2001 6V 3.OL Ford Escape Clogged Catalytic Converter

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Ok Clogged Catalytic Converter......http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-troubleshoot-catalytic-converters.html





If you already know that it is clogged it is because you buy cheap gasoline.

No. I buy the gas manual says to. I actually had been browsing...not asking...when that went in..but thanx tho...fingers been typing bout 4 hrs now.


What was your diagnosis based on?

Hey. This is going to be a long answer but I want to explain exactly what happened-who I am-who has been working on my car...so you all & I have some better understanding of what's going on... About me. I'm 61yr old woman, very independent, altho a bit disabled due to 92lb treelimb falling on head/ body/undiagnosed broken leg 5 wks snowballing health issues bc of said injury causing limited work hours/ great reduction in pay-end result...POOR...SORE...PAIN... My Car-2001 Ford Escape XLT-6V 3.OL 98K miles- My Mechanic? My very good friends website dating found "new boyfriend" (cough cough) he has his own garage in Atlantic Beach-I'm not very fond of him bc she spends all her $ on everything...ie; motorcycle,2 cruises, condo rentals Hilton head, Amelia Island, Venezuela...as well as ALL household expenses...she's had a honey-do list for 2 yrs now that he hasn't touched...but-she's smitten so I hold my tongue. Ok. Car started chugging/rough idle a bit at stoplights-I thought water in gas/put in some treatment. After awhile it started getting worse. I was talking to my friend about it & she offered up her boyfriend.(AND TOLD HIM TO DO IT GRATUITOUSLY) He did some work (brakes, air, spark plugs other small things) & gave me back car. I noticed poor gas/mileage ratio, as well as hesitation & little popping noises. He was suppose to look at it again but b4 he could it just went to a crawl driving home & I ended up calling a mobile diagnostic. This guy told me w/o going into more depth & debt that it wz the ECM. So I found one, (computer, key, ignition, programmed) my mechanic put it in & it started beautifully but driving it around the block it started chugging again real bad...as b4. He then told me it wz my cats & he wz going to cut ends off & run straight pipe. (2wks ago) & he's yet to do it-this has been going on almost 3 mos now w his not finishing the job(I'm sure bc I'm non paying but I even offered to pay & HE SAID HE DIDN'T WANT ANY $) so now I'm trying to find out about cutting ends off & running w straight pipe as not only he...but A LOT of the guys I know say cut off upper front 2-plug em up & cut off back lower one & run w straight pipe. I've been doing alotta research on all these issues & I do see that even tho Florida has no state vehicle inspection the fed law requires that cats are put in cars for emission control. I did see that@ BIGDADDIESGARAGE.COM they make universal cat as well as mini cats that have O2 sensor & I'm thinking I may go that route...bc... My Mechanic-MY FRIENDS BOYFRIEND didn't answer my texts for2 days & finally when my friend got back in town, to her home, where he lives,& was staying while she wz gone-finally told him to...ANSWER MY TEXTS & FINISH MY CAR-as he text me saying he borrowed a scanner & wz coming after work-to find out once & for all...what needs to b done w my car. That was 3 days ago now. I've still not seen him. So I'm thinking of getting the cat's from Bigdaddiesgarage-a friend said he would cut cat pipe so I could drive to exhaust place & have them put in for me. My dilemma? What do I use to cut it with that's not a torch/weld?... There...that pretty much says what's goin on in this old ladies life. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. If anyone lives around the Jacksonville, Florida area...who can come by my house??? That'd be great. Thanx 4 listening.


I used a "High speed cutting wheel" that cut thought it like butter. The wheels are cheap $1-$3 at and you can buy a high speed grinder for around $20 bucks at Harbor freight. Jack the car up high enough to use the tool and WEAR SAFETY GLASSES !!! Measure,measure,measure because a small error may lead to hours of work, Most good auto stores will have all the adaptors and clamps you need ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good luck

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Ahhh...yea buddy...that sounds E.Z.P.Z...like even I can do it-(as I said in earlier post-I've changed toilets-caught/killed/skinned/ driedskin/ate snake-caught & released 19 sails in 1 day (5 my own)-had all girl paint crew etc) I just think I may be able to do it but I do have a friend who's doing grunt work. Coupla things tho-what do I measure for pipe I'm fitting on-what should pipe ideally be made of-what adheres it?-are there any seals? Will guy at auto parts store know what I'm talking about? Thanks for help- anything else you might think of..lemme know- Beth Oh yes...I am going to look at ignition coils & see if they're dry at bottoms...maybe buy set in ebay. GET PAID FRI...JUST FIXING CAR...SCREW THE BILLS...


When you cut the pipe .. cut it as close to the cat as you can because too long is always preferable then too short. The new cat should be less than$100 ... do not try to bypass because if you do you will get a CEL (check engine light) and your gas mileage will go all to hell ... once you get you new cat measure the space you need to get it between the pipes you cut ... famier yourself with the various fittings(couplings,adapters etc)to reatache the new cat with the old pipe ,,, remember ,, the cat is the first thing after the engine .. some cars have resonators but they are always after the cat ... goof luck and be sure tto wear safety glasses ... those cutting wheels spin very fast and they can break

Thanks again. I have safety glasses from when I go shrimping..nets throw off so much crud...I've got a buzy weekend. Guess I'll throw something on the smoker for later on...

Oh yes. I'm ordering 2 Mini cats w O2 sensors for both front cats & 1 universal cat for back cat....this escape has 3...do I need all 3 or can I plug up front 2 & run 1 out of back w O2 sensor. If I can plug up front two...with what would I plug them?

These are from BIGDADDIESGARAGE.COM & come w everything

I'd like to update & thank everybody who helped. My mechanic friend fixed it while I wz working yesterday. My car wz sitting in front of place I worked when I went out to mail something!!!! He replaced cats... Running Wonderfully... Took a ride to the beach to celebrate!!! Thanx again & hope I don't talk to ya soon...B-)

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