How To Repair My Shifter Linkage?


Asked by Aug 24, 2012 at 05:11 PM about the Chevrolet Cavalier

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Hello All,
I fear that my original post has been deemed a case-closed, so I haven't gotten any more help. But, I now have a photo of my problem.

My shifter linkage is broken on the tranny side. Looks like a menial task (like replacing a bushing), but I need an expert's advice.

1. Is this a small problem that a small-time DIYer can do? If so, how?
2. Where can I find the parts? Not at local Auto Parts places, nor at the local Transmission Shop.

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FYI, chevy cavalier 2004

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I would replace the linkage with one from the junkyard

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These bushings are made of plastic and they fall apart as they age. I tried making my own out of half inch dowels. I sawed off about a quarter of an inch and drilled a hole in the center. Worked for awhile. Then I discovered that if you take a one inch section for fuel hose and slide it over the stud it will hold the linkage on. Works for me and it is definately a DIY.

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homeboymi answered about a year ago Use a washer with a 1/4 dia hole and a circlip to hold the piece of fuel line hose in place. The washer and clip are in the hardware section of your Home Depot. The circlip looks like a rounded lett... . 95 homeboymi answered about a year ago I just discovered an easier way to replace the rubber grommet. Instead of the wooden dowel, use rubber fuel line hose. Get a small piece with a 5/16 id and slide it over the shaft with a little glue... . 95 homeboymi answered about a year ago I bought a 3/4 inch dia. dowel from Home Depot and drilled a small hole in the center for the lever and then cut off about a 1/2 slice of the dowel and used this piece instead of the rubber grommet. ... . 95 homeboymi answered about a year ago I bought a 3/4 inch dia. dowel from Home Depot and drilled a small hole in the center for the lever and then cut off about a 1/2 slice of the dowel and used this piece instead of the rubber grommet

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they sell the bushing at advance auto parts also. its in a dorman help! package part number 14041. its a 5 piece kit for doge/ford/gm. it had the correct bushiung for my 2000 cavalier so it was easy and cost less than $8! fits nice and tight and fixed in les than 10 min.

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thanks byblazed. The Advance website says that this piece is not a fit on my '04 Cav. But, I'm thinking about trying it, since it's only $6.50 with the online discount

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UPDATE: The 14041 part is not a fit for my '04 chevy cavalier. But on the advanceauto website, I found parts # 74039 and #74040 - two different size bushings that weren't flagged as a non-fit. After ordering both (since they're only $2.76 after online discount), I realized that ...39 is the one I ordered that does NOT fit. So, if #74040 doesn't fit, there's one more I'll try. But, as you can see, this sucks. I don't have weeks and weeks to wait for a part that might not fit. I'll keep you all posted, in hopes to save you all the trouble.

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Advances website says its not a fit for my cavy either but I tell you there is one that fit my 2000 auto in that 14041 kit. There are 5 in there and only 1 was right. I bought it on a chance when I saw the package said pedal and shifter linkage bushing kit for dodge/ford/gm and I lucked out. Maybe grab the kit and if none of them fit then return it?

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I had the same problem with my mom's 2004 Chev Cavalier. Went to Auto Zone and prchased the Dorman Help kit # 14041 and one of the bushings fit perfect ! Thanks for the good info !!

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No problem bmanvell! Glad I could help some people out with my steak of luck stumbling along that kit! I am surprised that it wouldn't work for veeps but I am glad it is for some! Thanks for your reply!


greetings Car Gurus.. this website is the only one that was helpful to me with my 99 Pontiac Sunfire shift cable bushing . ( This car is basically a Cavalier). I bought the 14041 kit, and after taking off the shift lever from the transmission, one of the smaller bushings was the only one that had a good fit on the shift lever, and the rounded tip was smaller than I thought would be mate with the cable end, but I decided anything was better than trying to replace the whole damn cable so I took some channel locks and squeezed it in there and it seems a teeny bit loose but it fits!!!. My hat's off to this forum

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No Problem Johan. Like I said before I had a streak of luck stumbling on that kit! I am glad the info is helping folks!

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.. . not sure if I used the right bushing from the Dorman 14041 kit . . . had to use pliers to snap it into the cable end, good fit there it seemed,, but bushing was loose fit on shifter pin/shaft, and overall was a loose fit, but didn'r want to remove and mess up bushing, in case it was the best fit of the four, so left as was and added rubber band between cable end and shfter arm . . . . should it come apart, will try larger bushing next time . . . but the saving grace overall IS the Dorman 14041 kit, at Autozone($5.99+tax) . . . thank all you folks for input

. . . and also, should add, had to remove coil pack and bracket(3 caps crews, 15mm 3/8 socket and six/seven inch extension) and lay out of the way, along with intake duct, to see and access . . . . 2001 Cavalier . . . .

odot On a 04 sunfire I cut the next to large bushing off and used as a spacer for the one that snapped over the ball end, also i cut the dome part off the cable and put the bushing in from that side and used my spacer on the other

odot Forgot to say that you will need to take the shift cable and arm off the trans. 15 mm nut and just unsnap the cable will allow you to work with the cable where it is easy to get to


On my daughter's 2001 Sunfire the cable attaches to the linkage on the top. The Dorman 14041 kit didn't work for me. I went ahead and got a cable from a Chevy dealer for $88. ACD/GM# 22621784. Here is a diagram I got from the dealership.

