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Anyone out there know or have a 1967 T-bird for sale that is restored / or original BUT has been maintained properly ?  This model year has proven to be very hard to find in very good condition ... they seem all to have been destroyed .... I understand there is a pink one in Arizona w/ white roof and interior .. does anyone know who owns this and if for sale ... Thaanx Gemman

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try e-bay,craigs list,or google 1967 t-birds for sale.

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I have been searching for over a yr. now, and w/ no luck ... I must have over 100 websites that I monitor ... I was hoping that someone wud know of a good example for sale that perhaps is not advertised ... someone in a club .. or just word of mouth ... thaanx again for taking the time to respond .. Gemman

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google SCCoA,is a T-Bird site.

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I have one for sale

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Jonathan, Thaanx for responding to my ad .. just saw it ... is there damage to the passenger side front fender ? what's the mileage and an interior shot if possible and one of the rear end ... thaanx Gemman

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well it does have a minor dent on chrome but nothing major body is perfectly fine i would say the car is in great condition a little work and probably showroom material and the interior is excellent trust me but here is a link with a couple more photos.. http://www.use.com/1967_Ford_Thunderbird_a40ef30c992faa43265e?p=1#photo=1

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mileage is 54,xxx miles original car was well taken care of every part matches . basically whole car is original

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Jonathan, Thaanx for responding ... I went to ur garage and did see the interior shot .. I am looking for the parchment color interior ... I have had black so many times ..... I see that ur in the TPA area ... there is a company called www. Lincolnlandinc.com .. that sometimes will take a vehicle on consignment so to speak and list it on their website for sale ... there is a fee .... but that website gets a lot of hits ... and u never know if u don't ask .... take a look at the site and if interested give them a call ... they're in Clearwater .... Good Luck in the sale ... Gemman


do you know how much i can probably get for these vehicle.

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I don't think the price ur asking is bad .. but I wud put a set of white wall tires on it and give it a good clean .. I have seen over the last yr. or so of looking, prices from $5000 to $17,500 ... some reasonably priced and then some priced way too high for the condition ... let me know ur progress ... Gemman

Hi I know of astock nicely preserved 67 2door landau top with the 428. what's it worth?


I'm no expert .. there's a very wide range of prices being asked for this model .. I do know and spoke to the seller of a low mileage ( 33,000) in Denver, that was pristine and sold for $10,000 ... what's the mileage of this one and color combo / options etc ... ?? Let me know .. Gemman

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gemman I don'tknow the specifics. The car is in Yreka Ca. Belongs to my cousin. It was his father's. Co-incidently he called 2 days ago wondering if I would like to have it since it is just sitting garaged. my guess is it is in very good shape since his dad was a mechanic who always drove t-birds and it has been kept as a sort of shrine. If you are anywhere near Yreka and are serious I can put the 2 of you together.


bc111... I'm sitting in the middle of Raleigh N.C. ... yes, I wud like to know more about it ... I am serious if it is what I'm looking for as far as the specs etc .. a must have is p/w and the 4 light info panel above the windshield w/ the stainless steel strip that runs the length of the headliner ... plz forward my text and yes I wud like very much to talk to the owner ... Thaanx Gemman

gemman I'm afraid I'm getting myself into more than I bargained for here.My cousin is not on the internet so this is just a lot of long didstance calling for me. I'm sure there are some that have everything you want somewher near you Brian


I understand ... I'll keep searching ... however if ur cousin wants to contact me my fon is 919-662-0164 .. thaanx Dick in RDU


I have a 1967 Tudor in decent condition 56000 mi. all original. Need minor body work & paint. Interior is a 9!

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I have a '67 Landau on which I have spent $65,000 restoring not including my time. finished Feb. 2011. See pictures!

