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You say you have an 07 benz, C220i cdi You turn the key to start. The vehicle wont start. When you turn the key on, the warning lights do not come on What happens if you turn the key off and turn it back fully.? Then try again ? Is the engine cranking? Still no instrument panel bulbs lit? You turn the headlights on. The full light group in front lights normally. This can mean you have to check fuses and relays next. I am looking for clarification about the symptoms Then, headlights work, car wont start, no warning lights prove out.

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That would be : engine does not even crank but headlights work, No warning lights prove out. You need power to the ignition switch from the fusebox. Does your fuel pump start and then stop?

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No warning lights come on, when the key is in the ignition.There is no sound from the engine. So instrument panel bulbs are lit. Headlights turn on ok. Could it be the steering lock? Some one told me it maybe?

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Turn the key, engine does not crank. right? Turn the key off , turn it all the way back., retry to start. still no crank when turning the key, right? can you hear the fuel pump working or not? Are your fuses and relays ok? or not? Are you able to turn the key normally? or not? What language do you normally speak ? You must have AAA at this point. get it towed to the mercedes dealer.

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Hi. I have a 1996 Merc c200 w202. The car wont start. Engine makes a sound but it doesnt start. Warning lights also doesnt come on. We checked the fuses as well as relays, can seem to find a problem there. What else can I check for? Please help. Thanx

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The sound from the engine is like the engine is turning? Or is the sound different? shorter ? A click ? a rap ? tap tap tap ? The way these things are wired sometimes, a problem at a starter connection can also affect things powered by the ignition switch. The parts are not really prone to failure, but temp or weather extremes can lead to connections needing service. ...............So what does the engine sound like? and have you attempted to use headlights? Or other accessories?...........The battery connections are clean and tight? battery good?

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I don't think Dannyl is helping much at all. As judged by the fact that people ask a question, he responds by asking 20 questions, they disappear never come back. Moreover, expecting Sallynk (example) to know how to identify and determine if the fuel pump is working or not, is expecting too much of people who clearly know very little about cars or how to describe car issues ! (No disrespect to Sallynk, of course, as I would not expect every person to know much about cars)... **** For anyone experiencing a similar problem to Sallynk and wondering if the Steering Lock is OK... On a newer (models that have the electronic (non-metal key-fob) Mercedes Benz, the Steering Lock usually disengages upon insertion of the key-fob into the ignition switch. In a quite environment, you could hear this happening within a second after inserting the key in. The way it works is inserting the key in the ignition activates the infrared transmitter inside the key which send a signal (through the lens on the end of the key-fob) to the Steering Lock asking to be identified as the correct key for the vehicle. If the code that the steering lock received is the correct code, then it allows the key to turn, and in the meantime, it unlocks the steering wheel (which completes the process otherwise known as the "handshake") and proceeds by signalling the Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS) to allow the signal to the starter to be sent as soon as the key is turned to the Start position. If the steering lock does not identify the key because it is a different key, or if the steering lock is defective or broken, then no turning of the key will be allowed, no signal to EIS is sent, and the steering wheel itself will not unlock at all. Alternatively, the steering lock could be fine but if the EIS is defective or not working properly, and even if ESL does send it the signal (after the "handshake"), and although the ESL has allowed the key to turn, EIS is not going to respond, it will not allow the dash lights to come on, nor will it initiate the engine starting procedure. This is all part f the vehicle's anti-theft protection, and accordingly, these issues can only be properly diagnosed and repaired by Mercedes Benz Authorized repair centers (since a part replacement would require replacing the keys to the vehicle and replacing the keys should only be done after proper identification of the vehicle's registered owner).

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That's the thing, Omar, the repair of expensive automobiles with expensive parts requires very close observation, attention to detail, and experience, this is how a novice asking a question can consider his actual observation without replacing unnecessary parts...............If he cannot answer the important questions from simply trying to maintain and operate it, then he/she needs to get real hands on help from experienced people. This is how my mercedes treats me, and no, any parts I purchased by guessing are not necessarily returnable. Sorry if you did not get magic science guesses, you may have to communicate about the condition to get the thing understood.