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2004 Chevy Trailblazer EXT. The Dorman 14041 Pedal and Shift Linkage Bushing Kit has a package of 5 bushings. I was able to get 1 of the 5 to fit for my vehicle. Easy to remove the old and decayed bushing (why GM would not use metal, with a nut/washer or cotter pin option is a whole other conversation.) I used some adjustable pliers to squeeze the bushing into the existing end of the cable. I kept the lip side of the bushing facing the pin from the lever as I was not sure it would be long enough to reach and secure from the other side. It fit onto the pin perfectly and was secured with a few more efforts with the pliers. For peace of mind, I have used duct tape to wrap the connection. Total cost from O'Reilly was $5.99

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I don’t have much experience with mechanical works, but thanks to this post I was able to fix the linkage problem on my 1998 Cavalier Z24 (2.4L). As stated in this thread, the Dorman 14041 Pedal and Shift Linkage Bushing Kit has 5 bushings, one of them will work. I think is the smallest, but you will be able to figure it out easily. It’s easier to this job if you can somehow manage to get the car in neutral (don’t forget the emergency break!). Remove the broken pieces, insert the new bushing (you might need pliers to press the bussing) and reinstall the cable back to the transmission shifter linkage. About 20 min job for the inexperienced!

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More pictures!

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on the diagram of the picture what is number 16 trying to find out the name of this part

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99 Cavalier Z24. Dorman Help kit # 14041 . Second smallest worked perfectly!!! Popped right on. For under $8 and 10 mins work could not be any happier. Thank you all for this blog, and thank you google for finding it!

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used a paper clip wire to fix until I got part, just wrapped it around after attaching cable, got me around today I just got the 14041 will install after car cools down. 2001 cavalier. when I bought the car about a year ago for 600 dollars cash, the previous owner told me the car would do nothing and someone opened hood and put a wire somewhere and it started right up, I think it was on this linkage lol.

Thank you byblazed and Frank_z24!!! Dorman 14041 from Autozone worked on my 2002 Cavalier. I believed I used the second to smallest one. In my five piece kit, it was the only one with numbers. The numbers listed on top were 5074045. This kit and my Tongue and Groove Pliers were all I needed. I'm not at all mechanically inclined (I don't even change my own oil or wiper blades), but you two helped me out a LOT! Thanks again!


Thanks guys. I have a 2001 Cavalier. Dorman 14041 bushings worked and it was the 2nd to smallest. I had to loosen the power steering to be able to use my adjustable pliers to press the ball into the bushing.

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To all you guys, all of your posts are great. my 2001 cavalier shift cable broke on me yesterday, and I'm glad to have Google it and found you guys with all these great answers, I'm going to go purchase that 14041 kit now, I took a tie strap and put over the linkage and pin to hold, by pulling it very tied, and it's still holding, but I don't trust it so tomorrow the new kit will be on it, Thank to all who post on this issue. Preacher man:

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I fixed this issue on a 2002 sunfire with a zip tie. I never got around to 'real' fix it and the zip tie finally gave out... 15 months later in central florida. I'll be honest on a 14 year old car I am happy with this hack fix

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Dorman list the correct bushing as either 14055 or 14057 for my 2003 Cavalier and any auto part store has it most likely in the Help section. I found a bushing with the installation tool on Ebay and it was $24.99 plus the $8 shipping. There is an installation video to show you how to install it and this kit fits many GM vehicles. This kit only includes one bushing.

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I fixed this problem too on a 2001 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L. Note: I bought Dorman Help Parts Kit #14041 (6.49+ tax at O'Reilly) none of the bushings fit well. I double checked on the Dorman website and the Automatic shift cable bushing came up as the Dorman Help Kit #14055 ($9.99 at Autozone). perfect fit. Thanks to all that have posted on this fix.

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For the Chevy Cav 2004 14055 is the kit from Dorman, cost is $9.99 at AutoZone.

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thanks for the post. was able to bring 2004 Cavalier home by putting 02 zip ties. Will shop for the Dorman part now and fix it in few days when I get time


I may be a woman, but my 2ooo Chevy Cavalier coupe was easy to fix. AUTOZONE had the exact part I needed, it's called a SHIFT LINKAGE BUSHING. Made by DORMAN. Part# 14055. I fixed mine by myself. Don't let a woman show you guys up, its a SNAP to fix(literly).The hardest part of the repair is getting your hands down in there. Good luck!

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Need diagram Of 1985 dodge diplomat shif linkeages


I have the same issue. I bought part 14055 and can't get enough room to get the part seeded. Did any of you remove additional components to create more space and if so which ones? Very frustrating.

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Ok so I created more space but can't get the plastic bushing to snap into position. In the kit there were two pieces(14055) one clear piece and one white piece. Which one do you use?

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I got 14055 from Autozone as well it's the white one but having a hard time to get it to snap in to the end cap not much room and I have big hands and suggestions. Son's car 2020 cavalier.

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I just got my shifter cable repaired with the bushing kit. However, it's like the shifter is locked in the car. The shifter wouldn't move out of park at first, but all of a sudden it did, and now I can't get it back into park. I have no way of unlocking the shifter with a key like some other cars do. What's going on?

I have a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire and my shifter cable end with the plastic bushing disintegrated off the shift lever on the transmission as well. The good news, this is a rather cheap and easy fix if you get the bushing linkage kit by Dorman from an auto parts store. The bad news is, if you don't have tiny hands and arms it's a hell of a time getting to the shift cable end under the master cylinder. I couldn't and will not be removing the master cylinder because 1.) I have no experience and 2.) the master cylinder affects your brakelines! Removing the master cylinder can cause serious problems if you don't know what you're doing. I was able to get my hands down there to take hold of it and I found if you buy a cheap pack of sturdy zip ties from a hardware store you can just zip tie the damn cable to the shift lever for a temporary fix. If you tie the zip tie tight enough and check it periodically, this will let you keep driving!

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