2014 2500 4x4 TPMS Issue


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Just purchased a 2014 2500 4x4 and put some aftermarket tires and wheels on it. The
aftermarket tires should run at about 60 psi both front and back. I was able to put 65 in
the front with no warning light however, the TPMS for the rear tires will not shut off
without putting 80 psi in both tires. Running 80 psi will cut the life of the tire drastically.
Is there any way of adjusting the TPMS to the new tires? The 2014 doesn't seem to
have the "light/heavy load" feature the 2013 did. Any help would be appreciated.

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...yes. YOU MUST obey the sticker on the door jamb...this specification is the only one that the insurance companies believe that your car should have had in a rollover crash...for example....that's why you've got to put THAT size on there~ as far as the TPMS...they always feature a RESET button to tell it that the pressure is the one to be checked against~ Do it right...don't screw around....obey the sticker~

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Thank you judge_roy however, the "sticker" was for a totally different set of tires and a larger wheel. The manufacture's specs on the new tire suggest running at 60 psi. The sensor and the "sticker" show the previous tire running at 80 psi which will ruin the new tire. In regard to the 2014 do you know where the reset button is? Im not trying to circumvent the monitor just have it learn a different tire pressure. thank you.

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Some vehicles monitor the speed the tires are rotating, as you go down the road, to determine low tire pressure. Others actually have battery powered sensors mounted inside the tires that send a radio signal to the computer. My guess is that since you have the wrong size wheels and tires on it yours measures rotation speed. HTH. -Jim

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Mine's a 2013 Ram 2500 Diesel and got a load of wood, truck indicated heavy load, and the tire pressure monitor system will not go out, no matter what I do. Inflate, deflate, we have temps drop as low as 14 and high in the daytime is about 65 the truck is never garaged...out in the driveway. I think the cold and weight load messed this thing up and just want it fixed. keeps having a "red" tire as if it's low in back..and it's not....help

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Well so far I have been unable to completely fix this issue. Dodge adjusted the threshold from 80 to 65 which I thought would work. Unfortunately, the lights are still on and the TPMS is asking for 65 psi which is exactly what is in the tire. I'm going back next week to compare the computer settings between the front and back. Front is working fine it's the back that's not working correctly.

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myspacethirdbase (Blackjack 21...or baseball?) we must learn to ignore these warnings...especially troublesome with two women in the front seat and Nitrogen charged wheels....if I'd have known where the reset button was I'd have shut them up right proper~...instead have me runnin' out to look at the tires "ya, they're still there"~...so in conclusion buy a roll of black electrical tape and ignore, ignore.....ignore~

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we never needed any of this crap when I was growin' up....now it's more powerful an instrument than respect of your fellow motorist~

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This is not an answer but more of a question. We have a 2014 Ram 2500. We bought it in April and it has since been in the shop THREE times going in for a 4th time The light comes on and when we check with the actual monitor system on the truck it will fluctuate from 60 to 70 on its own. All the other tires have 70 psi in them according to the monitoring system. Anyone else having issues like this?

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That was supposed to be a tire monitoring question above.....sorry!

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Sounds like a bad sensor inside the tire. HTH. - Jim

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My wife just bought a 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummings 4x4. The dealership had put the larger tires and rims on her truck. After many trips back to the dealership for tire sensor problems the solution was: Change out all four sensors and the modem. Our problem was solved..........

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Sue Sue Sue. When running 80 lbs of pressure on icy roads, with no load, there are going to plenty of crashes. I intend to sue dodge when it happens to me.

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Okay, here goes, I have a 2014 Dodge Ram 4x4, 2500 Diesel, we all know that 80 psi for the back tires and 65 psi for the fronts, the problem is that the truck is just driven without a load most of the time and with 65 in all 4 tires the truck rides nice. With a load of course I would up the pressure and put in the proper amount at 80 in the rear. So I went to my dealer and they told me no problem and reset the computer to see that 65 was okay in the back tires as well as the front tires. This was a feature on Pre 2014 trucks and they had a button to press so you could run a lower air pressure. the 2014 does not have this and so the trip to the dealer was required. Okay, now comes the problem, NOT ALL DEALERS KNOW THIS !!! so when the light does come on and you put it back to 65-70 and the light doesn't go off you figure okay a trip to the dealer and problem solved...WRONG. as I stated earlier, some dealers do not know this and also REFUSE to reset the TPMS to acknowledge the 65 psi in the rear. Needless to say, DODGE FAILED US ALL, and did not continue the TPMS bypass button. As soon as some smart engineer figures out how I will forward you all a link to the right place to get this..