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Bill , Plz call me and I will give u my email addr.... Thaanx Gemman @919-662-0164


Bill, Thank you for responding to my post ... hope u got my last reply, if not, plz call me 919-662-0164 and I will discuss vehicle w/ you ... Thaanx Dick

Gemman, I am in NC. I have a 1967 Blue T-Bird 2 dr hardtop for sale owned for last 40 yrs, garaged for last 18 yrs. Has 61, 105, runs, in 8/2010 new fuel pump, battery, plugs & oil change. Paint is faded, interior in excellent condition, has a few cosmetic dings/dents. Tires up & car rolls but need replacing. Email me at ann109a@gmail.com. A girl friend bought it in 1971 with like 6,000 miles on it. I have the title in hand. I have about 45 pics of car. Thanks, Michelene 910-368-1260


Everyone can stop looking ... I just purchased an orig. '67 Tudor Landau .. Wimbledon white exterior and parchment interior (vinyl and nylon cloth) interior ... 428Q code / 4bbl .. highly optioned w/ 13,900 orig. miles .. from a private collection spanning over 30 yrs.. I think it's the best in the country ... unmolested and well maintained ... two yrs. of looking really paid off ...hooray for Hollywood .... Gemman

Glad you found what you wanted!! What state did you find the car, and how expensive was it?


Bill, Contact me again ... I misplaced ur phone number .... Thaanx Gemman


yes, in winnipeg, manitoba, canada, and is in good original condition, for sale by owner.


I found what I was looking for and puchased in July 2011 ... thaanx for ur post and answer .. can u send me a pic to my email listed above ... I wud love to see it ... Gemman


hi GemMan; the car i know of is my late father's tbird. his wife is looking for a buyer but she is not on the net so i cannot provide a picture. I just know of its condition and the general price range. it is burgundy red with a white top and red leather(ette) interior, all original, was driven occasionally and is in good condition.

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Yes, I have one in Decent shape. See my post of May 22nd.

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thaanx for the answer ... I did find and purchase a pristine example '67 coupe w/ 13,904 miles and orig in and out ... ur's is very nice, but I wanted pwr windows ... thaanx Gemman


I have a friend that has 1967 thunderbird with a 390 4 barrel wjth 46,000 original miles. This car is in very good shape, a couple of dings here and there. The engine sounds and looks like new!!!! This a great car!!!!!! Would you be interested if he wants to sell it ? I am in Connecticut. Call me at 860-670-1107 Thanks Bob

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I have a 1967 Ford Thunderbird. See on Craigslist Denver. I am asking $4500. Runns great, very straight, un-molested stock. 2dr,390ci,at,White, w/ bule interior.38K on teh odo, but must be 138k. Not perfect, but a very nice car. Looks exactly like the pic.

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Hi ColoTbird, how is the rust underneath and around the windows. Thanks mikell17@bellsouth.net


I know I am coming to this thread late, but I have also been looking everywhere for about a year for a 1967-1969 T-bird in excellent condition. Prefer restored or in pristine original condition. Any leads would be appreciated! These are so tough to find in good condition. I've had several 64-66's but have grown to appreciate the later 60's birds. Feel free to contact me at budkslater@yahoo.com or 323-893- 8393. Thanks!

I have a 67 grey over red landau 2 dr. very very nice anyone interested?


Hey there, I'd like to find out more. I've been looking for quite awhile. If you have pictures, please send to budkslater@yahoo.com and let me know when is a good time to talk. Thanks! Bud


I have a 67-Qcode rust free,properly stored with freshened motor and trans,around 25K ago. Also recently replaced all bushings and joints in suspension.Asking 9K contact George at 707-489-9939 or mrlooneytunes@yahoo.com

I have one for sale. 1967 Thunderbird Landau. It's got the 390 v-8. power windows work great as well as heat and a/c. All vinyl and leather including the roof are immaculate. Original parts with matching numbers. All original paperwork and service records kept in the original car manual as well as the original car cover they sold with the car when originally bought at the dealership. Pearl white. Was garage kept for 30 years and started right up on first start. I forgot to mention it has only 21,000 original miles on it.

Contact me at marshall_janish@yahoo.com for pics or questions. It'll be 12,000 or best offer for this beast.


Marshall, Sent you an email with my phone number. Call me when you have a minute. I would be very interested in speaking with you about your car! It sounds exactly what I'm looking for. Parchment interior too? Bud

I would like to sell my 67 31,000 miles, grey with red 2-door, very nice ,9,000 for a quick sale


Capt309, call me at 323-893-8393 to talk more. Thanks!

