How many miles before breakdown?

Asked by danimcg Jul 04, 2010 at 10:13 PM about the Ford Crown Victoria

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I was looking into buying a Ford Crown Victoria, but was wondering how many miles does the engine do before it break down? 200.000? 250.000?


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depends on how the car has been taken care of serviced reguraly,thing is you never know when a car will break down.but mantaince is key to any vehicle.

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The other response is correct, but your question is a little vague. If you are wondering what the life expectancy is on the 4.6L 2V that can be found in the police interceptor, then depending on the maintenace (usually excellent) and depending on what the car was used for (city or highway) you can figure up to around 500,000km. I bought my 2006 P71 with 200,000km and it runs as smoothe as silk, I love my car. Maintenance is the key on any car. A new car with 50,000km that had no maintenance will be far worse than my well maintainted 210,000km. Of course, certain makes and models are more resilient than others and the Crown Vic is known for its reliability.

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I've been working on this engine since it went into production. Typically, the 4.6L 2V either seizes up before it gets off the transport truck or it runs well over 300,000 miles. Almost no in between. Maintenance is critical - so is 5w/20. We retire our Police Cruisers at 150,000 miles - not because of the Engine, but because of the Frame! Our Patrol cars can see some very severe service between the Mojave Desert, the Mountains and Metro use. Almost never an engine problem - now the transmission and Axles are a different story.

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I have a 95 crown victoria lx. 275k miles and going strong. I have changed oil every 5,000 miles. I have always used conventional oil 10w30. I on original transmission. Only problem is worn out door hinges, only a $20 fix. Love the car.

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Mine has 308,607 & going strong so it's a great car, oil & water!

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I have a 2006 Town car 4.6L. It has 300k and i'm using royal purple .I had to change the gaskets inside the tranny both internal and by the axle. It runs good and now i have to change my catalytic converter i just got a P0430 code on my check engine light. I spent 290 on the catalytic and 300 on replacing the gaskets inside the tranny because they had to take it apart. Overall a really good reliable vehicle.

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Should I buy this 2011 state patrol car with 167000 miles

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I'd spend the money and have it inspected first but if it's a Crown Vic, it's a good car - when everything is in order. Give us some details about the car.

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My 2008 Crown Victoria P71 has taken my to pennsylvania and back to New York over 10 times. I mean many miles. It runs excellent and it has the power to pass any vehicle on the run. Smooth ride, not bad on gas on the highway. Getting the on left lane is never a problem. If get your hand on one never sell it just pass it down to your grandson. They are exceptional. I know I hand minds for over 10 years and yes they do last more then a new car.

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I have 2001 CV Sport 204,000. Original motor and Trans runs great. Intake manifold replaced 160,000 common problem until 2002 model. Air suspension needs replaced. AC control module replaced twice averaging every 80,000 miles plus gneral maintenence change oil synthetic every 4000 miles. Runs like new. Jamey

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Oh almost forgot. Oil leak behind Trans common problem high milege cars I use Lycos oil treatment has stopped and or slowed the leak. Jamey

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Just bought a 2005 LX Sport for $1250.. 300k miles on it. looks decent, has some minor dings and scratches and some chipping on body molding, blows no smoke, uses no oil, no knocking, purrs like a kitten and rides like a Town Car. Previous owner took it to Ford religiously every 5000 miles, car fax came back with no hits. I'm just curious what may go wrong. It doesn't seem to have any issues so far.

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I love these police interceptors they run good and strong mine has 475000 miles on it and the check engine light isn't on yet I think you can get prospering about 600 to 700 thousand miles on them well maintenance the only thing that go bad on these cards are the AC compressor the starter and alternator

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My mom bought a brand new grand marquis LS back in 1998 and put 330 grand on it without a major repair. When she came across a used Grand marquis with 50,000 on it and garage kept for 3000 dollars, I told her to jump on it. She gave me the older Marquise for a work car and I've been driving it ever since. It needed a new alternator, water pump and I broke the plastic intake manifold replacing a thermostat and had to replace it. The radiator had to be replaced at about 400K due to damage from a pressure washer and the rear axle/bearing wore out and had to replaced. The total amount for all of the parts was around 600 dollars as parts are really cheap for these cars. What is amazing is the air conditioner still blows ice cold and the fuel pump has never been replaced. The only complaint I have is a leaking rear crankshaft seal that costs about a quart of oil every change cycle and I aint about to do that repair. It now has 420k on it and literally runs like brand new. It has always had Motorcraft OEM Synthetic oil and filter and oil changes on schedule, I believe if you drive these cars conservatively and service them regularly you could drive one for the rest of your life with a moderate level of repairs..

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Question for you guys maybe Tracy you would know I'm looking at an 08 Crown Vic with a 4-6 it's a police car head gaskets are out it's got $88,000. Is it worth fixing or should I stay away

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Hard to say. You never know if it's been run until it couldn't run any more. Could have even ruined the rings in an overheat condition. Big job changing the head gasket(s). If the car is cheap enough, an engine swap might be in order.

