My truck misfires and will runs rough and only wants to go up to 40mph/usually am/intermittant


Asked by Jan 27, 2013 at 06:39 PM about the 2006 Dodge Ram 1500

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past had a failure code P0304 , cyclandor #4  misfire
we have replaced spark plugs, coil and fuel injector
Any other ideas as to what the problem is?

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Wow, have you considered it to be more than just a misfire on cylinder 4? It could be a fuel delivery problem to the whole engine. Also, are you SURE that you are working on cylinder #4? Check and double check again. What engine does it have? I'll get you the cylinder numbering. Also, can you feel a noticeable misfire while the engine is just idling in park?

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Do a compression test on all cyls this will locate the problem child, a valve w carbon stuck on the valve face will set the light,if you also have back fire it indicates a valve is open upon firing, possible burn valve may be the culprit, this would create a constant runnabilty issue. (Misfire) good compression numbers gas engines 120 - 180 psi diesel 250 - 300 anything below this range will not fire or balance the engine.

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Hope that helps

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Also low fuel pressure can give similar symptoms

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joef-The engine is 5.7 liter HEMI. Yes, it misfires while in park. tommcmanis-I have not tried the compression test yet. Thanks

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How many miles are on it? What maintenance has been done? What happened when this issue started?

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87,000 miles. Maintenance-allways oil changes. Truck shaked and did not run faster than 40mph. Now it runs rough/misfires and tends to stop after the engine light goes on. The worst is in the morning. Sometimes during the day.

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TPS throttle position sensor

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I have a 2003 Dodge 1500. Same code replaced all the plugs and coils. After doing that and a lot of online research I removed my valve cover and found my rocker arm was thrown. It is a common occurrence in the 4,7 v8. Once you replace what the Dodge manual calls a lash adjuster and putt the rocker arm back in your error code should go away. The rocker arm thing is a common thing with the this engine and usually occurs on cold start up. Try running some fuel cleaner and or engine cleaner to clean build up. Good luck

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The engine light flashing on and off is what my truck did and it will drive rough and will not drive over 40. If you can help it do not drive it due to damage it can cause to your catalytic converter.

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I have a question for fresnonittanylion559??? Im have similar issues and have replaced all my plugs, wires, distributor, and rotor... I have a 5.9 v8 I have not removed my valve cover to check, but im also not getting any pecking sounds from the engine, just misfire and issues going over 50?

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I am currently having the same issue with my 2004 Dodge Ram 4.7. Did you get your problem identified and resolved?

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I have a 2012 ram 5.7, #1, missfire and sometime 2, head has been change, coil; plugs, lifters, pcm , fuls system good, still missfires

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Thank you for the info, it's got to be something that is common on the ,5.7 Hemi, but I can't find anyone that can pinpoint it. My truck miss fires when cold, I can stop and restart, and runs fine the rest of the day, strong and smooth, next morning it all starts again, sputtering and back firing. It has two hundred and fifty two thousand miles on it, never had a minute of trouble, until now. Compression is good, fully maintained always. Love my Ram….

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My 2003 Ram 1500 hemi 5,7 just started doing the same thing. It did it a few years ago and it wound up being a broke exhaust valve spring. Hoping that's all that's wrong now..

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My 97 Ram w/5.9 was doing same thing. Fixed plenum ,changed cap ,rotor, plugs and plug wires. Still misses at idle and can't use overdrive cause it misses so bad. I pulled the fuel injectors and cleaned them with B12. There are some how to videos on you tube. Truck runs great now. 196954 miles on it!

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i have a 98 dodge ram SLT 1500 318 5.2L i changed all senser all dash light went off but still missing so i check the spark plug magnum engine use plug number RC12YC NOT PLUG NUMBER ON TRUCK

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I got a 2009 dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi I put new cats on 2 coil packs and crank senior and still have a misfire on 5 and 6 what could it be ?

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And new plugs

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I have a 03 dodge ram 1500 4.7L and it started back firing saying I have miss fire on injector 8 and random misfire then my truck started dying while I was driving down the road... I got injector 8 fixed put new o2 sensor in bank 1 sensor 2 put new crank shaf sensor and clean the cam shaf sensor and fuel treatment (injector cleaner) in my truck before it started acting right again Good luck

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I have an '06 Durango, 5.7 Hemi that had a rough idle/misfire on every cold start that would last for about 2min then go away. Mechanic thought it was a sticky valve. After some investigating, it turned out that it wasn't. Mechanic looked at both O2 sensors. Misfire was on one side of motor. Changed O2 sensors around, then misfire showed up on other side. O2 sensors suspect, then replaced and so far car starts fine. Only been a couple of days though. So far so good.

