The 'Air Bag' Light will not turn off?


Asked by Jul 15, 2009 at 01:07 AM about the Hyundai Sonata

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We just got the car almost 2 and 1/2 weeks ago have been without a vehicle for 5 years and when we got the sonata no light were on until now. we have not been in a crash or nothing so i do not see why a light would be on when nothing has happend.

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Probably just a faulty sensor. Could be the sensor in the seats is off and it thinks that someone is either there or not there when they are. So it think that person is not safe and it doesnt know what to do, either to engage or disengage the airbags. Take it back and get it scanned and fixed. Preferably the dealership if it's a new car and under warranty.

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if this is a 2006 they have a recall for the sensor just take it to the dealer and they will fix it for free

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What year is it?

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is it just 2006 that they recalled? Because mine is a 2003 and the light came on one day and will not turn off, and the warranty is gone.

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i HAVE A 2002- Air Bag Light came on Monday and has been on ever since (4 days now).

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Could be a faulty sensor, would be a good idea to get that check out soon as possible because if you get into a acccident the air bags will NOT deploy. Get it scanned at your local parts store and post the code here.

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The 2002-2005 body style Sonata had issues with the connectors for the side air bag having bad connection causing high resistance codes. Connectors run underneath the seat and can be bumped by stuff getting pushed under the seat. Sometimes the harness needs shifted a little bit to lessen the tension on the connectors.

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I thknk Hyundai has a real issue here. We have a 2005 Sonata and after about the first year (we got it in Oct '04) we've had trouble with the air bag light being on. We've had it in the dealership at minimum 4 times in the past 5 years for this and they have NEVER been able to correct it. Twice now we've had trim fall off the car, and have had to have a new power anteana motor replaced twice. All these issues are continual and don't seem to be able to be corrected while under warranty, coincidence? NOW they want $325 to replace the trim that fell off and $450 to replace the antena motor. I will never buy another Hyundai.

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I have a 2007 Sonata and the airbag light came on 3 months ago. I took it to the dealer and they said there was a recall on the passenger airbag. They removed the passenger seat and sent it to CA for the repair. They also gave me a loaner car. This was all covered and there was no cost to me. In addition, with reference to one

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I have a 2008 sonata and after a recall my air bag light is on.. Going to write to the company.

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Have 2002 Sonata with airbag light on and mechanic cannot locate issue. Could this be side air bag issue covered under later recall?

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We have a 2006 Sonata, the air bag light needed fixed 4 times since we bought the car new. Now it came on again but now we have 103,000 miles, it's not covered under warranty now. I'll never buy a Hyundai again.

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Adding to the list sonata 2011 has same problem. Air bag lights on and car has not been into any accident or crash

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Same here on 2011, air bag light issue AND passenger seatbelt light is always flashing.

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I'm only owner of 2002 Sanata and airbag light came on 2 years ago, around the time I rescued a bull terrier pup, and she road in front seat of car all the time. When puppy reached 15 or 20 pounds, I noticed the airbag light started going on and off intermittently, then eventually just stayed on. My son worked a summer intern job at a major automaker in seatbelt engineering and safety prior to graduating from college; and found could be issue below. The puppy riding in front passenger seat set off sensor warning that passenger does not meet the minimum weight and or height requirement, and airbag could cause passenger seriously injured including death. It is meant to remind parents to buckle small children in the back in child safety seat. I now buckle 80lb puppy in back seat for both our safety; but airbag light remains on...

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Does anyone have a Hyundai sonata 2011 that know anything about airbag light

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I received a one time recall on my 2006 Hyundai about two months ago. Maybe worth it to check with a dealer.

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I have a 2011 Sonata and the airbag light is on. The light on the driver side dash is on when you start the car, and then goes off, but comes back on when car is running. Was there a recall for this year 2011 too?

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Got a 2007 Hyundai Accent SE. Same problem as everyone here. Airbag light. What pisses me off of the dealer "fixed" this issue 4 years ago when the system was under warranty. Now I'm convinced they just cleared the code. At 110,542 miles there's no warranty. Plus having issues getting it smogged here in Cali. IF ANYONE IS GOING TO FILE A CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST HYUNDAI FOR STAMDING BEHIND THEIR VEHCLES AND PUTTING PEOPLES LIVES AT RISK LET ME KNOW. I'll sign up in a heart beat. (Assuming I'm not killed in an accident 'cause my POS didn't activate its airbags.

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I have a 2007 Hyundai Sonata and have had the same problems as everyone else, I agree with ZoltanB if a class action suit happens let me know, im in!!!

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I have a 2012 sonata and the airbag light would not go off. The Loma Linda Inland Empire dealer said it was a clock spring and it will cost 340.00 to replace it.

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I did not get it fixed. They said bag may not work if in accident. SEAN said it will not release for no reason while driving.

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I have a 2011 and had the same issue with both the airbag light staying on and the passenger seatbelt light flashing. I was able to get it fixed by taking it into a Hyundai dealership with certified Hyundai technicians. This was a few months ago, so I don't recall what the part was called, but it was definitely some kind of sensor they just had to replace. They also told me some of the older vehicles were having issues with the wires getting tugged on when moving the seat back and forth (although that was not the issue with mine). My car was still under warranty so it was a free service too.

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Hyundai corporate is helpful regardless that recall is no longer outstanding call them for assistance

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Report your problem to the NHTSA. If there are enough complaints, They will force a recall.

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i have a 2011 with the same problem the air bag light stays on wont go off

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Same problem with my 2011 Sonata! We need to report this so they issue a recall. This could be deadly and we have been quoted $900+ to fix this continuous problem. Please everyone, report the problem so they issue a recall and fix it for all of us!

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I have the exact same issue with my 2006 Sonata. I have just gone to the website and posted a complaint. My airbag light is illuminated and seatbelt light blinks on the passenger side. I took it to the dealer this past Saturday and was told it would cost me $1200.00 dollars to get it repaired. They said I would have to get my seat cushion replaced and the part alone is $1100.00 plus labor it was going to be over $1200.00 to repair. I am extremely angry that this was not covered by a recall. I sure hope enough people file a complaint that Hyundai issues a recall and covers the cost. I won't buy another Hyundai. My son owns a 2003 Honda Accord and it is sure a whole world of difference in the way Honda treats their customers as opposed to Hyundai. Honda has a recall on their airbags and has consistently called and mailed my son numerous notices to get his car repaired under warranty at no cost to him. Honda cares about it's customers and Hyundai does not.

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I had this same problem with the airbag light. They told me it was a sensor under the seat and if it happens again they may have to replace the seat. I do not know if there is a recall though.

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My 2006 sonata air bag light randomly jus came on last week


Our 2004 Sonata has the airbag light on and even when in warranty they could not solve it.

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2007 Sonata here. Seat belt light would come on after starting, then stay on. I'd jiggle the wire harness under driver side seat and it would go out. Jiggle method doesn't work anymore. Light status on continuously now.

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2011 here...I removed the front bumper to install fog lights..l the air bag light which was constantly on had miraculously gone off for the next 3 days...then bam!! Back on Again!! Love my car tho!

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