I have been looking for a 4 door with opera package (rounded back seat) must have tilt-a-way steering, power group including windows, door locks and inicator lights in headliner. Any engine would do but a 427 would be sweet. Decent condition. kevin.berju@prufoxroach.com Thanks In Pa

This is gary lebanon oregon. Have 67 t bird restoration project.body interior glass chrome and aluminum in excellent condition. Suicide doors and very impressive overall appearance. Call 5414093045 or email at shovelhead68grm@gmail.com this project goes for a rediculous low price as i am moving cant take with me.


Thanks Gary for answering my post .. I already purchased a vehicle a while ago .. so not interested ... Dick in Raleigh N.C.

67 baby blue on Route 66 in Kingman, AZ for $ 2500.In good condition

I'd be interested in a 64-72 Thunderbird as well. Something on the east coast or midwest that I could get to see....


Looking for a 67-68 2 door. Email me aj_lastinger_21@yahoo.com. I'm in GA.


I have 67 Q-code car still for sale -wanted 9k but now have lowered to asking 7k--money talks and would love to see this car in someone elses hands to be dialed in and enjoyed as I can not perf the car now as I was injured 7yrs ago and am not able to work as I used to. the pix and previous ad are above aj lastinger- call me anytime707-489-9939- car is in nor- cal thanks


I don't get this deal- aj sends me e-mail and all it says is hello ahjorge and that is it when you click to view answer there is nothing-wad up car gurus????


Still have a true Q-code T-Bird with no rust-all matching #'s-428-break away steering and sequential turn signals-interior is excellent but it needs to be painted to finish car and I do not paint--asking 7K will take 6K or 5500--cash talks call me--George@707-489-9939

I have a great 67 t-bird 2 door vinyl lambert hard top-interior is original and mint condition-if interested call 928-486-8024- Lake Havasu City, Az


i have a 1967 landau that came out of little rock ark. i had the 390 prof. rebuilt bored 30 new rocker assy. 59,000 orig miles paint is somewhat faded, but interior is very nice alot of new parts . i also have the orig, owners manual . my number is 937 832 1367 ohio asking price is 4500.00 still has orig vinyl top

Thanks but I'm not looking to buy,. I'm trying to downsize my garage.I have the 67 t-bird for sale, a 66 Lincoln, and 2 Jaguars and a old cop Harley.




I just purchased a 1967 t bird , good condition, cream with black interior, can anyone tell me whats wrong with the blinkers and headlight doors, the turn signal lights on dash lights up both left and right, like theres a ground somewhere, but the signals in the tail of car works but not seqenial. Have to lift headlight doors up, they won't come up on their own, any help or tips will be apprecialted.

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Have a 67 2 door hardtop with 59000 miles in SC for sale if anyone looking. Needs some work but still in really good original shape.

I have a

I have a 1967 completely original Thunderbird. .I have the Marti Report 83 k miles 390 4v.New brakes,Fuel tan ,lines.tires.,u joints and original c 6 transmission that works perfectly.It has a vey rare power seat option of which only 6,394 were equipped for the 1967 model year Thunderbird.Only 70 Thunderbirds were equipped with my exterior Sauterne Gold and parchment interior.Options include red/ white sidewall rayon tires,power drive seat,air conditioning,tinted glass ,heavy duty battery,heavy duty suspension,license plate frame.Live the car! True hardtop without the landau top.no rust and original spare tire.

Love the car! Body straight and no rust! Original Ford air conditioning and original power disc brakes.Original exhaust that does need to be replaced.Above average and original interior.

Sell? I might for the right price.It was owned by a Ford advertising executive for the Thunderbird models.



Mustang428, Budster here. Feel free to give me a call later today after 2:00pm pacific. I would like to chat with you about your Tbird. 323-893-8393

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I have a 1967 Thunderbird with suicide doors,it runs great but need some cosmetic love rust hole in trunk has been repaired .has new exhaust .its been non opped so no DMV back fees .this is a great restore project car with amazing potential.$6,000.

More pics


And here

Heather 510-239-8707

Rust hole was in the bottom of inside the trunk


Thanks to all who responded. I am no longer looking for one. Gemman

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