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Asked by Oct 05, 2008 at 01:50 PM about the 1995 Ford F-150

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Truck was running great when I got home from work. Went out next morning to start it and it cranks but won't start. Checked all fuses and fuel pump shut off. Got any ideas for me to try?

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try the distributer cap and all the wires leading into it. there is enough power when running to arc the electricity and complete the curcuit but when starting it wont jump the gap between the wire and the connector.

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go buy a toyota

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its a ford you wouldnt have this kind of problems in a chevy lol

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Check your coil by putting a multimeter on the ohms setting across the two little connectors (the hot and ground). If the needle or digital screen doesn't move look around for more loose connections or a bad coil wire between the coil and distributor. Clean or replace the distributor cap while you're at it.

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oh and by the way be thankful you have a ford because if was a GM product you would be trying to do this same project up against the firewall.

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Turn the key on and listen for the fuel pump to cycle before trying to start it. If it does cycle, go to the distributor next, and pull the cap off and crank it over and make sure that rotor is turning, then if it is put the cap back on, and pull the wire for the coil off, and put it on top of a bolt and crank to make sure you are getting spark to the wire. If not your colil might be bad or ignition switch. Has this happen before on my 1994 F150, and did all this and tracked it back to the ignition switch.

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i had this problem on my 1995 f150 5.0l... my problem was the ignition control module, its a small chip under the hood on the drivers side fender near the fire wall. i replaced that and then the coil burned up, when that happened, the small chip inside the distributer burned up(only way to replace is to get a new distributor). check to see if you have spark, if you dont, its one of those 3 things.

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But what if the fuel doesnt humm but it still cranks over everything is replaced but yet it still wont start

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Where is the fuel pump shut off switch? I have a 1990 ford econoline 150 van,V-8,5.8-I have replaced 3 relay switches,the alternator,the battery,the fuel pump,the fuel regulator and a couple of other things.The van started and ran o.k. and then i took it out on the road,it stalled.It would not go,i stepped on the gas,no power. It stalled so i had to pull off to the side of the road. My son replaced the spark plugs too.I think my problem is in the duel fuel tanks.When i was stepping on the gas i could not smell no gas.The van was not getting any gas.Someone told me that there was a fuel pump shut off switch some where.I bought the book.I just want to get my van running.I never had any problems with it until i took it too the wal mart for an oil change,and they touched everything under the hood.Now my power windows won't even work.

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ok first time I saw this post,WAL-MART oil change,first check and see if they even put oil back in your motor.I know of several people who had them do the oil change,left with NO OIL IN IT,some were way over filled with oil.eather way is bad news.

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I will never go to wal mart again.They broke all of my fuses under the steering column.All i wanted was an oil change.They touched everything under the hood.I never had any problems before i went there!!!!!!!!

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go to the manager of the store and complail like hell.they will have to pay to fix what is broken.

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This may sound off the wall but if it ran great yesterday and wouldn't start today take a rubber mallot and wack the fuel tank a few times to jar the fuel pump. If the truck starts replace the pump and sending unit.

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Had the same problem for over a year.Truck wont start when the temperture changes. FINALLY FOUND THE ANSWER!!! Replaced the Fuel Contro Modual. It had a slight crack that caused it to expand when cold. Part # 4L3Z-9D370-A Now it starts every time Hope this helps.

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I Have a 88 Ford F 150 Runs good until temp gets up to about 190 Then it quit I know its not ignition cuz I can shoot carb cleaner in it and it will run When it cools off it starts right back up Any ideas

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I Have a 88 Ford F 150 Runs good until temp gets up to about 190 Then it quit I know its not ignition cuz I can shoot carb cleaner in it and it will run When it cools off it starts right back up Any ideas The fuel pump is working When this happens

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what could be wrong with my 1999 F150' It ran great last Night But today It wouldn't Crank . It sounds like It isn't't getting any gas But fuel is settin on 3/4 tank

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my 1997 ford van starts just fine when it warm outside but when it gets cold ,in the 30's or below.it just cranks but doesnt fire up,till the battery goes dead

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1999 ford e250 econoline van will crank but will not start in warm weather. but does start in cold weather? its been running like this for many years.

