my back window will not operate where is the fuse or relay that operates the back window

Asked by May 18, 2007 at 02:16 AM about the 1986 Toyota 4Runner

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Owners manual will tell you where the fuse for each component is. I am assuming it's one of the fuses that is under the dash, to the lower left. It should be fairly obvious which one needs to be replaced.

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For all u that have a rear window issue not rolling down, take your rear window wiper blade and push up to the docking position. Then try the window. The wiper is electrically inline with the window relay. If it is not all the way up (sagging) then your window will not roll down. Hope this helps. Also, the relay board that operate rear window defog, and up/down is located drivers side behind the front seat behind the plastic trim.

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who is this

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Next to the fuse box there are two circute breakers,in the center of the two breakers is a small hole take a tooth pick and push into the hole to reset the breaker,if I beleive the rear window breaker is nearest to the fuse box?? this should do the trick.

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I know this is an old thread, but it really helped me. I couldn't get my rear window down, and saw the part about the rear wiper. I pushed on it, nothing. Then I remembered that i had accidentally hit the rear wiper switch trying to clean my front windshield but caught it immediately, so i hit the switch again, let it do the full revolution on the back and viola! The window worked perfectly again! Thank you everybody!

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re turning my rear window wiper to "docking spot" solved my non-working rear window problems. THANK YOU !!! simple simple simple. (I hand moved it back into place)

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also check for problems behind the drivers side in the little side box....lift it out and under there is a relay switch... hard to explain....but can email me at for more explanation

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I have a 2013 Toyota 4Runner SR5, I too discovered that my rear window wiper and washer would not operate. Then I discovered that the switch on the dash for the defogger would not operate. As I read above posts, I also discovered that the power window would not operate from the consule switch. I had a mess. Went to dealer, service or parts counter guys did not have a clue. There is no fuse or circuit labeled for the tail gate components. Here's what I did: 1. Checked to make sure wiper was properly docked. 2. With all doors unlocked I opened and closed rear tail gate. 3. Activated the rear window with key, lthen with switch on, checked rear wiper. It now functioned. 4. Then checked washer, it functioned. 5. Checked the power rear window with console switch. Did not function. 6. Set the "all windows locked" on the drivers door to lock and then to unlock position. 7. Checked power rear window in tail gate with console switch. It functioned. I now have a fully functioning tail gate. Seems like you have to go through all of the functions that usually work with a switch and reset them manually.

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Also had a 97 4runner. Passenger power window was half way down and would not function. Went to mechanic. He hit power window lock....window functioned.

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Tried the rear window wiper solution. Turned on rear wiper then turned it off so wiper would re-dock itself. window worked immediately. Thank you so much for the tip

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i have a question yall said push up to docking position u mean put it back where it originally starts before u turn the rear wiper on ??? sorry i know its a dumb question

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1995 4Runner - found out the hard way that the grease inside the wiper motor in the area with the control surfaces will melt and gradually accumulate in the lower part of the unit. Eventually the grease will cause the contact to lift and window won't go down even when moving the wiper to the docking spot. I eventually took it apart and discovered this. Cleaned out old grease, put in a little new grease and it all works like it should. Of course, I tore out the relay box on the rear driver side to test it; took apart the rear door to get access to window motor and mechanical parts all before finding the real reason.

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I have a 97 4runner and I'm having problems with my back window it use to go down its self an I would come out in the morning an it would be down now I have a problem that when I start my car it goes down please help..

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I can certainly relate to your problem, 4runner life, as I also have that problem. Unfortunately I have no answer for you. Anybody care to solve this one? Mark, you've been very helpful. Thanks!

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Thanks everyone I moved the rear wiper back to it's docking position, and what you know, window now works also the rear defroster wasn't working. Now everything works now almost took it in

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I have 2015 4runner I can't find anywhere on the driver side any switch or button to release or open the trunk door can please tell if there is one and if yes where it is located?

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Anyone Anyone.... I have a 2002 - 4Runner. Up to a week ago, my back window worked fine, I use it all the time because of my dog. Now my window nor the wiper is working. I have tried the suggestions, however unlike the others, it is not working for me. The dealer couldn't talk to me over the phone (because they want money) - I don't want to give money to the dealer. Desperately seeking help!!

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Hi...I have a 2001 4Runner. I don't see ANY fuses or covers or anything behind the drivers seat....HeLP...rear window and wiper not working.

