what is the VSC, Track light

Asked by Mar 17, 2013 at 12:22 AM about the 2007 Lexus RX 350

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what does it mean when the VSC, Tracking light and electronic control lights come on?

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Is you VSC light on by itself, or is it on with a Check Engine Light as well. If it is just the VSC light then you need a Zero-Point calibration. This is supposed to be only done at a toyota/lexus dealer. They take out the VSC computer and run their diagnostics program and reset and configure(calibrate) your vehicles VSC. I personally would disconnect both battery terminals for at least an hour, even better overnight, this should allow enough time to have all the electricity drain completely from those computers. Hopefully this would reset everything. I would try this before going to the dealer, try to save some money. If it is the VSC and CEL(Check Engine Light), then you would have to get the codes read at AutoZone....they do this for free unlike the dealer and then post your codes up on this forum.

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I found this in another thread. " have had the same problem (VSC and Check Engine, Track off - light on). The OBD read by autozone was 1135. I drove like that for one month. Today, I decided to fix it. I checked the the vacuum hole/metal tube behind air filter, which was fine. Then, I changed 2 air fuel ratio sensor (B1S1 and B2S1, Bosch part number 15217, $180 each) and reset computer by unhooked positive battery terminal for over 10 minutes. The problem is fixed. VSC, CE, and Track light is off. Note that the front B1S1 is easily replaced in 10 minutes, but B2S1 must be accessed from the bottom of car and take over 30 minutes to replace. The wrench is 7/8 english size. "

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Found this too "Here is my fix (1) remove negative battery terminal for approx 10 min or (2) remove the yellow 25 amp fuse for approx 1 minute. Both of these will clear the computer and reset, VSC light goes off, or at least until the next rain. This occurs because one of the wheel sensors is dirty or malfunctioning which sets off the VSC light. This is not a long term fix but at this point it works short term."

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I had the Check Engine and VSC warning lights come on after I backed my 2007 RX out of the garage to get a better look at replacing the engine air filter. A vacuum hose and electrical connection had to be disconnected to get to the filter. After three engine start cycles the lights went out. I never got around to reading the codes.

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Changed plugs on 2007 Lexus GS350. When i started the car had check engin and statement to check VSC. Looked at all the sensors and waited with the auto off for about 5 to 10 minutes and then started the car. CHECK VSC was off and the check engin was off.

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The vsc and check engine light are on and my car is not reving and the motor sounds like its going to choke what does tht mean

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Sorry not reving right thats what I mean

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I am driving RX300, 2003 model.I also have a VSC light and check engine lights on after the service plus timing belt change. My local garage said nothing to worry for these lights but i think these lights on means there's a problem. Can anyone suggest me what to do? as Lexus dealer told me i need to pay £85 just to check the fault and after that i need to pay extra again to repair the faults.

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Check Engine and VSC Track lights came on after driving back on my garage, so I just disconnected both battery terminals almost 3 hours and problem resolved. Only I had to set time and radio stations. RX350 2011

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I had the VSC light issue on a 2007 Lexus RX350 70K miles VSC light came on. Car starts up no lights then after driving for 1 min or so VSC light pops on . Also noticed loss of power with light on and if accelerating quickly track light came on before then VSC light turns on. Took it in diagnosis was bad\faulty "STEERING WHEEL ANGLE SENSOR" . After replacing this sensor vehicle had no issue apart from steering wheel alignment off which was also fixed. So my issue was resolved by replacing steering wheel angle sensor and alignment.

