If anyone can give me insight/direction, I would greatly appreciate in short, bought a 2002 taurus ses, rough idle at lights, but drives like a champ on the highway, then get to a light, very rough...


Asked by Sep 13, 2013 at 12:50 PM about the 2002 Ford Taurus SES

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

If anyone can give me insight/direction, I would greatly appreciate
in short, bought a 2002 taurus ses, rough idle at lights, but drives like a champ on the
highway, then get to a light, very rough...CEL comes on, the codes are PO302,
sometimes PO 306  with a PO316...I understand the codes are misfires to the
respective cylinder and the PO316 is some start 1000rpm error
Appears previous owner did a oil change, put in new autolite spark plugs, new air filter,
new coil and new cables to spark plug...

Test drive went well, shifted great, I thought the rough idle was just a tune up...my bad,
I didn't check under hood when I bought it, besides, I wouldn't know what to look for

I reset the computer, drove it over 100 miles without light CEL coming on, pulled it in
and it passed the smog test.

Mechanic said it runs rough because the valves are burnt and need to be replaced,
quoted $2,100.00 for the work

could it be true, if anyone can weigh in that would be great!

He also said for $100.00 he can do a complete diagnostic on it, to pin point problem
and an additional $50 if needed to do a compression test, some "down" thing that
would tell if cylinder is shot.

Any other thoughts out there or steps I can take?

I noticed the coil is a no name, should I put a motorcraft in, I love the car, drives real
nice, just at the stop lights it get rough

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http://www.obd-codes.com/p0316 --- Potential causes of this misfire code may include: Damaged or defective Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP). CKP sensor wiring or connector fault. Poor fuel quality Ran out of fuel Ignition system malfunction Fuel system malfunction: injector or fuel pump Mechanical engine problem

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I finding several others owners with similar issues. Some were dirty fuel filters, some were bad fuel pressure regulators and even some were bad idle air control valves. Hope this give you a place to start looking.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply I will take the direction given and report back all have a safe wknd!

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I see you say it has autolite spark plugs. Take them out and throw them away. Put motorcraft plugs in. Autolites are crap and fords hate them for some reason. The p0316 is just saying a misfire is dected in the first 1000 revolutions fixing the misfire will take care of that code

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@KBRO, Thanks, this is very helpful, it looks like the coil pack and the autolites are just just a basic brand, I think if you say motor craft, I'll go motor craft and report back...if thats not it, at least I'll have some good equipment in there till I source this and report back

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I hear ya kbro. For some stupid reason, my boss thinks Autolite plugs are the only aftermarket plug for our Crown Vics. At least he gets the Double platinum.


I wonder if the Taurus has a bad motor mount? That will shake things up (pun). Broken motor mounts are common on the taurus and they will cause vibration throughout the car in gear at idle.

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There is a hidden vacuum line that corrodes and breads down. Its a short hose that runs from under the rubber intake boot to the under the front intake manifold and under the front bank of fuel injectors. This would be the engine side of the hose straight into the crankcase.IF YOU WERE NOT LOOKING FOR THIS HOSE YOU WOULD NEVER FIND IT. It becomes hard like and breaks apart like rotted wood. It then creates a massive vacuum leak that changes with temperature. BTW- Ford rubber parts from 2002 was of poor quality. It was all made in china from a company that shipped defective rubber all over the world. Toyota, Subaru, and Ford had the most problems in 2002 & 2003.

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Two words: coil pack. These are notorious for cracking & causing the spark to jump to the nearest point that isn't necessarily the plug. Gets worse as it gets damp or rains; eventually will corrode to the point it won't run without a misfire even when dry. Recommend using a Motorcraft or a good one from a donor vehicle (tip: the 4.2V6 E150/F150 uses the same coil).

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Thanks for the feedback 66Mike, I changed coil pack, it did improve for awhile....the EGR VALVE looks like it is next on list to change, easy to see, hard to work around, no youtube videos available on it, I tried, but could get a good position to take out the EGR valve, do you know of any videos or "how" to get it out?

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I would suggest getting your vehicle properly dianosed. There are so many sensors and mechanical parts you can change and go broke without finding the real problem. My friend had this issue with his and it ended up being throttle position sensor. Funny thing is, he replaced it and when he brought the veh. to his mechanic, mech. found the new tps to be faulty, though new.Most mechanics charge by the hour , not the job. Good luck.

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i'm having a misfire from my ford Taurus and white smoke I had it on the computer and the misfire is coming from the coil pack and oxygen sen bank #2 can you help me

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would stop the white smoke

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when I start it up first thing in the morning it with smoke but after like 15 mins it stops

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Do a ford taurus have to have a ac compressor on it to run

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Jimtaurus did you ever find out what was going on with it?

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BITE the bullet and buy the machine or pay the 100.00 I vote vacuum leak - loose wire or hose - OR -- Cam synchronizer - do you have a squeak under the hood near the right side end of engine? Check that too - or take it to ur local chevy dealer - jack it up and drive a vet under it. Drive off - problem solved. .

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My car was doing the same exact thing...come to find out it was a valve spring had broke...got it fixed runs perrrrrfect! good luck!


Jim did you ever find the problem

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Misfiring or broken spark plugs lead to uneven cylinderwear. More than likely, one or more of your cylinders had to compensate for the bad spark plug(s)- or at least that's whats happening with my 2013 Taurus. I made sure to gap my plugs to owners manual specs, change the oil, top off coolants, and drive like a champ until all 4 of my ecoboost cylinders work like they are supposed to.

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Your "theory" is flawed. If an Ecoboost engine had a broken spark plug, the PCM would recognize it and cancel the injector pulse to that cylinder. In addition, the enormous loss of power (over 50% in a 4 cylinder) is enough to keep someone from driving it in a miss fire state for very long. Add the fact that Ford has been using some of the best alloys that I've ever seen in manufacturing their Blocks, Pistons and Rings. Uneven cylinder wear indeed.

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Ok, Tracy. I'm not knocking Ford....I'm knocking the previous owner of a Ford, that would leave the vehicle in a state with a bad ignition coil, pcm idle times that are out of control, an etc that delivers torque on its own free will, literal sludge in the cac, and the "worst ride ever" feeling simply because you decided to change the tires out- and that's my 2013 Taurus, in a nutshell. ( and don't get me started on the cheap plastic assembly they chose for the ventilation blend door actuators)


Keep in mind that the Engineers have to design a car that people can afford. I'm not sticking up for Engineers but, they do have constraints. Not much I can say for car owners though. Most people I know simply have the opinion that they only need to put gas in and go and if it doesn't go - it's a piece of crap.

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I agree, Tracy. If vehicle owners would simply keep up with routine maintenance on their vehicles, there would be nothing for a guy like me to say. I suggest for people to read their owners manual, keep in mind their factory warranties, and do a bit of routine maintenance now and again. It will save them a whole bunch of money and headache in the longrun.


First; thank you all for your insight. I started by removing the coil wires one by one (while the engine is running) and found that i had two dead holes (no spark) i then replaced the coil pack and solved the problem. Thank you all.

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had same problem, changed this part and it's perfect now..

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