Tranny issues?

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So i started my 94' ford ranger manual this
morning for work. I have 1st but third and
reverse i go nowhere. Is this a tranny issue
or a clutch issue. I get rpm raise but cant
go. I did notice a steering fluid leak, coukd
this play a factor?

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Power steering leak has no bearing on the trany issue. Can you shift threw the gears ok with the trany. What happens to second gear? This could be a clutch problem.

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Had to get on full site

Ok so i figured steering wouldnt ultimatly play a role in this issue but wth. Anyhow i can change gears after 1st truck wont move and cant reverse. So i automatically think ok its not the tranny. I believe its the clutch like its hung up


No, best to do a total clutch job, flywheel resurfaced, clutch, pressure plate throw-out bearing, no sense tearing it apart again for something used you put back in.

I had a motor dropped in about a yr ago. Flueheel was turned and pressure plate was replaced as i was recommended to have done



Ok then if you put the trany into a gear while the engine is turned off, then start the truck will it jerk forward? Just trying to get all the details I can to help.


How does the clutch feel when you press on it, any difference than before when you were diving it? I'm just wondering if it is the trany. Have you ben beating on it? I wonder if the trany is even going into gear, it's so hared being on this side of the screen not being there.

Feels the same going in but i have alot of vibrations from the stick. About a mth ago it was hard for me to get into 3rd but it did with a lil extra push behind it not a problem since until this morning. Moves in 1st but anything higher just revs

My husbands out of town working he gave up on the truck once i put in so much for the motor. Didnt want me putting that kinda money in such an old truck but its a good truck


I am up in the air on what exactly what may be the problem, clutch or the transmission, or some-other problem. I can't figure out if the clutch is disengaging all the way or if it is slipping, or if there is a trany problem, with the descriptions you have given. In first gear, will it move when you let out the clutch like normal? Will the clutch grab all the way, no slippibg when you let the pedal all the way up?

Yes and yes no slipping


With the transmission vibrating so much like you say, it may be the trany is loose from the bell housing. is anyone around to check some things out, or is this hush hush since your husband don't like you putting money into the truck, lol. Since you had the clutch redone when you put the new motor in, I just can't see that being the problem.

Lol actually i do most of the work to the truck but now that u mention it i changed my porcelian valve a few mths ago i pulled one at the scrap yard. Any who a few days after that there was an occasion where i really had to put some ass behind getting it into 3rd. I may have knocked something loose while i was messing around in the bell housing.


So are you going to crawl under and check some things out? It may be just something loose. What does the porcelain valve do? Never heard of a porcelain valve, sounds like a piece of glass of some sort.

I will in the am its 9:30 at night "proportioning valve" i put my spell check on and it makes mistakes to. Lol

Im also gona make sure they actually replaced all my receipts state they did. The motor was a steal. None the less some do try to take advantage.


I'll be here in the AM. checking out....

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So last night i caught my neighbor taking her garbage out i had her get in and switch gears while i watched the linkage and its doing as it should after i get my boy on the bus im gona crawl under there check out the bell housing


Well good morning to you also. So yes if there is an inspection cover take it off so you can see up into the clutch area, have someone again be pushing on the clutch to see if you notice anything. That clutch pedal, does it feel spongy at all? Does the pedal only travel about an inch or so before you feel resistance on the pedal? So yes please check the bolts, bell housing & trany bolts, look at the trany mount on the tail shaft also when someone is pressing on the clutch. I'll be around.

Ok and sorry forgot my manners, good morning. Ok i'll check all of that out. I did notice something this morning my clutch feels normal but while the truck was off i could hear a screech type noise when i push the pedal in

There is no unusual resistance or anything like that


Try to pinpoint the sound and investigate.


It is when you push the clutch in, can you tell when it starts to move the throw-out bearing against the pressure plate, I want to know when the clutch engagement begins, like is it around 1" from the top?


I am checking out for awhile, I'll check back in around noon time, hopefully you have some news...

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