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Ok ! Here is the easiest check that I have posted at Repair Pal also! Daughter had VSC, Check Engine, etc. all came on!!! Your system is contingent on all systems working together! One doesnt work effects the others!!! SOLUTION : take off the GAS CAP and reset it listen for the one click so its on snug ( modern cars have closed systems - no fumes escape ) Next, open your hood take the positive battery terminal off of the battery for 30 seconds to a minute. Put the post on retighten be careful not to overtighten or you could snap post off, just get it snug so it doesnt move! Start car and see if lights when off ! NOTE IF YOU JUST PUT KEY IN IGNITION TO ON dash lights ALWAYS come on!! If it worked reset radio or clock or whatever else shut off when battery was disconnected! If it DID NOT WORK, go down to your local AUTOZONE and ask to use their OBD (On Board Diagnostic) meter and connect to your car 1996 or newer have the connector located under dash close to steering column! They will assist you if they are not busy so be understanding ! After all its FREE TO USE ( they held my drivers license as a deposit) no worries since I was right outside their door in lot! Get codes, get the printouts, Oreillys will do it to i like their ranking of possible alternatives! Now you can talk intelligently to a mechanic if thats necessary!

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Just removed the negative battery cable on our 2009 RX350 and left it off for 3 or 4 minutes. Upon the re-connection, and starting the engine, the newly lit lights disappeared.

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You are very welcome! These modren day cars are becoming so complex that one system effects another! Similar to the human body!! VSC OR VEHICLE STABILITY CONTROL and the closed fuel system seem to be the culprit ! A GAS CAP can now set off the computer! What they really need is a sensor that can detect a drunk driver behind the wheel then they would have something worthwhile!!! With the money you saved you can now get something essential for your loved ones Roland! Enjoy!!

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Thank you Papaobewon - reset gas cup, disconnected positive battery terminal for a minute - worked like a charm.

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You are very welcome ! Makes me feel good that someone saved some money by being resourceful! Have a great and glorious day!

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I'm not so lucky. Checked gas cap and disconnected positive terminal. Lights stayed off for less than a minute and then came back on. Car is a 2007 RX350 that has been trouble free for all 80K miles. Ideas?

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Did you start the car? Have you ever topped off the tank after the nozzle auto-stopped ( yes it may be your emmision system connected to gas tank or???) It could be as simple as a bad gas cap to a more complex problem with your check sensors for one of your multiple systems! Go to Autozone and borrow the OBD SCAN TOOL they will show you how to hook it up! See what codes, if any, are being sent to the computer!

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Thank you! I'm getting the codes read Saturday. We'll see...

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Code came back as P0354. D coil circuit failure? Should I go with my usual mechanic or is dealer required? Not warranty item, I suspect. With some mechanical ability, can I replace it myself? Thank you!

