ok Civic type R or Golf GTI or Ford ST?


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Which one of these cars would you have?

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with out a doubt in my mind i would go with the golf GTI you should also look at the Golf R32 a little more expensive but higher performance i don't care for the 2008 R32 i just like the 2004 R32 i have driven a civic and a golf and the golf was a lot more powerful because all honda engines are high horse power and low tourqe but vw/audi engines are a lot more powerful in topspeed and acceleration because they have a lot move tq in general. i have not driven a ford st so i can't juduge it all i can say is that it's a ford so you will get made fun of just for driving it even if it is a good car. the golf GTI because it's a vw is much higher build quality than the other brand ford, honda some people won't admit it but if you get in a accident in the ford, or honda it will not hold up nearly as good as the VW golf GTI. my friend got in a crash in a civic just under 30 miles/ houre totaled the car i was in shock i just could niot belive that a car could be totaled in a 30 mph collision. a different friend of mine got in accident in a vw jetta at 118 MPH on the interstate and lived and the interior was intact. the vw golf GTI will also have a lot mor luxuries in the interior. just my opinion, i have been driving VW's for my entire life and i will be honest when it come time to fix them, ecspicily the 2000 or newer vw's it is not fun. my dad and i fix all our VW's. my dad hs been driving VW's science he got out of college and has not looked back VW quality and price as far as im concerd is unmacthed in the automotive industri sorry if iv'e said too much Joshua wright back if you have spacific questions


Go out and test drive them all and see which ones you like best. Each brand has there pros and cons, but in the end they tend to balance out, for the most part. It's best for you to find a car you like, and then do a little research and see if there are any common problems associated with owning it. I would recommend looking and testing driving as many cars as possible. Since you're looking at sporty econo-cars you may want to take a look at the Mazdaspeed 3, WRX's, and Cobalt SS models. I've personally test driven one of the Cobalt SS, and I'll be the first to say that car exceeded every possible expectation I had, but many will say they disliked the way it drives. Opinions vary and the only one that matters is yours.


at the moment i have an 04 civic type r, which is great! thinking of selling it and getting a GTI or even an R32 Mk5. i prefer a car which has pure power (non turbo). so im lookin for a non turbo, but a great car overall! thanks for the reply


Like I said test drive 'em all. I'm generally of fan of all motor cars, but the reliability and usability of turbos has made progress in leaps and bounds, you may want to at least look again :-)


Personally, I'm a big Honda fan! But for this particular question, I'd take the GTI with no hesitation. For all around performance, that GTI is tough to beat. It's single drawback would be repair costs. Unlike a Honda, when a VW breaks, get a tube of KY Jelly and back into the repair shop. Ask the mechanic to "be gentle!" It WILL HURT!


yeah golfs great, if i was going to get a golf it would be the R32, just because of its pure power.


none of them they are all import pieces of garbage. and ford just plain sux


what car you got?


let me guess your a chevy guy haha


lol, yeah u probs right there!


He claims to have a M5... funny thing is if you google image search blue m5, you find that one of the pictures is from a for sale ad for a car in Baltimore... Odd since he's in Alberta Canada... Also odd that the two pictures have different hoods and rims... http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/e39-m5-e52-z8-discussion/123599-my-car-sale-2000-avus-blue-black-e39-m5.html There were plenty of pictures of the car in Baltimore, he could have at least posted two pictures of the SAME car.


I agree. Tyler seems to be nothing more than a "wannabe" and has little if any automotive knowledge.


Tyler, you're a "wannabe POSER!"


tyler your a idiot are you a bowtie boy or a sheep man..??? either way you dont like technology at all... thats fine these things are complicated... I would get the ST But i am a ford Guy ... I like them for allround think there a little easier to drive hard there a little better low end for those days when it has to be a car in traffic... and it works as a tripod around corners really well... But really go test drive them... i find the Golf GTIs to feel lardy for a hot hatch... they dont seem planted well enough somehow and i found them unpredictable at the limit... the Type R screams look at me too much and i hate Vtech... its nice when its on but its only there for a split second...

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