2007 buick lucerne , water in spare tire well

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Bought used 6 months ago.  car is great, but I found 2 inches of water in the trunk. Mat is not wet, cannot see any water tracking/staining. Is there a drain that could back up, and possibly cause this?

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can check the seal that goes around the edges of trunk where the trunk closes maybe it got moved and water leaks in when it rains

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yes, it is most likely your trunk seal- if you don't know how to check for that, hop in your trunk with a flashlight, close the trunk, and have a friend or family member run a hose with water around the edges- you will locate the leak quickly- the water doesn't have to be high pressure either. Obviously, don't stay in there for long!!

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I just had the same problem with 4" of water in the well (no pun intended). There is an oblong formed opening in the inner wall roughly behind the taillight. It is about 3/4" x 1" and is covered by a glued-on patch. My patch was partially glued and the water stream flowing from down the truck edge, through the cracks to the left of the right taillight, flows right over this hole and into the truck. You can access the patch from under the car, just above the tailpipe. Remove the patch, get some heavy duty tape and cover the opening.

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Thanks, Fireballjoe. There is a matching opening on the driver side of the car. Mine was leaking there. I patched both sides.

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Fireballjoe - that was the answer to my problem - thank you! other sites said you had to take off the bumper to access - I was able to find it with your instructions -

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Thank you so much. Cleaned up the site & used a patch of gorilla tape.. See how it works. Did both sides==Saved going to a body shop to have the bumper removed. Not easy to get to on my buick, well worth the time.GM used junk to cover the holes. Am drying out my trunk now. Thanks again. Sign me gratefkul

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Fireballjoe was dead right. Had the car out in the rain for a couple hours and not a bit of water in the trunk. I used an Elevator Bolt, marine silicon, a rubber washer and a nut all purchased at my local True Value Hardware Store. See photo below. Thanks a bunch Fireballjoe!

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I think that this is so cool that an answer I found 4 years ago in Edmonton Alberta Canada has helped 4 different people across North America fix the same problem. Maybe more that didn't respond back. Thanks to you all for taking the time to tell me it helped you. I appreciate it. Joe

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Fireball Joe thank you so much for your answer. I have an 07 Lucerne and in the last few weeks and had noticed a musty smell and things in the trunk seems to be wet for no reason. Today I investigated further and found the carpet soaked and the spare nearly covered in standing water. After a few minutes on the Internet, I located your post and got to work. I also want to add that I am a mid 30s age female and I completed this repair in 10 minutes total for both sides by myself. So fireball Joe, sending you a huge thank you from Ohio.

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Maybe I am old-fashioned but I think that is so cool that I can find something in Edmonton to fix my car and it helps you fix the same problem in a different country 4 years later. By the way I am (was) a mid-fifties male and it took me 2 hours to find it. Thanks for sending me the note, Erin. Joe Murphy (The username looks goofy in retrospect, it was just a name I picked for a login. Fireball Equipment is my company name)

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Hey Joe, I found your solution via Google and went about making the repair following your instructions. The patch was gone on the passenger side, and driver side one was hanging by a thread. I cleaned them up and covered them with Gorilla tape. Thanks also to Erin for giving me the courage to take it on myself. It took me about 20 minutes total, and I'm a 59 year old female (not quite as limber as Erin)! Thanks so much!

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OK That's pretty funny KatBH. Joe

There is another hole about mid way down the rear bumper. Directly below the tail light. The glued on plug fell off on our 08 letting water trickle behind the tail light and run down and into this hole. From there it channels over and into the spare tire well. Very poor design GM

Here was my 07 buick lucerne trunk leak. There's a seam between the black rubber panel on the tail lights and the trunk frame. The water runs down the side trunk canals and into the tail light seam, then into the bumper, which has drainage holes, and runs out to the pavement. But while in the bumper, which has a welded seam, and 4 small holes, allows the water to leak onto the trunk floor and into the spare tire well. Not sure if these small holes were plugged or the tail light panel seam was better sealed so it wouldn't leak (see pics). So I caulked both the bumper hole seams top and bottoms, along with the tail light rubber panel seams. Never thought I'd have to caulk a car!

thank you for the quick fix!! Just sealed up my 07 Lucerne with Gorilla glue on both sides!!Yeah!!thank s so much

I didn't think of using Gorilla glue. If my caulk comes lose I'll know what to do next! LOL! Why do I have to glue my car?

Unbelievable. I had a blowout 2 months ago and found water in the well of my 07 Lucerne. Today while I'm helping a friend who had a flat I noticed the water again. After bailing and drying I thought I would check and see if anyone else ever had this problem. Imagine my surprise. Senior citizen from Edmonton.

So I crawled under the car ( I thought I was done with that) and I found two "plugs", one on each side that felt like leather. They were about 1" round. Are these the two holes that we need to tape shut?

Yep. I did that with Gorilla tape. But found I still had some water after rain, so today tried to seal the entire edge with glue. Next ZI buy true sealant and that should be it. Thanks for all the suggestions. P.S. I'm old lady of 64 yr and am proud to be able to do this myself!


What are you talking about. 64 isn’t old! Besides, that is probably the average age of those of us driving Buick Lucernes.

Just found a small swimming pool in my tire well. I've been dealing with moisture in the trunk, and it has gotten progressively worse. I suspect these areas are my issue too. (Maybe GM should issue recall??) I'm having a hard time finding the area to patch, though. Any other suggestions?

Hi all, I am having the same problem in my buick. I intend to cover up the leak with gorilla tape as suggested but I was wondering how you went about getting the water out of the spare tire well?


I scooped it out with a bucket, then a cup and then just dipped a towel into what was left and wrung it out, dipped again, wrung it out...until it was all gone. It was a much bigger job to empty the water out than it was to patch the holes!

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