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Be sure fuel filter is replaced on regular schedule. Improper fuel pressure will cause injectors to not perform properly.

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i have 03 2500 ram with 245 thousand miles. sparks are coming out of the coil's and alternator and i have a mis fire on cylinder 5, and my volt guage is lower than half.i put new sparkplugs about a month ago still cant figure it out what can be wrong?

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I have an 04 Dodge ram 1500 with a hemi in it started doing kind of the same thing it's happened four times when it's cold and sat all night and then I think the scanner shows his multiple misfires but after about five minutes of shut it off and started it it might run fine for weeks and not do it again The truck has 80,000 miles on it any ideas where to start besides just throwing money at it

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i have an 04 dodge ram also a 5.7 liter and ive changed all plugges a cam sencer, map sencer,exhulst sencers,throttle body also unhoked hose off brake boster caped my thumb over hose and the truck will shut off i can hoke hose up and it has a rough itle someone got an anwser??

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I took my truck to the dealer for my auto start issue, they told me I had a mis fire #4 suggested tune up. Had the tune up and now my engine light is on, back to dealer - they forgot to do the computer update, 1 week later engine light on again. back to the dealer they are saying mis fire #4. Truck runs fine 09 hemi - now they are saying I need 2000.00 of engine work. Could the dealer be the one who caused the issue by not setting the computer and I drove it for a week after the "tune up"

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Just took my 2012 RAM with 5.7 HEMI and 110k miles to the dealer to check out Check Engine light - truck runs fine but auto- start will disengage after a few seconds. Dealer said, 'needs a new head' (at cost of $2500) - I'm going to try replacing plugs & wires and coil packs first.

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I did a little research on Dodge forums and the worst case scenario for my 5.7 HEMI (said it was common) is BROKEN VALVE SPRINGS, in which case, a new head would be required. But as I said, I will try new plug & wires and coil packs first.

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Steve we have replaced all the spark plugs and spark plug wires on my 2003 Dodge Ram 4x4/hemi. It's still not running right...from reading here we're thinking it could be broken valve springs :(.

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Well, my solution was, the dealer replaced the bad head, cam shaft, and 2 lifters (at a cost of $3300). It's apparently a defect, but Chrysler-Dodge won't touch it (I called them). But who's the say, the OTHER head won't go bad? This is my FIRST and LAST Dodge.

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Steve yes same thing with my 2011. As you said this is a known issue with all dodge ram 5.7 hemi's 2004 to 2011. Third cylinder misfire. Replaced the brain sensor. All plugs coil packs sensors and still had third cylinder misfire. As of right now the truck is still in the shop and they're still trying to diagnose the problem. They have pulled the valve covers and are waiting for parts they say it needs a new lifter.

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I posted this on another thread, but here it is, for you - my dealer finally said that I needed to have a new head to fix the problem - after getting into it, said needed new can shaft and 2 lifters, too. So I bit the bullet and had them do it (cost $3300). So far, truck is doing fine - but who's to say, the other head won't do the same thing?

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i'm having the same problem with misfire...5.7 hemi 2010 90,000 mi...what a POS ...should have stuck with chevy. already replaced coil and plugs, probably broken valve spring mechanic 90k...u got to be kidding


Yep - that's what happened to mine, at 110k Chrysler-Dodge should have issues a recall (I called them, and they said 'sorry') I should have stuck with Ford!

When the check engine light flashes the computer his into limp mode it cuts off part if the cylinders to keep from damaging the engine make Shure u clear the computer low oil pressure water temp sensorcan cause it to go into limp mode

I have a 2009 hemi mine started doing this I have had nothing but problems with this truck in the 40 thousand miles I have owned it manifolds trans cooling lines rear end then tipm and now the cam 108 thousand miles what a piece of shit will never buy another one payed for this truck twice one in repair bills

2011 Ram spark plugs have been in #3 cyc for about a month. I think Steve has the best advice that maybe the valve springs are broke. Ram should come good for this defect. WTH!

I’ve had the same issue and this is the 2nd time. 2013 Ram 1500 5.7 hemi. First time was cylinder 4, now about a year later cylinder 1 misfire. Last time they replaced the head and cam shaft under warranty. My truck is currently at the dealership waiting on full diagnostic. I think Chrysler should drop a new engine in it. Who’s to say the others are going to go bad after my warranty is up?

Yep . Cheap your alternator

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