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i'm  gonna assume that most of the people on here have little or no automotive knowledge whatsoever, i've reached this conclusion by reading post after post about how an engine swap to diesel, or to electric, or to banana oil, or asking what tire pressure is, or about other completely ridiculous topics...i realize a few of us are in here that have vast automotive knowledge, and i'm taking note of that, but give me a break i'm composing a list of topic that should eliminate about half the posts in here...if you think the list is funny, then it obviously isn't intended for you...but i'd like to offer automotive advice to help people that need it, not adress people that have never opened a hood asking about how to put a hemi into a GEO!!!!  here goes

1. your vehiclwe is not worth converting to diesel, electric, olive oil, or anything else you wanna try. you vehicle probably ins't meant for that type of engine. and the swap would be done at a ridiculous cost, new transmission, computers, wiring, fabrication, fuel system, etc etc. you wouldn't save enough gas money in 10 years to be cost effective..especailly if you're driving an 83 POS. only reason for this is if you have money upon money to kill, in which case you should be driving a hummer at 5MPG and caring less about gas prices.

2. your check engine light is on for a reason! take it to a dealer. if you have to ask how to shut it of, sure i'll tell ya. you need an OBD2 computer that can read and erase codes. you need than and the knowledge if what code it's giving you, some vehicles can display codes in the odometer or flash headlights to give codes...but if you get code 57, which is a throttle position sensor..and have no idea what that even is...or have never heard or an OBD, then what good is it gonna do you to know? take it to the dealer or mechanic.

3. suggested tire pressure is located on the tire, and on the spec sticker ususally in the door jam...there are a million kinds of tires and vehicles out there...simply posting "what tire pressure is good" gives us nowhere enough info to even adress the question....look's not that hard

4. to shut of seat belt chimers, auto door locks, or other simple features on anything, check your drivers manual,...some cars will let you set simple features such as there with a combo of on/off turns of the key..but again, how are we suppposed to know what you drive? and even if we do and shut our own seat belt chimers off...think we'll know the 5 step sequence of on/off seatbelt buckle unbuckle off the top of our head? LOOK IN THE MANUAL

5. watch for repeat posts...if someone already asked about "can i put a WWII tank engine in my ford festiva, and everyone laughed...but you , for some ungodly reason, also were thinking of this engine swap.....why look like an ass again

6. last that i have on the top of my head...use google for christ sake...if you want to know the curb weight of a 93 crown vistoria, or how wide a taurus is....look it up...there's a big diference between seeking automotive knowledge and laziness.

i applaud anyone actually seeking some help or knowledge, and if you asked one of these questions before and didn't realize that they're pretty ridiculous....then no offfense to you... i realize this is a young crowd in here but it is  a CAR group...if you can't find the hood latch, or wonder if putting diesel gas in your gasoline car will make it run better...then use some common sense....this list is simply intended to get us back to automotive discussion thats  helpful and informative.

Johnny Mac

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jonnys and johnnys think alike and i totaly agree but id just like to add to number 6 if any one is looking for stats, domensions, or anything along those lines id use just go to the used car tap then to Research Prices & Specs tap just below it its easy and helpful and most importently its right JonnyG


this is driving me just got on and saw the first topic is "whats my towing capacity"..apparently they dont include owners manuals anymore with the purchase of new vehicles....and yes another post about converting a car to all mean there's ignorance, and ignorant...take your pick


thank you! i love ur post. i am a bit of a car fanatic myself, so i love reading posts about cars. however, i am afraid i dont know too much about actually working on cars. i would love to learn, which leaves me reading through the posts online trying to make sense of all the mention of engine parts. thanks again for reminding people that there are people trained to fix their cars and places to go for information and specs online.


High five on your post I am a ASE cert master tech and I enjoy helping out those who have valid posts and are having real issues but there are so many ridiculous posts like you said in which the poster could look up the answer faster than it takes to post the question on here and it takes away the the guys who have real questions. There are so many that are so ridiculous I don't even take the time to answer them. Your right alot of the questions crazy questions are just kids playing around. Well I hope these posts open some eyes up and clean up the threads paul


i'm glad this topic actually went somewhere! there are a few of us in here that actually know what we're talking about! and it's killing us sorting through the "how fast can i go in my 86 ford truck?"


Amendment addition of a #7. 7. the ridiculous performance question: if you are driving a vehicle that isn't intended to go fast, don't ask performance questions about it, especially about it's top speed, way to increase horsepower, or anything else that is sheer ridiculous. a truck is a truck, Clueless#1 : "How fast will my 84 ford truck go" Humerous wiseass: "about 240..but you have to make sure the windows are up all the" Idiot#1 : " the last guy is an idiot, nascars can hardly do 200!!" just take it in an


right on bro


dude you are the best i look on here alot and i find the same stuff too even though i dont know as much as you do i still agree with you these people need to think befor they ask and if they real stuff or not.


I like to help, when I can, but some of the questions are absolute garbage. I agree with your list and I hope alot of people take note.


thanks guys! always good to get some positive feedback. just tryin to provide a useful serbice to the'll add some more amendments here after i run through this weeks list of


Most of the posts are good fodder for abuse. Don't get too worked up about it though, just give them stick. That's what the internets is for. I don't think that anybody who really knows their shit comes on here anyway, it's a waste of time/effort etc. I fear you might become a victim of trying too hard. Just remember it's all for shits and giggles, like telling someone the fastest car in the world is whatever their mum drove to Maccy D's the other day


I thoroughly applaud and agree with every word in this post. I believe that an admin should sticky this ON EVERY MESSAGE BOARD on this site Bravo, Johnny610, Bravo


This should be the rules for posting Q&A here. Punishment for violations... death or banning, whichever the violator chooses.


it is with teary eye's from laughing that i must bump this post, after reading the question: "Will a 6 foot cabinet fit in the back of a 4x2 jeep commander?" i should have responded..."no you have to get the 4 wheel drive model", but instead should maybe add a rule about the sheer stupidity of someone not being able to handle the extreme technology that is the modern

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