I don't own a car, I ride the bus... To all drivers, stop being dicks to pedestrians. I know not all of you are pushy and annoying, but we have the right of way. NOT YOU!

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I'm normally very considerate to pedestrians, but I find some of your statement flawed. I believe that pedestrians only have the right of way at crosswalks or other such areas, and I believe that crossing in a location other than a crosswalk is technically breaking the law.


lol when the ped is already out in the road before the car is visible i am more than willing ot yield to that person. but if that person clearly sees my car coming and steps out in from of me i make sure i do everything in my power to scare the hell out of them. i have a saying when it happens. "yeah go right on ahead, step out and meet jesus bitch"


yes but you only have the right of way in a cross walk if your not in it then no your j walking and that illegal and the car has the right of way


Why are you even on CarGuru's if you don't even have a bicycle??? Pedestrians are just as stupid as drivers. The only time a pedestrian has the right of way is when that BIG WHITE LIGHT of a guy walking is lit. Not when the BIG ORANGE hand is lit... not even when it's flashing. Don't blame drivers. Get a license and maybe you'll understand when the first prick pedestrian starts to cross 50 ft from a crosswalk (J-walk) or steps off the curb on an advanced green when the orange hand is clearly lit.


....having the "right of way" is a not a "right" it is a privilege ......be aware of your surroundings and "share" the roadway.....


Please step in front of my 18 tonne HGV and you will unfortunately understand who has the right of way, whether it be by accident or design. If you don't drive yourself, you cannot possibly pass comment on a world that is alien to you. I also drive a rally car, a drag car and a van so I feel that I have the right to inform you of your topical misdemeanour. Thank you.


quiet you cars big people small physic's deny you right of way if pedestrians opened there eyes every now and then and crossed the road when and were they are supposed too we wouldnt have morons like making stupid comments on car enthusiats forums so keep stoom

oi dick, the only place peds have right of way is on the pavement or on crossings. peds have a bloody pain in the arse habit of thinking they can cross anywhere they want. the road is for vehicles not pedestrians. the only time your allowed to actually walk along the road is when there isn't a pavement to walk on. if you are walking on the pavement you have to by law, walk into oncoming traffic and be on the opposite side of the road to a corner. i.e. if there is a right hand corner you walk on the left hand side and the right if it is a left hand corner.


While yes, legally and in a perfect world, you enjoy the "right-of-way". However...if you step out in front of my F150 when I am doing the legal limit, your right of way is going to get you squashed like a grape - right of way, or no.....


if the pedestrians would stop being dicks to drivers and walking out in front of them then maybe. by the way you only have right of way on the side walk of a cross walk if you jay walk infront of me and i hit you. its your fault.


Right of way will do you a lot of good when you're hosed away off the pavement. As many others have said, you ONLY have right of way on pedestrian crossings. Get over yourself.

oooh! someone has a serious hangup!!! Stay indoors until you seek councelling!! ha ha

Very Sad, why do we live in an age where we feel we have to knock someone. Thank God P.C has more or less eliminated racism, sexism and has promoted equal rights for all but it still remains human nature to drag someone down, smokers, drinkers and motorists are not a prime and easy target!!! Shame on you!!!!


honestly you can't be more of an asshole trying to make motorist's feel guilty cuz u have to spend you life riding a bus my honest though on this if the buses are moving slower than the car's WE HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY i'm pretty sure others would agree with me because we own cars honestly i love my car and buses are to ghetto and why are you joining this group if you ride a bus you should be joining the "bus riders for life" group


Stay on the bus then

You're part of the problem.


drivers are too distracted or impatient plus drivers even fight amongst other vehicles. and then there is uncivilized actions. :( .. just a mere observation from driving around a city.


btw... as a bicyclist & (truck) driver, you should observe the driver to see the intentions. often the driver is occupied with BLINDSPOTS and numerous signs besides you. take into account that things can affect driving too. watch the morning rush next time and guess who is pumped on coffee... lol!


