My Car Turns Off While At A Red Light Sometimes Even While Driving


Asked by Nov 07, 2014 at 03:59 PM about the 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

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My Car Turns Off While At A Red Light Sometimes Even While
Driving . It Turns Back On But I Dont Understand Why This Is
Happening. Someone HELP

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First, check you battery cables. Make sure the connections are solid, tight, and free of corrosion at the battery posts. Are you physically doing anything to get the truck to run again, or does it simply just return by itself? You could have an internal connection problem in the ignition switch.

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Mark !!! Yes I'm Putting The Car In Park And Then Restarting It Myself And It Starts Back Up. And Will Run For A Good Amount Of Time Then Off Again

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Is the vehicle throwing any codes, is the "check engine" light illuminated on the instrument cluster?

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the only thing that is on my dashboard right now it says service engine soon and also right before it cuts off the battery picture pops up on the dashboard


Ok.. first thing you're going to want to do is get the code(s) read by a OBD II service tool. Your vehicle has a problem and it needs to be diagnosed with the tool. Once the codes are found, you can post them back here and we can assist you further. Most auto parts stores will have a service tool that you can use or they may be able to do it for you.

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If you can get the vehicle to your nearest auto parts store. Just ask at the counter if they could read the codes on your vehicle. They have a OBD II Scanner that connects to your vehicle. They will do this free of charge.

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Okay. Ugh But I'm At Work Till 11 =( But I'm Gone To Take It To The mechanic In The Morning. But Just Off The Basic Info I Gave You You Think Battery?

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I'm thinking your battery is fine. You're are having issues with sensors. Can't be sure what the problem is until your mechanic pulls the codes.

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Okay Well I'll Find Out Tomorrow

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It sounds like a loose battery cable connection. The car will run until it is using only the alternator which does not have enough power to run everything and the computer will shut down. Once the car is still, the battery connection regains contact. It may be corrosion, lose connection or as with the case of my Corvette, the side mount connectors pull lose from the battery. I hate those connectors.

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My truck shut off when I was driving but turn right back on and no check engine light

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Did you ever find out what was wrong with it? Because my car is doing the exact same thing, same lights came on too.


StephJS90 yes I did one of the pieces in my engine went cycling through the gas so my engine wasn't getting the gas I didn't need it it was cutting off or something like that but just recently it happen to me again but this time it was my alternator draining my battery a bad alternator will drain your battery and cause your car to shut off but pretty much what they were telling me about all these comments were right with my car my engine wasn't getting what it needed

My car shuts off while driving. Make sharp turns , even while idoling. Battery light comes on. Just replaced altenator. Still does it

Hey my car cuts off once I drive for over an hour. I turn it off let it set for about a half then it cuts back on....anyone knows what that could be ??


My car does something similar too. I will be driving it for a while (no specific amount of time) and it will either just shut off while I'm driving or I will turn it off and park and it wont turn back on. When I jump my car It cuts back on and I drive it for a while and this cycle repeats itself. Is it the battery or something more. And Yes, the service engine light is on. I'm lost and this is my first car ??

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jas527.. From what you describe, it could be one of several things. First have the code read to see what to look at or start. A battery that is near the end of it's usable life will not hold a charge and if the battery or electrical input to the computer is too low, the computer shuts down the engine. It may be a voltage regulator that is going out, or the alternator is in need of replacement. The fuel system may, I repeat, MAY be the issue. That is why a read of the computer code is important. Yes it may cost to have it read, but most reputable garages will use that as credit if you have them do the repair work. Always ask questions and have them explain to you what the problem is and why did it cause the engine to shut down. Make sure you get a guarantee on the issue. They may replace the alternator, and the problem still persists, and it really may be a battery or even a dirty or lose connection. Good luck. Dirty fuel filters also can starve the engine by not allowing enough fuel to fill the injectors. Let us know what you find. Cars are like pump dogs. Nice to look at, costs money to keep, and are needy.


Yeah but if it were the fuel pump or filter the battery light wouldn't come on when the car shuts off would it? That's my issue the battery light blinks and then the car shuts off...takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes to start back up.


allaidback, the above answer were directed to those that asked the question and gave specific symptoms. I couldn't find your question above. If the battery light does indeed come on, it indicates low voltage in the battery or charging system. Three things to check. #1., battery. It may have a bad cell and not accept a charge. It also could have a corroded connection that needs cleaning and or tightening. # 2. The alternator may not be charging at peak, and it is draining the battery to keep the correct voltage necessary to run the computer. or poor or coronated connections on the electrical wiring. damaged or broken wiring? #3. would be the voltage regulator not working correctly. # 4. is the computer itself having a broken or lose connection in one of the circuits. My suggestion is to have the electrical charging system checked first. When my GMC battery died, AAA came out and with an hand held analyzer that checked the entire charging system. So that would be the second place to start. First one would to bull the battery and have it tested for a bad cell or a battery that fails to hold charge. Good luck.

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I have a 2000 Nissan Altima, service engine light on and it cuts off while driving, go over a speed bump or make a sharp turn. I bought the car in March with only 99000 miles. I thought it would give me a good run. Please help!


1Stacy. First, has the car been in an accident? Your issues sounds like a broken or lose wire. I'd have the computer checked first to see if there is a circuit breaker with a cracked or broken lead that cuts off the current when bumped or twisted. Next a lose wire in the ignition switch or a broken wire that creates an open in the electrical circuit. An intermittent electrical issues is very hard to locate. I'd say, tung in cheek, that 95% of the time, when tested the open circuit will not show itself. Since the service engine light comes on, that is a great place to start the diagnosis. Look for lose wires or signs of shorting.

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Thanks John! No it hasn't been in an accident since I've taken ownership of the vehicle.


1Stacy, I'm sorry for not being clear on the question. Before you bought it, has the vehicle been in an accident that may of caused a lose connection or broken a connection or ground wire? If it had, that may be a place to start the search. If not, old age or corrosion may be the culprit. My money would be on the computer terminal or computer card. If the card is cracked, a twist or movement, no matter how slight can break the connection causing a shut down. This is just a guess, but that's where I'd start after getting a read on the code.

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It quit on me today. Couldn't get it to crank back up, but from visibly looking at the vehicle it don't appear to have been in an accident of any kind. I'm out of transportation until I get this problem resolved. :-(


Have the codes checked. Also if your battery is gong dead and not holding a charge, the computer will shut down. That's another possibility. Have that looked at also. Newer cars with computers are difficult to guess the issue. The old days, we'd just hit it with a ball-pean hammer and it's running again.

My car is doing similar things like this. It's a 99 Mazda 626. I was driving and the rpms went down and then it shut off. My check engine light has been on for a lil now. And it shut off on me at the light yesterday when I went to go. It's been running rough and the car has been shaking when I'm idling at a light.


In my case it was the crankshaft sensor (speed sensor)...when the sensor would get hot it would stop functioning and tell the engine there was the rpm signal and the car would shut off. It would try to crank but wouldn't start until the sensor had cooled down and started showing a signal again to the ecu. I replaced the sensor and haven't had the problem since.

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