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Since it is not a warranty item I would not go to Dealer to repair! As for the repair go on youtube and see if there are any videos demonstrating the repair! Then decide if you have the ability, time, and tools to do the job! Good luck! Here is an explanation Each cylinder that is controlled by the PCM (powertrain control module) It eliminates the need for spark plug wires by putting the coil right above the sparkplug. Two wires are dedicated to each coil. One is a battery feed usually from the power distribution center. The other wire is the coil driver circuit from the PCM. The PCM grounds/ungrounds this circuit to activate or deactivate the coil. The coil driver circuit is monitored by the PCM for faults If an open or a short is detected in the driver circuit for coil #4, a P0354 may set. Also, depending on the vehicle, the PCM may also shut down the fuel injector to the cylinder also. Symptoms Symptoms of a P0354 DTC may include: MIL (Malfunction indicator lamp) illumination Engine misfire may be present or intermittent Causes Potential causes of a P0354 code include: Short to voltage or ground on COP driver circuit Open on COP driver circuit Loose connection at coil or broken connector locks Bad Coil (COP) Faulty Powertrain Control Module Possible Solutions Is the engine misfiring presently? If not, the problem is likely intermittent. Try wiggle testing the wiring at the #4 coil and along the wiring harness to the PCM. If manipulating the wiring causes the misfire to surface, repair the wiring problem. Check for poor connection at the coil connector. Verify the harness isn't misrouted or chafing on anything. Repair as necessary If the engine is misfiring presently, stop the engine and disconnect the #4 coil wiring connector. Then start the engine and check for a driver signal to the #4 coil. Using a scope will give you a visual pattern to observe, but since most people don't have access to one there's an easier way. Use a Voltmeter in AC Hertz scale and see if there's a Hz reading of between 5 and 20 or so that indicates the driver is working. If there is a Hertz signal, then replace the #4 ignition coil. It's likely bad. If you don't detect any frequency signal from the PCM on the ignition coil driver circuit indicating the PCM is grounding/ungrounding the circuit (or there is no visible pattern on the scope if you have one) then leave the coil disconnected and check for DC voltage on the driver circuit at the ignition coil connector. If there is any significant voltage on that wire then there is a short to voltage somewhere. Find the short and repair it. If there is no voltage on the driver circuit, then turn the ignition off. Disconnect the PCM connector and check the continuity of the driver between the PCM and the coil. If there is no continuity repair the open or short to ground in the circuit. If continuity is present, then check for resistance between ground and the ignition coil connector. There should be infinite resistance. If there isn't, repair the short to ground in the coil driver circuit NOTE: If the ignition coil driver signal wire is not open or shorted to voltage or ground and there is no trigger signal to the coil then suspect a faulty PCM coil driver. Also keep in mind that if the PCM driver is at fault, there may be a wiring problem that caused the PCM failure. It's a good idea to do the above check after PCM replacement to verify there won't be a repeat failure. If you find that the engine isn't misfiring, the coil is being triggered properly but P0354 is continually being reset, there is the possibility that the PCM coil monitoring system may be faulty.

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Hi Papaobewon, I enjoyed reading your posts. Every time a indicator light comes up it costs me money! A friend says can you drive with indicator light on? Basically says why don't you ignore the light(S). Ha! can't do and can't stand while a indicator light(S) came up. By now, you properly sensed to a woman mentality? Yes, Correct! In the past couple years I have been straggling with my Lexus with loaded options and premium packages car. if I would go back to a very very basic 4 door , reliable compact and good mileage new car, which one would you recommend? Toyota, Honda or Mazda ? Thank you.

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Depends on your budget, type of use, and need of you and/or family? Answer these questions for me, please? What is the amount of money you want to spend? What is car main use? Commuter? Daily Driver? Utility? What is the size of your family/household? What is your miles per month that you will drive? What is your preference in type of vehicle? Car, Van, Truck, SUV, Crossover, Size of vehicle (remember the family question this checks that question) You start to see my intention is to " funnel" our needs into an objective goal rather than an emotional purchase ! Like a sports car! Respnd and I will get back to you! Please remember to hit my helpful link button !

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Your questions and my answers: "What is the amount of money you want to spend?" --Under $26K. "What is car main use? Commuter? Daily Driver? Utility?" --Get around in L.A, looking for a good mileage car, so I can zip around more often. "What is the size of your family/household?" --Compact 4 door sedan will do. (Prius or Prius C, Mazda 3, Mini Cooper or others, but I dont know much of them at all) "What is your miles per month that you will drive?" --At least 500 miles and more, if it was a good mileage car I will drive more. Thank you.

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Sorry, I keep saying good mileage car, I actually mean good gas mileage car. Thank you

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Sorry to hear about the unfortunate events with your car! The code that was generated indicates a more severe problem than a gas cap issue! The car that will fit your needs will need to be more reliable than that! I would recommend either a Honda Civic or Mazda 3 either compact should come in a 4 door model . It will be in your budget, get great gas mileage, be reliable, and should last a considerable amount of time! A 2014 model should be much cheaper than a 2015 and may be better equipped! Unless you can get zero percent financing on something new! If this helps press MY MARK HELPFUL BUTTON! Good luck!