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Okay wrote letters and filled out surveys and even contacted RAM and told them that they were going to have a lot of lawsuits when people running 80 lbs of air on icy roads start wrecking and crashing. Well what do you know. I received a recall notice stating that my anti skid brake software needed and update. That is all the recall stated. When I got my truck back a few hours later, all is well with my tpms. It doesn't alarm no matter what air pressure I have now. I don't know what recall it was because my dealer has the paper. But I would contact Ram.

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I have a brand new 2016 Ram 2500 Mega Cab and the reason I'm reading your blog is that Dodge hasn't changed the TPMS. It still insists on warning you to put the max 80 psi in the rear tires. My TPMS light went on when I reduced the pressure 10% or 72 psi. I like 65 psi in all 4 tires when I am running empty, which is most of the time. Ram needs to fix this as there is nothing the consumer can do byt complain.

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Mine is a new 2016 2500. You know, things like lamps behind the low tire warning light could "burn out", but the monitoring system still should work. I don't mind a chime when starting and the note "inflate rear tires to 80 psi" indication, as I can select a different display. I'm just annoyed at the low tire light on all the time.


I'm having a similar issue with my 2015 2500. Had the dealership that sold me said truck lower the threshold to 65 PSI, but it didn't take. EVIC tells me to inflate rear tires to 65 PSI, even when above 65 PSI. That dealership told me I would have to deal with the light. I didn't pay 60 grand to deal with a light. I'm currently going through another service center who are replacing my TPMS module. They say that once they get the new one, they can set it to whatever I want. Now there is some issue that when the module is replaced, that an electric steering column lock has to also be replaced at some time if vehicle is equipped with it. I will update y'all once I know more. But Dodge really needs to fix this issue. It's upsetting to see that 2016s are still having this issue.

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Well, I got my module changed out. Still couldn't change the pressure threshold with a new module. So my service center has sent a letter to corporate basically asking what the hell is going on.

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I'd love to hear what you find out. I've had no luck on this issue. I'm going on two years of staring at the yellow light. In fact, at one point, a service tech told me to "just cover the light with a piece of black tape". Not gonna pay 50k for something and then put a piece of tape on my dash. Crazy. This is the most ridiculous issue I've ever dealt with, well besides the 6 liter Ford I owned. Chrysler has clearly left us out in the cold on this one. Wonder what they'd do if I sent them a bill for the premature wear on my $400 tires?


Ramhappy2014, I called Chrysler and complained several times within the first few month. I also filled out every survey they sent me. I finally emailed corporate and told them they were going to have a lot of law suits filed when people start having accidents driving on ice with 80 lbs. of air in their tires. I never got a response but a few weeks later I received a service bulletin something about upgrading the software for my anti-lock brakes. I took the truck in, and about an hour and a half later I picked it up. What do you know. I can now put any amount of air in my tires without the alarm light. I don't know the service bulletin number they gave me because the dealership kept it. It never said anything about fixing the tpms problem. But it did. I think you all need to find out about updating your anti-lock brake software that is what fixed mine.

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Hello all, I believe, if I follow this thread correctly, that there was a service bulletin out about the low tire pressure warning on the Ram. Mine is a late 2014 3500 Tradesman crew cab, 8-foot bed with the 6.7 Cummins. If I am not mistaken, I never saw an actual warning light or icon nor was there any chime relating to low tire pressures. However, after only 8,000 miles I DID get a couple of unrelated warnings and while in for those free fixes was told that there was a TSB on these models for changing out all tire pressure sensors. That, they completed a few days later after parts arrived. I experienced no problems in that area since. I now have ~34,200 miles on the truck a year later. I run ~62 lbs in all 6 tires. Thank you for reading and thank you to all whom have added their input on this subject. I hope I was helpful. Please click on the the hand symbol if I was.

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Hi all. I've never seen the need to run more than 40 pounds in front or rear tires with no load even in a diesel. Having 80 pounds in them empty is like driving with wheels filled with concrete. It really annoyed me with my '11 ram so I tried just taking them out and sure enough light came on. But then a few months later when i cleaned out my truck I took the sensors out of the glove box and truck completely and ever since then I never saw the light come on and it just gave me a warning to service the system when I started the truck nothing else which was great! That might work for '12 and '13 too worth a try maybe. I just bought a 2016 diesel a few days ago and I really hope something can be done to lower the pressure!

Thanks for the information..I had the same sensor problem with my 2013 2500..at an oil change they had 65/75 and I had the oil guy set them at 65..we got a sensor light..called the dealer ..SHE said 60/80..after about 30 miles the sensor went off..but watching the dash pressure sensor it shows significant fluctuating pressures as the tires warm up..my guess is bad sensors..where is the switch for load and empty pressures on a 2013..


2017 Dodge Ram 2500 still has the same problem. Lowered rear tire pressure to 65 from 80 and got the un-resettable TPMS indication for rear tires and the associated yellow light. No luck with dodge service. Attempts to reset software (for tire pressure) were unsuccessful.

