My kia spectra motor revs when stopped

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I own a 2009 kia spectra. I have had the car now for one year. It has under 60,000 miles so it is still under warranty.  Approximately once a month for no apparent reason when I am stopped at a stop lite or stop sign and with my foot on the car engine will rev and inch ahead. I have to throw it into park to stop it from hitting another vehicle.  I took it to the dealer who put it on diagnostics only to find nothing. They sent me home telling me to remove the mat on the floor and be sure I don't drive with both feet.....Well I don't do that and today it happened again.  I called Kia customer service to file the complaint and tomorrow I return to the dealer so they can recreate the problem. I told them they wouldn't be able to because it only happens about once a month.....Anyway....has anyone else out there heard of this problem or had it themselves? Thanks for the help

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Keep going back to the dealer and having the problem documented. When you run out of warranty and they suddenly solve the problem, have Kia pay for it.

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That is deadly serious. Do not accept the car back unless you are fully convinced it is fixed. And fixed right.

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PS Ditto on tenspeed's

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Good Lord! I've never heard of this happened or experienced it personally (Thank goodness!). If Kia doesn't fix it properly, call a Lawyer. A car suddenly surging into oncoming traffic or across some railroad tracks when the lights are flashing are NOT the types of situations you'd ever want to encounter. Once a month or once a shouldn't be happening at ALL, IMO. My advice: Ditch the Kia as soon as you're able and NEVER buy another Korean car again (Sorry, I STILL am extremely skeptical about Kia and Hyundai overall reliability...better than they used to be, YES, BUT they STILL have a LOOONG way to go!!!)

2 people found this helpful. another thread nearly identical to this, from about a year ago...seems you are not alone on this hietak

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sample comment from that thread started 3 years ago and last entry one year ago: My mother had similar sudden acceleration problematic with her 2008 Kia tonight. She was trying to drive into a parking spot while her foot on brake the car suddenly accelerated jumping the curb and hiting fence post. She said this isthe second time it happened to her. First time there was nothing in front of her she did not hit anything but tonight she hit the post.

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Another from that thread: "Various sites on the internet showed that the KIA Sedona 2005 had this problem. See details below. Recall ID # 05V329000 - VEHICLE SPEED CONTROL:CABLES Recall Date:JUL 20, 2005 Component:VEHICLE SPEED CONTROL:CABLES"..... it's full of horror stories about Kia's

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I would love to spend a day at a Kia vehicle assembly plant to see exactly what their process is for building a car or SUV. Somehow, I think I'd be shocked at what I'd find....Where do they build these things anyway? Korea or USA...or both???

Check this out Racer: manufacturing plants for Kia; Hwaseong Plant, Hwaseong Sohari Plant, Gwangmyeong Gwangju Plant, Gwangju Seosan Plant, Seosan Kia also has facilities in Malaysia, Slovakia, China, Vietnam, and the United States: Gurun, Kedah, Malaysia Žilina Plant, Žilina, Slovakia Yancheng Plant, Jiangsu, China Chu Lai Plant, Quang Nam, Vietnam West Point Plant, Georgia, USA

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:::shaking my head at assembly plants in Malaysia, China and Vietnam:::: The same places where typical dollar store and Walmart items are made is where they build these cars?? Might be the Kia hampsters from the commercials working under sweatshop conditions...It's a damn shame too because Kia and Hyundai both make some nice looking the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, but I'll NEVER feel confident BUYING one...if I WON it on the "Price is Right" game show, maybe...LOL!

I just bought a 2014 Sportage and traded in a 2010 Soul that had the same problem. It occurred over 10 time during my ownership. The Kia Service people could never find the problem or solution. the situation got better once the fixed the brake switch recall item, however, it did occur one more time after that. I traded it in and upgraded it to a Sportage. I just got to 600 miles and the same problem occurred. My conclusion is the problem is a cross model Software problem. Here are the conditions under which it happens: 1. Cruise Control ON, but not set. 2. Coming to a stop and the engine accelerates without stopping. Immediate Actions: 1. Put the vehicle in Park 2. Turn OFF the ignition 3. Turn on your Emergency flashers 4. Wait for a minute or so then restart the vehicle.

ok ..I had similar problem with car jumping while in park.. many years ago, like mid 70's. It was a 4cylinder Nova..late 60's - early 70's model. The point is that it happens to American cars too, My Dad fixed it. Didn't have problems after that

currently I have a beautiful '09 kia spectra sitting pretty in my driveway for 2 years. took it into kia shop, told them the alternator is draining the battery. Battery was bought less than a year prior. Kia insisted running their own my expense. I said ok. Kia insisted their test results show the battery is dead. They wouldn't even listen to me. They installed a brand new battery my expense. Car ran perfect. Drove it home. couple months later..battery dead. Again. it's been sitting in my driveway for a year now. smh. waste money. Kia dont know what they doing

I have a 2007 KIA Spectra EX and several times a year ...I will be coming to a stop and apply the brakes but the engine revs-up and then accelerates!! THIS is so scary! I press hard on the brakes, and pull the emergency brake quick, then get it into neutral quick! I never know when this might happen. No Warning!! I need to get rid of this car!!

I am still having a frequent problem with it idling 3 -4 rpm when I pull off on the freeway off ramp. It also sometsometimes does and I have to restart. Had it in 4 different shops Last one guessed it was some sensors and loose vaccum hose. $550 laster, still having a problem. Will go back, but concerned about cost. We are senior citizens on Social Security. Don't know what else to do. Still making payments.

I have a 09 Kia spectra ex my car idles up and down in park or driving down the road. I have to stop a couple of minutes early when I come to a stop light because when I hit brakes it will still inch forward and I have to push the brakes hard but I have no check engine light on or nothing

I have the same problem. Have you fixed it and how ?

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