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I’m trying to buy this 2003 ford crown Victoria and it has 147238 miles on it. I’m trying to find out what could possibly go wrong with this car before I buy it? The owner took care of it, it was like a show car, he says he just put a new brake system on it and a new transmission. He has it lifted , rims and all! Is this a good deal and reliable car for $2,800?($3,800 with the rims) I do not know about what type of engine it is

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I was a Lincoln and Limo dealer tech from 96-03, 1991 to 2011 Panther platform cars with 4.6L and AODE transmissions are great cars. 91-94 4.6L known for valve stem seals and puffing blue smoke out exhaust at high mileage. Suspension replace with all MOOG problem solver parts once and should never have to replace again if you grease the zerks regularly. Get high quality air ride parts from Arnott industries. 95-2011 4.6 isssues timing chain tensioner wear "chain wears through plastic". Also every so often we see head gaskets leaking oil, replace with revised OEM and Felpro head gasket. AODE Transmission 1991-2002 had a drain plug on factory torque converter and transmission pan with a drain bolt is made by Dorman, drain and refill based on driving habits, I personally service mine every 36K. Most mileage I have ever seen on a 4.6L panther platform was 630K on a 1997 Towncar Limo. I currently drive a 2002 Towncar Cartier L series with over 200K. Just perform maintenance per Ford owners manual in glove box, never delay a service and these cars should easily give you 200k miles of service and most importantly find a honest and acknowlegable mechanic and always treat them right, because good honest techs are getting harder to find.

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It really depends on how you drive It and how well you take care of it. I got 600,000 miles out of an interceptor with no major problems.

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My 2002 Crown Vic has 132K on it and needs lots of work. There is absolutely no steering feel on the freeway. One can move the steering wheel between 11 and 1 o'clock and the car does not move in the lane. The pitman arm and idler arm have already been replaced. It still needs ball joints and ties rods. It also needs new front and rear shocks. The alternator does not charge the battery and needs to be replaced. It also leaks oil and transmission fluid. The headlights are quite weak and dim so one has no visibility when driving in the dark. I cannot see spending $2k plus on a car that would have a trade in value of about $500. I have already spent thousands on this car including a new intake manifold, power window regulator, new parking brake cable, new ignition coils after first manifold failure and a new catalytic converter. I can lease a new car for a monthly payment less than the monthly costs of repairs on this car.

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i have had my 2001 Crown Vic LX for 8 years . I paid $3500 for it with 117000 miles on it and i have spent that much to keep it running for that long. What would think car payments would have cost me in 8 years? I will never sell my Crown Vic I will keep rebuilding it ( No rust problems in Florida ) It now has 162000 Thank you for reading this.

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Ford has fully authorized commercial service centers all over the country. Their mechanics pretty much universally LOVE the CVs. It's roughly an F-150 with a sedan body and air suspension in the rear (Arnott conversion to metal springs is also a useful mod in cold areas.) You want to use fuel injector cleaner about as often as oil changes to keep mileage acceptable. Otherwise these are as solid as the F-150 and you bring 5500# of protection to the next time you get rear ended. Use undercarriage protection regularly and you might not have to buy another car again -- but they can rust out if not protected. On our fourth one in the family and darn sad there will be no more new ones.

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A car is only as good as its taken care of. Papa had the perfect quick short answer. So was the answer of getting it thuroughly inspected. Take a look yourself during inspection and ask questions!! Before you even take it to get inspected, check the oil, if its low and sludge black theres a good chance it hasnt been maintained. Ask first about regular oil changes and then check it. Itll give you an idea of the seller too. SOoooo many sellers neglect the oil before they sell the car. Meaning they probably always have.

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I have a 2009 Merc. and a 2006 Crown Vic. Best cars I have ever owned ! Just about nothing ever goes wrong with them,They don't rust. And I get 28 MPG on the road. Now everybody wants SUVs so these are real bargain.

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I bought a 1997 Crown Victoria recently here in Florida.(NO rust anywhere !) Underneath and inside is like new.The car has been well taken care of with 4 new tires, fuel filter,intake, battery, new belts pulleys, etc.Before I bought it for $1100.00 !! Only has 150,000 on it and i'm pretty sure it will last me awhile. The car runs very smooth and quite .

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I purchased a 2004 Ford CVPI in 2010 from a dealer, never will do that again. She came with about 78k miles. Now 2020, she has 136,700 miles. I have done some modifications with her; headers - yes headers, exhaust, throttle body, larger trans pan, and an SCT Tuner. Has been very good to me over the years, have to spend money here and there but I drive her hard and still no mechanical issues. Except the rear main seal is going. A good investment.

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Does it hurt anything to dust off the components under the hood of the 2004 Crown Victoria with Windex and then wipe off with water. We get a lot of dust and pollen blowing into and on everything in Bexar county, Texas?


My 1993 crown vic has 1 million 500 thousand and still going, Original spark plugs recently had to replace serpentine belt and idler pulley, and 1 coil pack passenger side and clean mass air flow sensor she runs me 100 miles every work day to and from work to this day. So take care off her change oil she will take care of you rain sleet or snow. Oh original engine has a little valve seal leak at stops but not bad.

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I purchased a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria in 2005 for $7500. It had 34,500 miles on it. It now has 175,000 miles and only real problem was alternator went bad. It is 21 years old, and it does have some rust around the fenders by the front tires. Got it from an 85 year old lady who had it serviced regularly.

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