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For ford f150 2001 lost power and oil stick want go all way back in

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Question for everybody I have a 86 f- 150 runs great all day but get it in the morning and it doesn't want to start

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My 5.0 f150 has spark and fuel but don't start what is wrong help

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My 1999 f-150 starts sometime and they sputeres and quit'ts and smells like gas

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I wouldn't own a chevy they are too cheap I'll match a ford to one any day

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got a 1994 Ford f150 and the radiator blew up and got everything wet under the hood. now engine cranks but doesn't start. I replaced all 6 wires and plugs. still nothing.

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Just click in cab. F150 4.6. 02

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I have a 1993 E350 with the 460 engine. It will start and run, but as soon as you let go of the key it looses spark and dies.Bought it not running and fuel pump was bad. Replaced it, have good fuel pressure, but looses spark as soon as you let go of key.

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My husband has a 1996 f250 had starting issue for 5 Years. After many parts replaced not needed to,he replaced the coil pickup in the bottom of the distributor. Problem solved. Truck seems to be running fine after 5 Years of screaming and yelling at a vehicle. with the new part in it.

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i have a 94 f 150 5.0L,i recently had to replace the ignition solenoid, after replacing it the motor will turn over but will not start. My dad seems to think that its either not getting gas or its not getting fire somewhere. Any other thoughts?

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87 f150 302 efi. Now replaced ign module, I'm switch, and the coil. Still no spark? Is it the pick up coil?

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Has anyone solved these issues?


Nope i have fuel pressure and spark truck starts sometimes and runs shut it off leave for a bit then wont start

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My husband decided to wash the engine in our 89 ford f150 pickup today at a carwash and the truck cranks but, he says there is no spark now. Can someone please help?

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This forum helped us, so here is our solution... our 1996 Ford F150 was running great then just cut itself off one morning and would crank but not start. Shop could not find the problem. Ended up replacing the Ignition Control Module 3 or 4 times, (it kept shorting out), and eventually replaced entire ignition system, wires, plugs, distributor, etc. then one day, after almost 4 weeks in shop, it started running again. 6 mos. later, June 2018, same thing. Shut itself off just after driving it over 50 miles with no problem. Came in, parked, then pulled out drive way again, and bam - cut itself off right in the road. Had to have it towed 300 ft back to our yard! No way we are spending another $1500 at shop to fix. They never did know what caused the problem, so here we were again. Long story short: OBD II data link was not working. So, someone posted that the data link is connected to cigarette lighter. well, our data link was not working, so we checked cig lighter. It was pushed in, and we thought that was the short. took that lighter do-dad out, checked fuse, it was blown. Fixed fuse, data link started working. Then ZAP! something shorted out, and data link stopped working again. Found out the wires behind the cigarette lighter had been pinched and over time insulation had cracked and now we had bare wires touching behind the lighter. That was the problem. When the cig lighter wires shorted, they blew up the data link, which is connected to all the other systems. It blew out the Ignition Control Module when it shorted during the second event. Mechanics never found this short the first time, but moving the ashtray drawer in and out, they must have moved the wires, and thought they had fixed the problem, when actually the short was still there. It ran great for 6 mos. before the short happened again and blew out the ignition control module the second time. this time we removed the cigarette lighter wires, and eliminated the short. Then replaced Ignition Control Module. Fired right up! Be aware of blown fuses. The fuse to the cig lighter had blown numerous times, but we kept replacing it. not knowing what was happening with the wiring behind the ash tray. Lesson learned!

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I have a 95 f150 that wouldn't start . Went out side turned the gas cap three times and the dam truck runs like a dream..just saying, sometimes it's the smallest thing that will fix a problem!!!


I have a 1993 ford bronco 5.8 , I change the spark plugs and it starts right up, run it all day but it runs really rich.. next day it won't start , check plugs and they are carbonated and smell like gas.. it just turns over

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Tony I have a 2002 f150 check the gear shift if you have to pull up on it a little just because it says it is in park it might not be all the way to engage the park/neutral switch just to be sure put the truck in neutral and try to start it and if it does start there is your problem.

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95 f250 5 speed won’t start in am cold ,squirt basin upper intake runs fine all day next day am have to prime I take like ink not spraying fur!

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