling it came off, once removed I found that the red cable terminal connector inside the plug was burnt out. This is the problem!!! Jeep will supply new resistor plus plug etc but cost a fortune. So I carefully soldered 4" lengths of the appropriate sized/color cable to the three connector prongs inside the plug aperture of the resistor. Then refitted the resistor in the jeep and again soldered the cables using a "solder/sleeve" and 3 months later everything is still working real good. This is a tad fiddly but well worth the saving in £/$s


Ray Sorry forgot to say that once I had soldered the three cables into the resistor I filled the recess with a glue gun, the held everything in place and insulated the three connections. Good luck.


I have a 2010 jeep grand Cherokee! I don't see the spot Brandon is talking about. Anyways I have replayed the thermostat! (IT needed replaced) but it did not fix my heat working. The wind chill is 6 right now . Any ideas?

Having the same problem in 97 grand cherokee.as a temporary solution I a running a wire directly from battery to fan motor with a fuse an alligator clips and a switch. Only have high setting but it's better than nothing at 0 degrees.

Brandon you killed That! Worked like a charm!

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