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Installed new rims/tires on 16' 2500 Mega cab and everything was fine until I got the oil changed and they adjusted the pressure as labeled on the tire. It seems that the shop that installed my new wheels over inflated to 80 psi to keep the light off although they all call for 60 psi max. Kind of pissed about that and also the fact that I was not made aware that this would be an issue before I bought them. Guess there is nothing I can do about it based on what I am reading above except live with the light.


Ya, I've had them bump my pressure up several times after unrelated visits, i.e., oil changes, inspections, takes me some time to realise what they did. So now, every time I go in, I make them put a note in to leave my tire pressure alone. 80 PSI in the rear feels terrible and looks unsafe. I've had the truck for over a year, it's my only complaint about it, but it bugs me everyday to see the damn TPMS warnings.


Had my truck in for an unrelated recall. I'd finally had enough of the run around and the "put black tape over the warning light" suggestion. I may have gotten a little loud and maybe even angry however, miraculously a "software update" was located and installed. I am now running 65 psi in both the front and rear tires and NO warning light. Amazing!!!

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Ive gotten annoying and loud a few times before, so maybe I'll just try louder haha. That's awesome that it works though. That means there is hope.


Any idea what the software patch ID was that lowered the tpms threshold?

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Did anyone try just putting a front tire tpms in the rear?


Take it to your Dodge Dealer. Your preset tore pressure requirement needs to be changed from 80 in the rear to whatever you are planning to run in the tires. Unless you're hauling weight, i recommend no more than 50 in the front and 40 in the rear(assuming its a diesel). That is if you prefer a smooth ride. Mason TCi Tire Centers

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And Bob, that changes nothing. These are smart enough to know what wheel position they are located in. For a dodge all you have to do after a tire rotation is drive it down the road and it will automatically reset itself assuming the tire pressures are accurate

I have a 2014 Dodge 2500. Same TPS issue. I was told by a friend that the only fix is to have all the sensors pulled out of the four tires and put them inside the spare tire. Inflate the spare to 80 psi. Probelm solved. No more warning light. Of course there is no more pressure sensors in the four tires on the ground. Is this really what we've come to?


The placing of the sensors in the spare won't work on the newer models. The sensors are read by the module as they turn. Putting them in the spare won't provide the motion thus giving no reading. I'm still not sure what the software patch was they used however, it's still working. Yahoo!!


Hey guys, I copied this from cumminsforum. Cheers! How to set TPMS to ANY pressure Ok guys.... I've done this on several trucks now and have confirmed it will work on any 2014+ and on any model (I have not tried it on C&C yet). You will have to have this done at a dealer. Print this and take it in and they should be able to change your settings and turn off the light. It takes about 10 minutes. Step 1: Go into the BCM (body control module). Go to "miscellaneous functions". Go to "update pressure thresholds". Set pressure to desired settings. Do not try to do different pressures front and back! Even if you run 10 psi difference front to back you won't get a light. If you plan to run 10 psi difference I suggest your "setting" be in the middle of the high and low just to give you a little cushion. Step 2: Go into the RFH (radio frequency hub). Go to "miscellaneous functions". Perform "RFH replace" and follow prompts. You will need the PIN number for the truck. That can be obtained through Dealer Connect with the vin number to the truck. When following the prompts - when asked for desired pressure setting - set new pressure levels. You do not need to replace anything - just perform the function to set new levels. I have not had to drive the truck - once the RFH replace function is done the light goes out and the truck is reading new pressures. Done!! Also, I have had issues with the upgraded alloy wheels and the TPMS sensors. Specifically, the valve stem is a new shape that does not fit the universal TPMS valve stem . All you need to do is carefully file down the corners to shape the brass fitting so it will fit in the sensor. Once it's screwed into place everything is secure and there are no issues. The universal valve stems are about a buck a piece. Dealer cost on the new "updated" valve stem is about 25 bucks (yeah - I'm out! LOL). This should take care of and answer any questions/issues when changing to custom wheels/tires. I got started down this path with information from another string on the same topic. There was a tech on here that had described the procedure vaguely but I couldn't find his post (if you read this - THANKS). So - this is not my idea originally - just a more descriptive set of instructions you can take to your local dealer. Hope this clears up all the confusion on the topic.

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This will not work for 2015 or newer Ram 2500 or 3500. The dealerships new software does have not update pressure threshold. This was taken away with the new update. 10/04/17

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For anyone is still looking for a way to adjust their TPMS settings, check out my website at https://tehamann.wixsite.com/tracystruck for common questions and details on how to rent a device that will fully adjust the TPMS values. I also rent a notebook with software that will adjust for larger custom tire sizes, enable fog lights with high beams and add sales codes. This is my 2016 Ram 2500 running 50 front & 40 rear with NO LIGHTS or WARNINGS! Check it out!!

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