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Asked by Jul 31, 2008 at 08:08 PM about the 2000 Dodge Ram 1500

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i have a 2000 dodge ram 1500 5.2L v8 2wd auto trans and just yesterday while driving down the road my truck wont seem to shift into higher gears the rpm's get higher and higher and it still wont shift? whats wrong

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Don't have experience with this problem on your truck so I can't give you good advice... About all I can say is make sure your linkage is adjusted properly. Other than that, take it to a trusted mechanic...

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its just strange this just happened out of the blue

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ur overdrive may b turned off

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my o/d switch is on my shifter to turn it on and off when its off u hit the switch and a light comes on in the dash by the gauges

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Will it shift out of first gear (25 MPH ish) if not try replacing the speed sensor on the rear axle. I had a 1998 Dakota that was not shifting out of first gear and that was the problem.

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yes 1st is good sometimes it gets stuck on 3rd and the rpms just skyrocket when it dont wanna shift but when i punch it to pick up speed it stays locked it that low gear

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also i thought the speed sensor was for ABS problems

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clutch broke?


its a auto tranny

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well just took it in today to try and replace the fluid and change the tranny filter to see if that does the trick

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sounds like you need play with the gas peddle when it gets up there give it gas reall fast or let off a tiny bit and see if shell shift if not add some trany fluid or buy a chevy lolbut my dakota will do that some time and if you just play with the gas a little bit that might work

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I must have all ben had by doge I have the same problems and can not find a fix for it help any advise or help would be app

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I had the same problem with an 01 Dodge Ram 1500. There are two senors located in the transmission that will need to be replace. You will need to drain your transmission and drop the pan. on the right side of the transmission you will see two sensors, speed sensor $47.18 and governor control solenoid $89.95. Replace both of them. replace your pan gasket and fluid and you are ready to roll.

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I have a 2001 ram 1500 when I gas on it while rolling around 60 it feels like it slips out of gear and my rpms sky rocket. Eney idea on what that might be

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Roy, on your problem with the transmission. It sounds to me like you are having band problems. If you can get to 60 with it shifting through all the gears, then your shift bands are slipping.

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i have a 2000 dodge ram 4x4 auto trans. from a stop i start out and it wont shift out of low i have to gas on it then back off it for it to shift then its fine any clue as to whats wrong

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I got a question. Does anyone have any idea why my truck wont go over 65? It shifts fine rides good. But it dont go over 60. Its about to go into the shop but I wanted to see if I could tinker with it a little. Anyone got som4 ideas or had this problem?

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I have the same problem and we replaced all sensors and tranny fluid and it still didn't fix the problem...........any other suggestions?

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I have a 99 dodge ram 1500 that won't shift. Already changed shifting solenoid, pressure sensor, fluid and filter with no change. Feels like stuck in 2nd or 3rd. Won't shift down or up. Any ideas?

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My 98 is doing the same thing with only 80,000 original miles. I chanel out the rear speed sensor, pressure sensor, pressure selenoid, fluid, and filter. Still doing it. I went to my buddy, he rebuilds them. He said drop the valve body and change out the overdrive relay. Also check connectors for fluid. Fluid in a connector will screw the ohms up as well as checking the external conector on the speed sensor. Should fix it like new. Provided there's no major build up in the pan.

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I have a problem I have a 99 dodge ram that 1st gear doesn't shift till 25 and when I slam it at 40 or above it just red lines and wont move till I let go of the gas then it get the gear again and when I slam it at 30 it doesn't shift I just red lines any ideas wat It would be ?

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i have a 97 ram 1500, just changed all the sensors in the tranny, checked the wiring harness, at first after changing the parts it would shift, now it wont take any drive gears or the reverse gear, it just acts like it is in neutral the whole time.

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Torque convert clutch solinoid my 2000 ram 2500 did the same thing a transmission shop changed them and it fix my problem

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Sounds like everybody needs torque converter clutch solinoids


U have to pull off the valve body to change them so be careful or take it to a shop

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When my 2001 1500 did it, I ran transmission fluid to kinda filter out the tranny, when I got her back not a problem since


my 2013 dodge ram is stuck to 4th gear as it indicates in the dashboard, engine warning lit also. any helper tips on what to do?

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I had this problem, and before the weekend came for me to work on it, the transmission has "locked up" I suppose. It's like its stuck in park. The shifter on the column will move to R freely, have resistance in N, I can force it through N to D, then D, 2, and 1 move freely. When the truck is in neutral it will not roll. The drive shaft doesn't turn. It's locked in place. I dropped the pan and changed the dual solenoid, (the one with the wire going to the top of the accumulator, as well as the governor solenoid. Please help. I am without a vehicle...

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Dodgeram2013 your problem can be figured out by taking it to an auto parts store like autozone to figure out the engine code. The transmission can send a trouble code to the pcm and make the engine light come on. More than likely, its a sensor in the transmission. My truck sticks in 3rd gear a little and now I have a point of reference to start. I bet my issue with my 98 ram 4x4 is the speed sensor in my differential because my brake lights are on and my speedometer is slightly off. I will change the sensor and service the transmission next weekend.

I'm having the same problem. My 99 ram won't go over 65mph i got the code p0305 and i changed everything and nothing happened. I removed the sensor it has on top of the catalytic converter and it shifted fine. I think the car might be bad so ill replace it.


P0305 is a misfire code for cylinder 5. I have a 98 Ram 4x4 and I love my truck so much, Id replace the engine and transmission before I would ever replace the truck. Mine had a problem sticking in 3rd gear until I let off the gas. 2 sensors, new fluid, filter, 2 beers, and 1 hour of work, shifts great now.

What sensors did you replace? I took off the sensor on top of the cat and it shifted fine. I put it back on because it was getting too hot under the truck and now that i have it back on it doesn't shift over 65/70mph


My problem was completely different from yours. My code was p1757. I replaced the governor solenoid and the pressure switch located inside the transmission pan. Did you replace the sensor you removed? That could be the problem. Try that first, if it doesnt work replace the cat.

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I'll be trying that today. I'm gonna go buy the oxygen sensor and replace it, see if that's the problem. If not I'll change the cat. It's weird tho that i unplug the oxygen sensor and it shifts fine. A "mechanic" told me it was a bad cat which is why i kept thinking about replacing it but thanks for the help. I'll update as soon as i replace it.


Did you unplug the sensor when you took it out? If so, try leaving the sensor in and just unplug it. If that does not help, it would be the cat. If it does, maybe its just the sensor. Yes, please update it. Im curious to your issue.

No sir i just unscrewed the sensor and left it plugged on the top part. I'll just unplug the connectors and see if it makes a difference. Im really hoping it's the oxygen sensor and not the cat :/


How much is the sensor?

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45-55$depending on the brand. So i unplugged the connector part only, drove it and it still does the sane thing.


Since its less than 100 bucks, Id just replace the sensor. You are going to replace it with a new cat anyways. If you need to save $$ for the cat, take the sensor to a hardware store and match the threads with a bolt and plug the hole. Lol shade tree, but it should help. If you plug the hole and it continues to do it then you will know for a fact that it is the cat.

96 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie SLT with 5.9 started to not shift right into higher gears. Took it to the shop, they flushed the tranny and put in new oil. It shifted fine for about 6 months, then started it again! Neighbor told me about a product called PROLONG for transmissions. I put it in and have had 160,000 miles trouble free..not one mis shift!!!

What fixed it?( Timmy)

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