Is It 4 wheel drive?

Asked by Pat17Fan May 21, 2010 at 06:51 PM about the 2006 Ford Escape XLT FWD

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I just bought a 2006 Escape XLT.  There is no switch for turning on the 4X4 feature.  There is a blank plate on the dash that says "4WD"  Do I have a 4 wheel drive vehicle?

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if their is no switch or floor shift for 4X4,then NO you do NOT have 4X4.

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It is possible that you only have 2WD, but the Escape is not really a 4WD, it's an AWD. It runs in front wheel drive until it senses slippage at the front wheels, then it engages the rear wheels. Check for an indicator light on the panel you mentioned. It will light up if the rear wheels are engaged.

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this is possable,it could be all wheel drive,take it to a ford dealer they can let you know for sure.

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escape is front wheel drive,check if you have i drive shaft and axle in yhe back or take it on a dirt road and try to make your wheels spin,then u will see if its AWD or not.its its a 4 cylinder im not shure if the AWD option was availeble.

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Yes you do! Ford calls it Intelligent Four Wheel Drive. It's automatically engage by the computer when it needs it.

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Well... Just saw this and I have been concerned about the intelligence. You'd think in 8 years on many mountain trips with ice and massive snow it would have maybe engaged at least once. But it has never once...and my car has gotten squirrelly. Chains were not required, but that was a very close call. Could there be abad sensor?

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duhhh . . .that makes sense. if you have two differentials and drive axles going to all 4 wheels, then you have all-wheel drive. there is no switch because it is either on all the time or "intelligent" [computer controlled].

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I have a 2013 4x4 Escape and live in Colorado. Yes, it is the Intelligent 4x4 version, but it engages quickly when it senses any loss of traction. No good for off-road stuff but great for driving in the snow or rain. The light on the dash turns on for just a second when it engages. Works okay, but I would rather be the one that engages or disengages it.

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If it isn't 4wd it wont have axles going to the rear wheels. That's pretty much a dead give away. Do you know what axles look like? Escapes equipped with an all wheel drive system do not have a selector knob for the awd option.

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Mark and Norma, yes there is a light on the dash. I have seen it come on when I start my 2006 Ford Escape.

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Its automatic. Theirs no need for you to do anything. I just realized when we had to go out during heavy snow... We just got an 06 Escape. The 4x4 light blinks letting you know its on ready for stand by if you don't need it. It stays on if you need it. Its just left of the speedometer. Be safe on bad weather.

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Just clarifying, if someone mentioned it already I apologize, but 4WD and AWD are two different systems. 4WD is where for most part your vehicle uses FWD until your vehicle senses such conditions like slipping on ice then your rear wheels will kick in. AWD is when all wheels are spinning together, they do not kick in when slipping (well known is the symmetrical AWD in Subarus where all the wheels spin symmetrically together). From what I know is that there is a lot of misconceptions about 4WD and AWD. If your vehicle does not indicate anywhere on the vehicle AWD then you probably have 4WD. I have done some research and now where, not even on dealership websites, can I find an AWD Ford Escape. They all indicate 4WD.

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There is no 4x4 light that comes on(only on 2004 & older Escapes). On newer ones, a stability control light flashes when system is activated. I had a 2004 Escape and have a 2008 Tribute(same as an Escape) The easiest way to tell if it FWD or AWD is look under it from the back. If you see a differential and axles going out to the wheels (like in the photo) it is AWD: july/050706f- escape-hybrid/05photo10.jpg If its FWD there will be just a big hole in the centre of the rear suspension as you can see in the following picture if you look close: content/uploads/2009/07/mazda_tribute_hybrid_touring_hev _2wd_2009_exterior_6.jpg

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Automatic or "on-demand" four wheel drives are not usually called 4WD. If your dealer says the car is 4WD he or she is messing with the terminology. Most modern sport utility cars are automatic all wheel drive. A real 4WD system must be engaged by a shifter or a button. Automatic AWD systems engage the rear wheels when they sense slippage in one or both of the front wheels. The driver does not need to push a button or lever. The Late model Escape and similar cars like the Honda CR-V and the Subaru are automatic systems. FWD is often mistaken for Four Wheel Drive but actually means Front Wheel Drive, where only the front wheel are driven by the transmission. Its all about terminology: 4WD = real four wheel drive FWD = front drive only AWD = front drive only until they slip, then rear wheels assist automatically. A few cars like the old AMC Eagle were built as full-time all wheel drive because there was no way to operate in two wheel drive.

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I have a 2012 Ford Escape that my dealer said it was 4x4 but I was concerned because it didn't come with a hitch and they put one on, but a crappy small one... ( i tow jetskiies and boats) so when they put that tiny one on I was concerned it was not 4x4. I knew about the intelligent 4x4 but I do not get anything on my dash if it ever kicks in.... So I looked under my car and it looks like I just have an all wheel system, ( rear differentials and axels) and it sucks because when I pull bigger boats I can't do... I miss my explorer... Also I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and we get the worse snow here and this car doesn't work to good in it...

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I have a 2002 ford escape it is automatic all weel drive but I have the botton to select it to all four weel all time four weel drive. But if u have one that has a light on it I have seen them before it is done by the computer I have owed lots different four week drive Dodge ram , powerwagen , Ford f150, and ect. These our four week drive and ur havery suv. The cuv u have are all weel drive like the suburue, and Mazda, and astrovan , arostars rave 4. Things of that nature so I would deffently look at ur tires what kind u have or I would look for bad sender

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have a 2002 Escape with a 4x4 switch on the dash. It's just working in front wheel drive with the switch in either position, no strange noises, just front wheel drive only... Dealer wants $100 just to look, but theres not even a 'module/actuator' listed in the parts catolog. Is there a FUSE I'm missing? lost n broke.. help

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My 2008 ford escape says 4×4 on the car as well there is a button below the stereo on the dash at the very bottom. Then the dash light that has the traction control symbol comes on. It's intelligent traction control when engaged.

