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I have a '93 coupe and I plan on swapping in a 2jz and an awd system one day while keeping is as stock looking as possible. This would not be for many years, and I know this would be extremely difficult and expensive, but if I could pull it off I'd have the sickest sleeper. What do you think?

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I think if your going to do it, your going to need more then one day to put it in and i think the awd plans would be overkill...just rwd with nice wide tires would work just fine! I just put an s15 sr20det in mine and it's taken me about 3 months already however i'm only working on it in the evenings when i feel like runs but still needs some tinkering to get it right, and thats nissan to nissan. putting a 2jz in would definitely take a lot longer and require a lot more custom fab but dont get me wrong it can be done and there is people that have done it! That'll be sweet if you get it done though!

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HAHA. Yeah man. No. For one - don't inbreed your car. If you want a 6 cylinder engine that can surpass the "ungodlyness" of a 2JZ. Go RB. It would be by far the more smarter thing to do. Reason being. Well, besides the fact they are both Nissan based engines, you will spend less time attempting the conversion. Not saying it won't take only " a little", but the 2JZ swap will be a total time consumption of constantly fabricating parts. AWD system. Another big no-no. Why?! As far as I am concerned, I will keep a 240's drive train the way it is - RWD. You lose a lot of effort with an all wheel drive car if this car was to be actually track raced (as in with turns, not a drag car or some fan boi lets race down the interstate deal). Good luck with whatever - I will just say. Go SR or go home.


I wouldnt waste my time with the AWD swap if i were you, You would have to use a AWD transmission, put NEW spindles (hubs) on the front to accept axels, and re run some drive shafts.... WAY TOO MUCH WORK FOR NOTHING!!!! If you want AWD turbo, go get a STI, EVO, Talon.... AS for the 2JZ... stop watching the fast and the Furious, and go buy a RB26, and a RB25 Tranny... It will be easier to swap in, make the same horsepower ( dont flame me on this, cause they will) and you will be able to retain the "sleeper" look you are going for... Honestly, if you want a "unique" 240sx ( this isnt possible cause EVERYTHING has been done to them already) then throw a V8 into your car... put on a quiet stock looking exhaust, then use a "cut-out" to open the exhaust and rip people a new ass hole with the horsepower to weight ratio you created.. TRUST ME!, if you dont go RB, SR, it will be easier and cheaper to just go V8!!


First of all I didn't get the 2jz from fast and the furious, I just love skyline engines. The powerband is awesome and they have so much power potential. I have thought about a v8 though. Kind of like all the LS1 rx'7s out there. plus (old american engines especially) sound nasty. but i still want to be able to handle for autox and racing.


I would definitely recommend an rb or sr motor. sr is obviously easier because you do not to change motor mounts or anything and can get huge power from them while keeping the perfect weight ratio. rb would require a bit more custom fab with custom motor mounts and such but also the extra power basically just cancels out the extra weight of it. If it was just drag caR definitely go with a twin turbo ls1 motor lol.


this is what an sr could look like in ur car!


Because the 2JZ. . .is a skyline engine. . .No. RB.

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the extra power would definitely not cancel out the extra weight. I don't really know many of these specs but I'll give you some hypotheticals: You can easily get 1000+hp from a skyline engine I'm guessing you won't get much more than 500 from an SR20DET Let's say the a 2jz weighs 500lbs and the nissan engine weighs 250 (I'm being generous This would mean the toyota engine would be getting 2hp per pound on just the engine and so would the sr20 need to take into account the weight of the car which is around 3000lbs. (I know its less, it's just easier for calculations) With these numbers the 2jz will make each horsepower carry 3.5 lbs while the sr20 will make each hp carry 6.5 lbs almost twice as much. Plus 2jz have amazing powerbands Obviously the 2jz would be much more work and that it may compromise handling because of the extra weight on the front, but this is where the awd comes in.


what's wrong with skyline engines? They're some of the best made engines out there. You can get huge power from them for no ta lot of money