I was driving through the Brisbane CBD on my home from work the other day and what did I see? a young woman drove the wrong way down a one way street and caused a head on with another vehicle, as if that was not bad enough, as I got out and began to direct traffic around the incedent, while my off sider was checking on the condition of the drivers, I was forced to instruct more than 20 PEDESTRIANS who had decided rather than walk around the collision scene, they would walk though it and into on coming traffic. whilst I am not a member of the Queensland Police or Fire and Rescue or even a Parmedic, at the time I was only authority on site. In Uniform and all and yet these "busy' pediestrians are unto thier own beleive more important than emergency scene, so please before you complain about Drivers of Cars and Bikes, remember that even walkers are morons.


So NO you DO NOT have right of way... YOU like all other users of public thoroughfares, MUST abide by the laws, the traffic directions given by Signage or Instruction from an Authorised officer of the state.. and if you are the kind of pedestrian that walks through an emergency scene, you had better hope we never cross paths, as you will not like the outcome

Nice threat, but the bottom line here is that even if a pedestrian is being moron, you can't just hit us.

you drivers make me laugh, I DID own a car until I went to college they are to expensive and unnecessary in the city. The bus is better alternative to all the gas emissions cars let off, ghetto they may be, but I'm part of the solution. It's people like you that give all drivers a bad rep.

I'm astounded by your logical response, bravo!

Then suffer the man-slaughter charges.

You all talk tough and act like if you saw me crossing you'd run me over, well you know something? I know you're smarter people than that. I know you would not deliberately run someone over just because you saw them crossing illegally. There's too much at stake for you to waste your life over a pedestrian. As for some of the other comments on here, there really needs to be something done about this car-centric attitude, we must share the road meaning as pedestrians we shouldn't j walk and cars should slow down and make sure they aren't going to hit anyone.

Like really you're pretty daft if you thought that I was saying pedestrians are never at fault..


if i had my beater car out and about and you were being an ass giving me a glare because you stepped out in front of me id just door you. everybdoy would laugh and you would only come away with some road rash. then next time i bet you wouldnt jsut tihnk you had the right of way


lol part of the solution. ok well i guess you can make up for my navigator years followed by my hemi, boat and crotch rocket. does it make you mad that i dont give 2 shits about the polution in the world when you try to help?


Fantastic response. Being aware of all surroundings, and sharing the roadway solves all the questions that could be brought up concerning this issue.


I would say that the drivers have the right of way. Unless you think you can stop a car bare-handed. I would say just stay out of the way if a car is driving by. Who follows the laws anyways.


Adam have you ever heard of mutual respect on roadways/sidewalks? Neither have the right of way aka being ignorant of the roadway or in your case a sidewalk leading to the lovely bus stop. Bicyclists are the same along with pedestrians, especially on college campus's. Both seem to have the belief that cranking up the Ipod due to "right of way" ignorance is acceptable. When someone gets hit, the vehicle driver is at fault......hmmmm. If you tested your right of way theory and walked out in front of the bus, who is at fault? Adam use commonsense and go purchase a vehicle Mr. Broke. You can teach the rest of us who drive an auto to be respectful by stopping everytime you see someone walking along jamming.......do they see me......do they hear me.......will they stagger into the road......not sure but they have the right of way LMFFAO. I do not attempt to hit anyone but if a pedestrian struck my car with a limb due to stupidity, I would take your college loan money since I cannot sue your "body insurance."


You have the right away when your white cross walk man sign is lit, I have the right of way when my light turns green. Can't we get along? J-walk if you have enough time to get across the street before I get there, or use a cross walk and we'll get along just fine. If not expect to hear some crude words.


just say thanks u're not living in caracas, venezuela XD


Agree. Driving on residential, mall and public areas please chill with the speed you might kill someone. Man slaughter on your record! Not cool


@ adam it still happens coz both pedestrians and drivers are not focused. not a perfect world. we can make alot of enforcement and it will still happen. sad but true. i see it in my neighborhood at times. it is reality.

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