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My 2002 Ford Escape v6 has a switch for auto (intelligent 4wheel drive) or 4x4 . i have the option to put it in straight up 4 wheel when I want . There are Some escape models that have more than just the auto or fwd .

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Actually, I did a little more reading on the subject. I have a 2013 Escape 4x4. It truly is Four Wheel Drive opposed to All Wheel Drive, but it has an Intelligent 4 Wheel Drive system. There is a setting where you can see which wheels are engaged on the instrument panel. Front wheel drive is always engaged, in a posi-traction way. But, for rapid acceleration all four wheels pull, and all wheels pull if it detects a lack of traction. It also has a Traction Control system you can engage which is more like the AWD function. Personally, I would prefer to be able to switch it to 4 Wheel when I want, not when the computer wants to.

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On the 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid 4x4 there is a light just to the left of the tach at around the 500 RPM mark that comes on when the back wheels are activated by the smart system. It only stays engaged as long as it's needed, like the gas motor, for fuel economy purposes. It can be a relatively short flash, so it's easily missed.

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I had a 2008 escape with AWD V 6engine it gave me no trouble when the AW D kicked in automatic AWD it had a 3500 pound pulling capability pull my boat with ease went through snow when I went in mid winter to visit in all trucks or cars there is a thing called power-weight-ratio chack it out when buying anything

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Ford is confusing a lot of people by writing "4WD" on the back of the vehicle. It is AWD. They get away with it by shortening the name for "intelligent 4WD" system" - patented nomenclature for their "terrain management system" found on some of their vehicles where you can pick; mud,sand, grass, snow, and downhills.

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Can I drive it in cold weather without hurting the transmission, not warmed up

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Bought 2005 Ford Escape XLT. Dealer said Awd but says 4wd on dash. Owners manual says “ intelligent 4wd”. Got 14 inches of snow recently and Escape made new tracks out of my quarter mile private drive with no spinning or sliding at all. Only have all weather tires but we’re almost new. I was impressed with the performance.

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I have 2 2005 Ford Escapes one 2.3 gas one 3.0 liter gas..the both say 4wd.. They both have no 4x4 light that flashes or even comes on at all.. They both have what is called a transfer case which kick the rear end in.. The only thing i am noticing is the front axles are the same on both vehicles but one has 15 inch tires for it so the rotors are different cause the other has 16 inch tires from the factory.. There are alot of parts the same on both vehicles..trany are the same ones in different cases case of one is a 4 cylinder and one is a 6 cylinder.. But transfer cases are the same...never been stuck with either yet..the 2.3 is rotting out bad.. Frame is gone and we bought this one new.. Bought the 6 cylinder one used I have a growling transfer case .. Its shot alot of metal in the case.. Hopefully driving it for about a month wont hurt the transmission

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I have an '05 Escape 4WD V6, and discovered through trial and error if I get on a gravel grade or in deep sand I have better pulling power if I put the transmission in 2nd and let the torque pull me through it. The fly by wire throttle is very sensitive and causes a lot of wheel spin in drive or low. And yes, it is all four wheels doing the pulling. Not just the right rear and the left front on my Jeep.

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I don't get this discussion between AWD and 4WD. If all four wheels are always driving it is AWD. If the operator OR a computer makes the decision to engage the normally non-drive wheels then it is 4WD. My 2008 Escape is 4WD. It doesn't matter who or what decides to engage the rear wheels. The difference has always been if there is a decision made to engage or not. Sure beats the old days of having to get out and engage the front hubs! Still, I wouldn't take the Escape on the Rubicon Trail.

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AWD is NOT 4WD not matter how you spin it. In an actual 4x4 the front and rear wheels are locked in with only a diff at the axles, not at the transfer case. In an AWD there is a center diff that allows more wheel slippage than a traditional 4WD. Unless you can lock the center diff you only have AWD, you also do not have a low range like a true 4WD.

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One thing people need to understand it is not practical to make a true 4WD out of a FWD base vehicle. The drive train design is just not set up to have a low range. You are stuck with the FWD gearing.

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Does anyone know about towing a late model Escape (2012) equipped 4WD (intelligent 4x4) My car was recently towed by the city and I'm trying to ascertain any possible damage to the transmission or computer. The manual clearly states it can't be towed like regular FWD can- however with the intelligent system my understanding is that it's operates in FDW until the rear is engaged and shifts to 4WD. If the car is parked an off wouldn't the car be in FWD and able to be towed with the front end lifted with rear wheels spinning on the ground no prob with no damage to the transmission- despite the manual saying that is a no-no. Any thoughts on this would be amazing. Trying to find an answer to what seems like basic question is seeming near impossible.

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my 2006 3.0 escape has no wires going to either the transfer case or the rear drive module. my understanding is if the front to rear driveshaft is turning faster than the pinion of the rear drive module a hyd clutch in the rear drive module is engaged until the 2 shafts are again at the same speed. as far as i can tell the computer has nothing to do with it. with all 4 wheels off the ground they will all turn together in drive. works great in the snow to go forward just be careful it wont stop on packed snow abs keeps it straight but it keeps sliding ken

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