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Had a similar problem with a 2007 Rx350 AWD 80k miles. Problem after driving for 5 mins VSC light and Trac light comes on NO check engine light . Initial thought ABS sensors. Checked abs sensors and tried reseting ecu by disconnecting battery terminal however issue was still there and annoying. Resolution steering wheel position sensor was bad. Replaced sensor and working perfect for 10k miles now. Still have a small oil leak from front timing chain cover a know defect which sucks.

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Please I need your advice I have Lexus rx330 2004 I got vss and cel on its clean and low m and the rest of car working correctly I raise it but comes back shortly

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hi, well this is an interesting thread our 2009 RX350 80,000 miles (seems a popular milage) had it's VSC light, Trac light and check engine light come on. Our local shop said fuel sensor at the tail pipe. they ordered the parts and the wrong tail pipe fuel sensor came. ordered the correct one, installed it and dash lights went off for a day. then the VSC light, Trac light and check engine light came back on. took rig back in, they said the other fuel sensor was malfunctioning. (the first part they ordered incorrectly). they installed that fuel sensor and within 15 minutes the lights came back on. It's getting expensive. It is also interesting about the gas cap comments. ours looks fine but doesn't really 'click'..... any comments?

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and to add to the eric8001 comment above rx350 runs just fine with the dash lights on. and yes, the lady in our house who's rig it is is not happy with running it with the dash warning lights on.

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Papaobeone, 2009 Lexus RX 350, after unpluging the cable and airline to check the filter I had the same issue. Used your method and squared it away so thank you!

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Papaobeone....THANKS! I've marked your comments helpful, cause they sure were. I did exactly as you said...1) put the gas cap back on until I heard a click and then 2) disconnected the positive cable on the battery for a few minutes and then reconnected. Started the engine and all lights went off. I have never done the simplest task to my car, as my knowledge is less than ZERO. I simply didn't have the $$$ to take it somewhere and get it diagnosed. THANK YOU!!!! Do you have any answers to this question. Have a 2004 Volvo C70, husband replaced headlights cause he thought they were both out. After spending $$$ on headlights, they still aren't working. The brights work, but we don't know how to get them to stay on. Even when these lights work they are notoriously dim, so we could drive around with high beams on, cause they look more like really good headlights.

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Sorry, didn't ask the question! Do you know what else we could do to get the lights to come on?

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Papaobewon, thanks for the tips. I already marked “helpful” to your post. My car is 2007 ES350 with 103K. Both VSC and check Engine lights on. I have zero experience repair car, but I decided to try Papaobewon’s tip before spending hundreds at dealership. I did what he said. 1. Put the gas cap back on until heard a click. 2. Disconnected the positive cable on the battery for a few min and then reconnected. All lights are off. Thank you!

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I first disconnected just the positive cable for 10 minutes and rechecked the gas cap - that didn't work. I then disconnected both the positive and negative cables (both off the terminals now) and that did the trick. Thanks!

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Oh boy! Well Papaobewon, hear this one...I've read your threads and checked or done the basic things you suggested. My '07 RX350 with a mere 119k miles has had the CEL, VSC and Trac Off lights on (& off) for months now. I had the codes read at Autozone which merely said to replace the gas cap. I did that and reset the computer by disconnecting the battery. The lights went off for about two weeks then came back on again! I took it to the Lexus dealership where I was told that because of the number of codes presented on their reader that it could cost quite a bit in labor alone as they problem solve one issue after the other until they find what the actual cause is. After an hour and $120 later, I had that to consider and not much else. Oh, btw, they did reset the computer for me (which again the lights lit up in about a week or so). And other advice interestingly enough was to just ignore it since we live in Florida and it most likely deals with handling the vehicle on slick icy roads! O.k., not sure I even wanted to hear that from them but...anyway, and I promise to stop rambling. I took it to a local, reputable mechanic who hooked it up to their diagnostic reader and found that there were again, numerous codes. The next step they suggest is to conduct a "smoke test" to help with the analysis. I was also told that in all likelihood it was a charcoal canister that needed replaced. I'm not in any way even remotely knowledgable about the workings of an engine so a lot of what I was being told was all Greek to me. But that particular statement did stand out. So, Mr. Papaobewon, what further thoughts do you have on this seemingly popular issue? Or, should I just try to drive it into some deep water here in the sunshine state! Just kidding of course. In case Allstate is reading this! Thanx in advance for any suggestions you may have.