ryan i think you are confused on what the 2jz is. the 2jz is not a skyline motor it is from supra, lexus's and a few other models i think. however the only turbo motor came as the 2jzgett in the supras when the lexus sc3000 came with the 2jzge and from my knowledge (unless some jdm toyota had an awd system with the 2jz) it would be basically impossible unless you are or know a master fadricator to get the bell housings to match. and for all you haters that say dont do a 2jz why not? have you ever been in or seen a supra pull on the highway? mod for mod against an rb the rb is no match. nissan makes great motors. but so does toyota. and if you do some research and find the right place the ls1 swap is just about the same price as the 2jz one. trust me on this topic i am currently in the process on choosing what motor i am choosing for my car. at first i was thinking sr20det but everyone has those and i like to be different. then i thought about rb. and really unless you do an rb25 its not worth it. and if you wanna do rb26 well unless you have really and i mean really deep pockets its not realistic. then i thought about something very few people have attempted in the 240. an sr20ve-t. the sr20ve is what nissan came out with to go up against the honda vtech. it revs extremely high and can make amazing power. however the sr20ve only came in awd. however the sr20ve block is the same as the sr20de so the fwd transmission bolts up to it. and since it never came rwd the only way to do it is put the ve head on a de rwd block its kind of complicated but with a turbo slapped on it would be an amazing machine. then the debate between the ls1 and 2jz came around. the ls1 is an awesome motor and so is the 2jz. but then i looked into what would benefit me most. ls1 wow thats a gas hog and the 2jz is bad modded but not as bad. and where do i do most of my driving. if i did drag strip and city driving it would be an ls1 but most of my driving is on the highway and at higher speeds where the 2jz hands down no exception is not even comparable to an ls1. and there are so many shops out there now that sell all the mounts, driveshafts, or anything else that is need for basically any swap you can think of. if your serious about the 2jz check out you can find almost any infoformation you need about the swap there. they also have vendors on there that sell every part you could possibly need. so before getting your head in too far learn every bit about the swap and see if its right for you. it is in no way a job for a beginner (not saying you are).and its still a lil pricey but a 2jz with a single turbo kit well there wont be much competition out there. i mean your putting an engine from a completely different make of car in a car it wasnt meant for. so of course your gonna run into problems somewhere. hope this helps you on your decision. just remember think it out and make sure you have the right tools and the space to do it considering this is no where an over night project.

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Skyline engines are nice, but a 2JZ is not a Skyline engine. You're thinking RB. 2JZ is Toyota.


o and i forgot to put in one more thing. the ka is a very heavy motor considering it is an iron block. im not too positive on the 2jz motor however i do know the ls1 only weighs 100lbs more than an auto transmission ka due to the fact the ls1 is aluminum. and another thing about the ls1 if you buy the right kit it sits further back and lower than the ka which actually improves its center of gravity and handling capabilities.


I meant to say supra in that other post not skyline. I definitely am a beginner and I would not be doing this for a long time. Lexus is probably the japanese brand I know the least about, but isn't there a model that carries the 2jz engine and is awd? I may be mistaken. And if I could an amazing custom fab I would. I love my 240 and one day I want it to be as beast as possible while still looking and sounding as stock as possible. As for the sr20ve, I've never heard of that. I was a little confused by what you said. Would you be doing the ve head/de bottom to make it rwd? and how would that compare to an sr20?


Yeah I meant to say supra this whole time not skyline. A 2jz will out power and out perform an RB, but a skyline will outhandle a supra. I'm trying to get the best of both worlds. I know it's probably unrealistic and will be extremely difficult. But just imagine what it would be like in theory.


well you dont have to get a jdm engine first off...the 2jz ge from the lexus sc3000 is basically the same motor as the 2jz gett except for a few minor things such as the intake manifold, one is turboed, oil squirters, etc. well what i pretty much came to the conclusion as a build up and the best choice for me is to get a non turbo 2jz and do a build up on that motor. less money to start. and plus the turbos on the 2jz suck. hence why you see all the supra guys who make big power have converted to a single turbo kit. what i was talking about with the sr20ve is that it is basically the same motor as the sr20de with exceptions of the head. however this swap is kind of difficult. the sr20ve would greatly out power the de. it revs to 8000+ RPM. it has the same basic principle as the honda vtech. if you want more info on the sr20ve check out and just go to the sr16ve and sr20ve section. now throw a turbo on a ve and it would be a very quick car. but yet still no where near the 2jz. so im saying if your going for big power go with the 2jz. i had a 12 second subaru that i sold before i joined the military so what im looking for is a car that will out perform that one. everyone does the sr20 and im getting sick of it. different is always cool. the sr20 will be more reliable as long as you get it from a trustworthy shop. but every motor can be reliable as long as you do the proper maintenance and dont abuse it. here are some links of 2jz swapped 240's check it out do some research. if you have any other questions let me know. and i found an awd 2jz skyline for you so an awd conversion has been done for you but even an extreme fab would be in a living nightmare doing that. and if your just looking for some extra power to have a nice streetable car keep the ka and check out this post and just for kicks and giggles here is a sr20ve link

hi, can someone pass me some link or website regarding of 2jz Awd system info... Pls e-mail Or FB me...: Thanks

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