My $190 starter part was unnecessary because the cleaning of its motor connection was not done ontime, and they knew to coat it with dielectric. The previous owner failed to trust them and report for service, that lead to a few owners in a row replacing the wrong parts over and over...... I lucked out when a librarian offered to order the Benz Bible for my year range, and I found it in there, tried looking at my car, sure enough, the wire was turning blue and green at the connection, and the solenoid to motor connection had fried oil and dirt insulating it and building resistance. Sorry if that doesn't fit your utopian, free answer, dreams. Your conditions may vary by climate, part usage, maintenance, and attention to detail. Good luck.


That is great that your explanation includes the normal operation and does essentially the same thing, tells them the mercedes tech is their best bet but baffles them. Thanks. we ARE on the same page.


Quote: "If he cannot answer the important questions from simply trying to maintain and operate it, then he/she needs to get real hands on help from experienced people." End Quote. I highly doubt that Sally was here because she had her tools laid out and was ready to tear apart her car to repair it herself. More likely, she was here asking for (1) her peace of mind and (2) so that I when she took it to a repair facility, they won't try to take advantage of her. In fact, her actual question only required a "yes" or a "no" (usually there is a 3rd option but in this case "I haven't a clue" means simply "don't post". Instead, and though she gave enough of the symptoms for someone familiar with MB repair issues would have given her a suggestion or two. The point is, instead of asking her questions that would require full knowledge of automotive issues, parts, preair procedures... etc., I would only ask questions that are likely to receive an answer because the alternative (and as proven by her not coming back) is likely to frustrste her more and leave her in the dark! Thanks for sharing your starter story. I don't think it's even remotely relevant here... Actually, my utopian free answer dreams require those who have no knowledge of the topic at hand to refrain from answering instead of posting post after post of non-helpful gibberish. In other words, just because it's free, does not mean you should load it up with fluff that is of no benefit! Of course, this is just my opinion and you are under no obligation to agree... Lastly, we are not in the same page. Instead of asking them questions that they aren't likely to be able to answer, I offered them a clear description of the process they inquired about (the steering locking/car seating process) and let them draw their own conclusion! Carry on thought.... Happy posting!

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I had no idea your exit was psychic......excuse me. You know what people think without them communicating. You personally checked their car.....You must be a god. Thanks. I, for one, always ask what parts are in use, by describing the action, to be corrected if the person can, to get us both on the same page. Knowing if the system has unmentioned symptoms, or parts, or added systems they may have installed later? or a carlot installed? These things are found thru discussion. I did not know you were riding roughshod over the situation waiting to interrupt and attack....let that be a lesson to us all, every reader. If yours goes "click" or "buzz buzz" or "TAP". or a series of clicks, or a sound of the engine turning but kicks off? DO NOT MENTION IT ! OR ASK THE ASKER ! because super nazi is watching from his lake......we stand in need but we stand corrected. just privately email this guy, or he cuts your fingers off, you cannot learn or understand anything new. Only what he allows. My merc starts effectively after connection work. considered normal maintenance, now, by those who would not admit the concern ever existed, also contradicktory. Have a nice X- giving!


It's funny, my mercedes tech, friend was not surprised I thought I needed to replace the part. He said If you Keep trying to get it, you will figure it out, yep, he was right. I could not see the trouble till it was removed, but now that I asked a librarian, I have my answer and can get to it by "feel". That saves $500. I should have asked you the first day, silly me. Then the last 3 owners should have been supplied your business card with their owners manual... you been slackin holmes, But there's always time to vent about how it is, how you perceive the problem, what you hear, what's already been tried, and what, if any, systems or security may have been added, even remote access devices or who knows what may have been done to any car. You do, and we are all in awe now, thanks.... I had one a few months ago where the key wiring was interrupted with a carlot device, it went click, but not under the hood. should have called you instead of finding it by question and answer, which saved the woman the price of both parts and labor. And her husband was pissed we had not put his part on yet. Which was eliminated by her knowledge communicated in his absence. He got over it, just as we all will. I will tell each one to e-mail you personally from now on though.


