hi getting my rx8 upgraded what would be the cheapest or best for money to install and roughly how much for either a upgraded manifold or a pulley kit system?


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IT all depends on what you are doing. there are tons of places selling aftermarket parts for all sorts of Rx models. I have done quite a bit of upgrading as i have 1 of every generation of rx-7 and an rx-8. what are you trying to accomplish? What is your budget? what will you be using the car for?

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Budget approx 400 mate just want to give the car a little more boost without doing too much too it, what would be cheaper to install ? What would you recommend?

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if your doing the work urself most likely the intake will be easiest and cheapest....the last quote i got for a single pully system for my block was 2000

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Best thing to do for an rx-8 would be the intake. intake will set you back about 200 ish (for a good one, there are cheaper) the pulley system is really not going to gain you much in an rx-8 for the money but you can find them for around 300. another thing to consider is emissions, check to see what kind of emissions systems are ok in your area. another which reqires a little more work and a little bit of know how is a new ecu. you can pick up a megasquirt ecu for under 400 and then you can tune as you go but you may loose some functionality. check compatibility and the forums before you pull the trigger. if you need any more help rtry the rx8 forums.

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I've just put a high flow filter in, the pulley system I will leave, regarding a manifold for the exhaust system there's one on eBay brand new for 190 quid and is a direct bolt on replacement would it cost much to get this installed?


just make sure that the outlet size on the header is same as the cat and exhaust if not you will be stifling the exhaust anyway. usually you want to change everything engine back at the same time. also in some cases the cost to have a garage install a header or exhaust is fairly prohibitive. i have a 4" header on my 3rd gen rx-7 and you have to pretty much rip out the engine to get at everything you need to change. i would get install prices before you buy it. also see if you want to tackle it yourself. paying shops to upgrade the car will cost you 4 -5 times as much

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So going back to my original question would a pulley system be cheaper than this I'm not looking for big gains only about 15 bhp max here's the link to the manifold i was talking about http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem? itemId=180883029947&cmd=VIDESC&index=0&nav=SEARCH& nid=07825535576 and here is the pulley kit system which is cheaper to install what would you recommend http:// item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem? itemId=170796951208&index=1&nav=SEARCH&nid=15575511 230. I don't want to mess about with ecu or that just now but will keep that in mind


well if you are thinking of changing the pulley you will need to get different belts also some pulley kits tend to cause issues with the oem equipment. honestly if you are looking to do the pulleys the only real thing you would see change is the color if you went anodized. they do not do a whole lot without other modifications. removing emmisions and AC will make a larger impact. i have a 410bhp rx-7 and i didn't even bother to change the pulleys.. in the long run it didn't make enough of a difference for the money. Underdrive pulleys also do just what they say.. the under drive certain components. the ac will most likely be removed by the pulley set as well. you don want to under drive you r water system ether and most kits tend to do that.. i have seen guys with under drive pulley kits ruin their engines because they overheated with the pulley kit and their accessories stopped working. Pulleys are something that are usually a last thing to do after emmisions, intake/exhaust, sensors, ecu, injectors, ac removal and others. the HP gain will not be worth the price since you aren't gaining anything you are just reducing the amount of parasitic drive. you can do the same by running better fluids and removing the AC belt and the power steering pump belt. Exhaust manifolds are great if you have an unrestricted exhaust to go with it. i you put a header on with the stock emmisions rated exhaust you wont gain much and you need to make sure that the end or cumulative pipe has the O2 Sensor bung in it. if the bung is on a single header then the O2 sensor will send bad info to the ecu and you wont get anything but lower gad mileage. intake is best bet since the stock intake is extremely restricted. also exhaust manifold will change the stock power band and torque curve. check out the forums for the rx-8 the thing you must remember is that any modification you make on the car will drastically change the way the car interacts with all of its components. it is not like they make it sound where you plug in a part and gain any horsepower. in reality you will likely loose HP before you gain anything. Intake, running good fuel with little to no ethanol and using better fluids (you can run certain synthetics, do the research on them though, royal purple works well). turn off or remove the AC that's a 15 bhp gain right there! just remove the belt or get a delete belt for the ac and that will gain you some. if you want to get some pulleys then go for it but i can say that they will be more of a pain than a gain. also use a piece of 4 ga high strand wire and ground the throttle body to the frame, that will pick up the throttle response dramatically. use higher size 8.5 MM spark plug wires, use platinum NGK spark plugs. little changes can have a large effect. and make sure that when you are driving you need to know you wont have full HP until over 6000 rpm the 2ndairy injectors don't open till around 4000 rpm so under 4k rpm you are only running on 2 injectors and 4 intakes. sorry about the long post i am just trying to help you from making the thousands of dollars of mistakes that i did. i would start with an intake and go from there. heres a link to some of my projects.. http://www.cardomain.com/id/mulder9927 please excuse the wing on my 3rd gen i got it for 100 bucks and it will be changed once i get some more money. if you need look me up on the rx-7 and rx-8 forums. TheMightyElk..

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Mate that's extremely helpful thank-you, sorry I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to this when saying ac your meaning air conditioning right? Removing this will reduce the weight right? Can you give me more information on the 4 ta high strand wire wouldn't have a clue how to do this don't know what you mean, regarding spark plugs how would these make the car go faster is it because I'm upgrading the car I simply need to upgrade the spark plugs? Sorry about all the questions mate It's appreciated.

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Install a turbo charger... Untill you have the budget, do nothing and save the money. That is my conclusion after throwing a lot of money on my RX8....

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hottrer or longer spark will burn the fuel more efficiently at high rpm's etc. a hotter spark plug is complemented by larger wires. One component adds or detracts from another. removing the air conditioning will do 2 things, reduce weight and reduce parasitic drag on the engine. look at it like this, when you have a car with 200 hp you can do 2 things to make it faster. 1. make it lighter, a better power to weigh ration means better of the line and such 2. add more HP, this will make it faster but in some cases make it less reliable and even harder to drive depending on whats done. 4Gage wire is just a size. when moving alot of electricity it is similar to a home moving water. if you have a gallon of water to move it will go faster through a fire hose than a drinking straw. electricity travels on the outside of a wire, when you have a thick wire you only have the surface area of the outside of the wire to transfer electricity. when you have high strand wire that means instead of one large wire its multiple smaller wires. this adds to the surface area and allows the power to transfer faster and more efficiently. turbo chargers are cool but there can be 2 issues you will see, 1. the RX8 engine was not built to be turbocharged. it can be done but it requires a significant amount of modification to be reliable. 2. turbochargers can be a pain in the ass, i have 2 turbo charged rotaries.. i hate them lol ( in principal i love them in reality) you have to dissipate heat and build the rest of your cooling, lubricating and control systems to accommodate it if the engine was not designed for a turbo. if you want to go turbo buy a second engine, build it out of the car with a turbo and swap it.. i have done this a few times and it is the best way to go.. plus when you do it that way when you blow the turbo motor you can swap the n/a back in and your not out a car. sorry for the delay in my latest response i have been busy.

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