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Asked by Jun 20, 2011 at 12:08 PM about the 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

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I have a 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Recently it has started acting up to the point that I cant even drive it. When my car is in park, it runs perfectly fine. Ive just had a tune up done, all fluids are up to date, the works. When I put my car in gear & press the gas pedal, my car cuts off. It only happens when I press the gas pedal. Ive then had my fuel pump replaced, thinking that was the problem. Still did the same thing afterwards. So my next step was adding a throttle sensor. This didnt work either!! My car is still cutting off whenever I press the gas pedal. Can anyone help or offer advice?? :(

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did you replace the fuel filter ?

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Sounds like the converter in transmission is loacked in overdrive this will make stall when in gear. A fix is there is a blue-green Plug on frt of trans by the radiator- it is 4 prong unplug it and try it then. Make shure car is not running and cooling is not on for safety If that works you can drive it that you will just not have overdrive.

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last comment makes no sense converter and overdrive are two completly diffrent things, sounds like a fuel problem is there a check engine ight on?

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So under load it stalls sounds like some bad wires and plugs

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replace the throttle sensor

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Had to when I had the fuel pump replaced

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Was the 2nd thing I replaced

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Had tune up done before I did anything else


Check engine light has been on since Ive had the car. Its an old car and Ihavent been able to find anyone with a machine to hook it up to, to diagnose the problem. But your answer was the most helpful and I thank you. From what Im hearing now, its one of my fuel injectors. Im being told that its backing the gas up and not allowing it to flow properly, therefore causing my car to cut off when the gas pedal is pressed. Does this sound about right? And Im hearing that there are 6 fuel injectors on my car but that all 6 cant be bad. So Im going to try switching two of them out to see if this helps. Does this sound about right?

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i had a chev corsica and it did have a pluged fuel rail i replaced the rail and in jectors and ran just fine i also on the same car had a problem where it would go into lock out and the lock out senser was bad replaced that then all worked good on your car i would make sure you have proper fuel pressure and make sure you idle control solinoid if working properly somtimes the egr valve can make it quit under load it is hard to say until you have checked all you can

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You can also check for vacum leaks, a fuel injector almost always will cause a misfire regardles of it being in park. As the previous gentleman said it could also be your EGR valve when it is stuck open it will act as a vacum leak.

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i have an 89 cutty 3.1L .Check the coolant level sensor on your radiator. Mine was reducing the 5Volt reference to the Map, TPS and Egr to 3.1volts causibg the computer to recieve feed back. i unplugged the level sensor and recieved my volts to my map sensor and all was well. (pin C7 to my level sensor and pin C12 to map are connected inside the computer.)

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I have a 95 cutlass supreme as well the check engine light comes on and shuts off while driving it. And then it turns on again and don't even get a block down the road and it shuts off do you think it could be my fuel filter?

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I got a 91 grand prix se it fires up no prob can put in any gear it moves but if I hit the gas it bogs and dies

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I'm having the same problem with my 93 caprice. It started bogging and putting suddenly with no warning 1 day. Then it died... Everytime it would start it would die again when I hit the gas. Now it just won't start at all... I'm thinking leaking injector!

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the grand prix runs fine at idle till this weekend i was goofin around with it then it wouldnt even start.......i finally got it running enough to move it back where it neighbors a gm service manager thinks its the sending unit

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I have a 1999 Saturn SL2, that has the same issue. Runs like a dream in park. I can put it in gear and it is sounds and runs like a dream. When I press the accelerator, it bogs down and dies.

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Had a 94 gran prix that was dying when you shift to drive. It was the brake booster bad. Try that see what happens.

I have read all of your answers and related them to the person helping to do the work and much of them has been checked and prayfully one of them will work the map air sensor has been replaced by another used one will have that changed again. I will come back to add if any of these work out for me. Thank you and may God bless you all.


I have a 91 cutlass supreme 3.1 liter fuel injected. It will run then stall out. Just changed the fuel filter and done a tune up. The check engine light is not on. The car will start when cold I can drive it a little bit but when it gets warm ot will stall out and of I start it again it will idle for 30 seconds if I'm lucky. Any suggestions?

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I have an 85 gutlass supreme

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i have a 1984 cutlass ciera with the 4 cylinder in it, and it runs just fine every morning on the way too work until i hit about 10 min in and then at the same spot every day on the freeway it starts sounding like its only running on one cylinder and backfiring and choking and no power whatsoever does this for about 5min down the road, can barely go over 15 miles per hour..... and then it clears up... wtf??? i have already done plugs wires fuel filter air filter and it still does it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, i was thinking maby pluged catalyitic converter and after that amount of run time it starts too plug then clears again..... hell i dont know????

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I had same issue with my 89 3.3L it got worse I changed every thing with no justice after many days and lots of work I finally fixed it now keep in mind I changed the pump filter spark plugs and wires ecm crankshaft I then unpluged injectors 1by 1 and sure enough one was bad when one goes bad it shorts the hole rail

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Try your massive air flow sensor, fuel injectors, crank sensor, or coil packs.. Mine was doing the same and it was all of those things, but start with the fuel injectors..

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The 91 cltlass sounds like a crank sender I had a 93 lasaber would die when hot run perfect cold replaced crank sender and it ran perfect

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its your neutral saftey switch

Ok I got question for my car 2007 chevy colbolt 2.2 ls manual car starts and runs fine till about 10 min or more or less and just dies but idles little over 0 where it doesn't fully shut off when I press the gas it won't go just floods and makes noise since it's a stick I can put in gear 1st and go 3mph but press on gas nothing but then it will run fine for few min till does same thing again I clean throttle body changed thermostat cleaned fuel filter nobody can help me fuse blown won't hook up to computer to see what's wrong fixed fuse still won't work so autozone can't check engine light because of that because the car starts fine mechanic ships said they won't look at it because it's a runability issue yet there car isn't running when I get down the road omg somebody tell me what could be wrong

so if i understand , when u warm it, up it acts up ? and goes low and boggie when you hit the gas after its warm it will cut out ? cars like rich when cold and leaner when warmed up , in older cars thats a sign of too rich of fuel . now newer ones i would imagine it would also except there's different things controling the fuel mix level .. soooo look into what makes the car rich all of a sudden , were there symptoms before this ? sounds like computer to me but .... and that should give u a path to check out .... good luck ..

These all sound like your fuel filter/pump. The Filter is probably in the fuel tank along with the fuel pump. I have seen fuel guages (on the dash) that did not read correctly.One was reading about 3/8 of a tank fuel and would run for a few then die.... the minute I added a gallon of fuel the car ran fine.

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