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I have a 2006 rx 400h I got my back brakes fix an the VCS light came on track light brake light . I tied unplugging the battery that did not work

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Same issue with VCS & Check Engine Light '07 RX350. Disconnected battery terminals overnight and worked. However, now power windows not working. Only drivers side works. Any ideas on this?

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Just got a 2005 last month and after a week only drivers window worked. After reaching over to the other door window switches and moving the Windows they worked again from the drivers switches.


Powered down each window individually and finally worked to engage main switch/lock drivers side. Had issue with passenger buy now all working. Seems like really odd electrical issue with Lexus but luckily this firm helped me to resolve!


a big thank you to Papaobewon, my wife drives a for canada 2008 rx350 made in 2007, we live in Vancouver, British Columbia. VSC and engine lights on. Gas cap and + battery terminal fix worked for me....Hopefully permanent fix. Any ideas why the lights came on?. Also anyone know where to get a "factory service manual" for the car. Bought for wife this year with 200,000km so may need the manual for servicing regular items which I tend to do myself. Lubes and brakes mostly extent of my own maintenance. Thank you guys and especially papaobewon...

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Hi Papobewon, my lights go out but come back the next day ?? guess I need to go to Autozone/Oreilly, or can you recommend an OBD2 reader ? at a reasonable price, thank you, carmelo

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I did reset by disconnected bettery but error lights come back when I drive my car over 200 miles


I am hoping someone can help me here. I am driving a 2007 ES350, the check engine light, VSC, and track lights are on. Here is the interesting thing, during the hot months, all lights disappear and all three lights appear in the winter. This has been happening for the last two years. I took it to my mechanic and said as long the lights do not bother me I can drive it. The diagnostic machine showed code P2770 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Light. I am buying another car and want to sell this one, but want to make sure it disappears before selling it. Clearing the lights only works for few miles before returning ( not an option). I will ask my mechanic to perform what Papobewon suggested. Any other thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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I have a 2007 Lexus ES. The the display window showed a VSC alert along with the engine light and trac icons. My TMobile device which is plugged into the diagnostic port indicated DTC: P0354, which is the code for Ignition Coul ‘D’ Primanry/Secondary Circuit. The number #4 spark plug coil needed to be replaced. Cost may vary at different repair shops. I paid $149.00 parts and labor ,it took1/2 hr to complete the job.


Fixed the same problem you had. I switched out the brake light switch, and all stop appearing. There is a write up on the Lexus fourm. Hope this helps.

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Thanks guys I already changed coil (brand new) and swaped already spark plug and both lights (engine and VSC) take longer to show-up but still there and my scanner same code P0304. A friend who knows about American cars told me to clean up the Throttle body with a carburetor cleaner but just a little spray to avoid damage on valves.

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I had same problem replaced all 6 coils on my 04 rx330 lights went off after reset but came back shortly

Awesome, It worked for me, undid gas cap, put back on, removed positive cable for a few minutes, cleaned terminal, re-connected, started car, computer re-set, lights off...and did not have to re-program radio stations nor GPS locations, THANKS!!!!!


Worked like a charm. Took off my gas cap and reinstalled making sure if fir snuggly. Sure enough the VSC light, traction, flashing engine type light all disappeared. Fast, simple and No cost solution. Thank you, Bob

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2009 RX 350 parked on level x 3 wks. When started Check Engine, VSC, TRAC lites on with VSC flashing. Tried gas cap trick and removal of +battery cable for ten minutes. Now, lites still on and rear windows won't work.??

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