We had a van, once where the repair order said, REPLACE STARTER. pays .7hr Well, you already know. The female service writer was almost in tears when we told her the new part would not work either. We had the audacity to ask about the symptoms, we submitted a request for diagnosis time, We even took it upon ourselves, for free, to get the shop foreman to review what had taken place. you know what he said, oh, of course you do, you're a god. But for the reader, he asked..." Do you hear anything ?" Who worked on it before us?" Where's the service file?" Is there power on the start enable circuit?" We replied, "No time was allowed for diagnosis". He said, now you are workin for free, you better call, and start asking, what, what, who, when, where, why. See if they bought it new or used. Was it here ? Was it ours? Was it used? These things never act like that so you better learn to communicate.... Silly me, I should have prayed to you. You could have said, look for the add-on, or the cut strands in the wire they used to power the oogabooga thump thump thingy the guys took out before they bought it. I really felt like just running my own wire. But that's wrong, so I pushed it out. and helped another person. Where were you? You could have told us about the severed wire strands. Next time, i will just have them e-mail you. Glad you're on your team.!


Just reviewed the text, and unlike your cloud, fuel pumps here on earth go, whirrrrr! when they operate. you not only can hear them when someone suggests it, but feel it in the car. I think its kinda rude to suggest the asker would have no ability to notice and answer that simple question. But you do it your own way since you are infallible, starman.

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Hey, how many repair facilities have you worked for? Where in the world would a concept of taking advantage of women for auto repair even be hatched? They are your best customer because they pay their bills in the first place, they dont claim they can do it themselves, and they check up on every fact that seems unusual to them. They like to be heard about the symptom, they like having a Q &A, they learn from things you tell them,( if not technical to where they have to have been to school on it,) And every person in a reputable shop protects them by asking questions and double checking. I dont know where you have worked, but I have found they also protect them selves with additional warranty and insurance. It is a serious accusation you generalize about people who invest a large portion of their own pay, and personal time to study and be tooled up to meet every customer's needs. They have certifications, factory training, people skill workshops, and sales counselling constantly, while trying to make some vehicle do things that customers perceive, and try to ask what customers perceive. To suggest people are stupid enough to do what you suggest gives every one of them an undeserved slander and defamation. What kind of god (small g) are you anyway ? Your perception projectile vomited onto technicians and service personnel is wrong and I object to having to read it. It really says something about its author. I will stop now, before I burn my own Maxi-fuse.


It's hard to start Mercedes if you mechanic you less experience all Mercedes mechanic expensive because hard to find problems if you want fix Mercedes spray all that shit engine need to be very clean spray all engine in I. The top oven air and clean that by spray dry the Mercedes problems always need to be clean if late oil change lost Mercedes to be bad

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Ihave the same problems 1996 Mercedes c280 car won't start and headlight work dashboard no light screen hear sound alarm door open I'm change spark plug and I'm will clean open air in the top clean parts filter sinsor air and need clean all engine by pray night to day will tell you tomorrow or 2 day what's going on


Two thing test alternator and battery and wire spark plug important check gas test from front push pump gas from front se if gas going to engine try new spark plug and new filter fuel gas this two thing first after you if you have Mercedes 1996 c280 try remove fuse from front the car close to engine number fuse 27 remove that and back that again mybe you unlock door security automatic before you do that close the door lock by key first and remove number 27 fuse- from front the engine and back fuse will the unlocked the all the door you will hear sound air and all door open go start the car if not that mean not the problems locked security

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