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Very bizarre, indeed. My rear window stopped working for a couple of months. Then it started working again for a few days. I didn't know the circuit went through the rear window wiper until reading this thread. Pushed down on the wiper and pressed the window button on my key fob. Voila! The rear window wiper started working! ??? Did that twice. Rear window button on the key fob made the wiper work. It seated and I went in the car and tried the window button on the dash. Voila! Rear window worked. Pressed the key fob button. Voila! Rear window worked. I must say that I have noticed that the rear window wiper hadn't been working correctly for some time. I'd turn it off and it wouldn't return to the seated position. I had to mess with the switch multiple times to get it to stop in the right place. Don't know how long the window will operate, but I know I can mess with it and get it working again...

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Earlier today, while unloading some stuff from the back of my 2001 4Runner, I put the rear window down using the switch on the key fob. Unfortunately, I was not able to get it back up (either with the key fob or the button on the dash). Disassembled the panel on the liftgate; no obvious problems. Checked for voltage at power feed, relay, etc; all looked ok. Then I remembered pressing the window lock on the drivers door armrest earlier to keep my three year old from putting his window up / down. I de-pressed the window lock button on the drivers door arm rest and rear liftgate window immediately began working again! I continued to experiment and found the following strange things: with the window lock button pressed on the drivers door armrest, the rear liftgate window will only go down using the key fob only. It will not go up with the key fob; and it won't go up or down using the main button on the dash. Weird!

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I just repaired my 2000 4Runner limited 4wd rear wiper problem it was inside the wiring bundle that goes from car body into the lift gate, about 10 of 15 wired were completely severed

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2016 SR5, is there a way to roll down the trunk window from inside or is it with key only? I can not find the button /control for it

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I love you all to pieces! It worked! No repair bill!

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96 4Runner, rear everything stopped working a while back when the rear window fell off the tracks, at first I kept blowing the 30 amp fuse to the lower left dash fuse box. I replaced the regulator as one of the cheap plastic bushings was gone. Classic Toyota, they don't make parts only complete regulator replacement... Found a used one, but now I can't get the window to work at all. I hotwired the window motor and rolled it up so I can drive, now mysteriously the rear wiper and rear defrost came alive but still no rear window. I have no 12v power at the switch. Tried replacing the back door ECU with a used one, no luck. Thinking the problem is with the limit switches or a broken wire to the switch. I found a supposed manual but it says I should have 10 wires for the switch but I only have 5. Three wires are negative continually, one normally open closes in UP, one normally open, closes for DOWN. But no 12v power...

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I realize this question/thread is nearly a decade old. Nonetheless, thought I'd relate, for what it's worth, my experience with my 1992 4Runner. Tailgate window quit rolling up. It would roll down but not up. After much, MUCH online research I "guessed" at what the problem was. I bought a used replacement part, replaced it, and it fixed the problem. Yea for me. That's the good news. The BAD news is that throughout my many hours of online research I learned that a tailgate window issue can be caused by a huge variety of issues -- rear window wiper, motors, switches, fuses, et al. -- most of which are not easily identifiable. It took me several years of dealing with a non-operational window, many hours of online research, and a little luck, to identify my issue. Good luck fixing yours! ... Pictured is the part which, in my case, was the guilty offender. Your solution may be completely different.

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Mine turned out to be broken wires between the tailgate and the frame. The rubber boot and wire wrap showed no signs of trauma so originally I didn't investigate further. After some more research I decided to unwrap the bundle and look close. Had to remove the cargo light and part of the rear headliner unwrap all the wire, low and behold 2 wires broken, and 6 more about to break. Spliced with butt connectors and heat shrink and everything works now.


As I said in my post, josh, with a tailgate window issue there can be a zillion issues/problems. I wish anyone with an issue good luck figuring it out.... Now if I could just figure out how to fix my cruise control!

Thanks gentlemen. I appreciate the knowledge & the forum. Saved me time & money.

My 94 4runner tailgate window would not go down. Took out motor and found that it would turn up but not down. Read this thread and put motor back in. Pushed wiper blade up and turned on and off and bam! Good as new. I really appreciate the sharing of knowledge. Thanks a bunch!


Hey I have a very rare problem with back window. On my 1991 4runner The back window won't roll down unless I play with the button for 5 to 10 minutes and then once it's down it works perfectly up and down , until I fully close the window again . Then I have to mess with the button for another 10 minutes . I don't think it's the wiper blade because I have tried to move it and also tried to bypass it with wiring . Any ideas

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