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Asked by May 27, 2009 at 07:29 PM about the 2006 Jeep Liberty

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Hey I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced the engine light coming on and throwing a Cylinder misfire code. I noticed that my jeep would kinda feel like it was jerking through a gear, but realized that the tranny wasn't always shifing when it does this "jerking" feeling. I'll just be driving and it does this. Sometimes though it will do it right from a stop sign- almost like it wasn't in gear but finally caught and jerks. It's really hard to explain. I just got done filling up with gas and I was accelerating fast because the speed limit was 45 right out of the gas station and it did this feeling so bad I thought the car was going to die. I have taken it in to the dealer and they had to replace some kind of retainer valves, exhaust gasket, cylinder head gasket and timing chain. It still does this jerking but not as often or as bad as before they replaced all the stuff. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I have a 2006 Jeep liberty with 28,000 miles. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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iv got an 06 liberty as well. . . . i had a problem wit it doing the same thing but it ended up just being a clogged catilatic converter n after the dealer replaced it then its been just fine. . . my jeep had 45000 or so on it when this happened

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mine is a 2007 jeep lib. #4 misfire new plugs and coil pack on #4 light came back on after 300 miles if you find anything new please post

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My jeep Liberty 2009 does the same the Dashboard showed a code of cylinder 3 missfire , but after 1 hour the light is gone and showed no problems , but the jerking remains , to be accurate it happens like this : - no jeking problems at the start from stop . - when above 30 mph and accelerate , at same time jerking happens and feels like engine is gonna die , and he car vibrates 2 or 3 times .- - during the jerking moment , if i left my foot up the jerking stops . not yet taken to the dealer ,, iv'e read about this problem alot , looks like its common , and most of ppl paid hell alot of greens for nothing and problem was not solved . so ma having second thoughts about leeting those stupid dealers into my pocket to suck it dry !! i think he problem would be the same old " Heat soak @ which was very common in old models 1999-2002 , same symptoms i see . have you solved your problem ? please reply to me if you did , Thanks .

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I have the same problem with my 05 Lib and I was told to change the ASD relay (under the hood on the right, in the front), I did this and it stopped acting up for about 100 miles and then it started to misfire again, I pulled over and shut it off and restarted it and it ran fine again, so, my guess is that it has something to do with the ASD relay ($14.69 at Napa)

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I had the same issue with my 2009 Jeep Liberty Limited Edition. Check engine light, misfire, etc... Took it to the mechanic and after replacing the spark plugs the trouble disappeared for a couple of months... Now I'm back to square one, however, the misfire is not as rough as before. I only notice the misfire when idling, and that causes the engine light to come on. However, now there is no code after the self check diagnose. Any help/ideas to what to do next? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Most likely a vacuum leak. This happened in my Ford Expedition and it turned out to be a hole in a vacuum line that goes from the back of the throttle body to the valve cover. Heat and vacuum caused the line to degrade and suck in causing a hole in one of the rubber fittings. I found a piece of alluminum tubing and took the ends off of the fitting and put the ends on the tubing with pipe clamps and replaced it. Works great.

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Thanks Tfas4U... My mechanic had mentioned that as a possibility, however, I think that if the problem was there and gone with changing of the spark plugs. How come it stopped misfiring for 2-3 months, and now is back? Having said that, I will have the mechanic smoke the lines for a leak... Also, important to mention that this seems to be a common issue with these cars and so far I haven't found a straight up answer to the problem. And I've searched in plenty of forums sites.

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I actually found the problem. In both the 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder Jeeps, the valve cover gaskets have a short life and as they encircle the spark plugs, oils leaks down on them and shorts them out. Gasket changed, problem solved. Thanks for all the rest of the advice and your answers though!

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Thanks Teratura, you sound very convinced that the Valve cover gasket is the solution to this problem. I really hope so. Do you know how much this job would cost? I know the valve gasket is about $40 here in Canada. The question is how much should I expect to pay to the mechanic to replace it.

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Here in Maine, my Jeep was still under warranty, I did, however, see the invoice and it was a little over $400. The gasket here in the US was $86, so the Canadian prices may be way different than ours here. Your local mechanic may give you an estimate for it before they do the work. Mine was done August of 2013 and it hasn't skipped since.

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The injectors have a tendency to partially clog. Pull injectors, spray tip w/carb. cleaner and blow out with compressed air. this is the best way to clean them. instead of one hole, they have four smaller ones. Don't force anything into holes......Ive tried the Canister/pressurized type, without much luck....

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i have a jeep liberty 2006 with the # 5 cylinder misfire. i replaced the sparks plugs, coil pac, pcv valve,air filiter,oil change belt replaced, complete tune up and still the same problem. engine light is on and shakes when it idling. please help.

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I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee the check engine light came on as misfire cylinder 3 I replaced it I also replaced the coil pack and the spark plugs then came on for bank 1 sensor 1 fixed that now the check engine light keeps coming on for all the problems I fixed already I do not know what else to do not sure if I have a leak somewhere but it's thinning my oil out now that my oil pressure dropping anyone ever have this please let me know thanks

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The 3.7 and 4. are really bad about dropping a rocker because of the dirty lash adj. If its tapping and hear a knock...that's what it is..easy to new lash adj and gasket off ebay.. if your throwing a code 9030? and sounds like that that's what it is..

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P030? sorry


I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty 6 cylinder, engine light came on scaned the codes it said P2311 and P2314 cylinders 4 and 5 so I put new plugs and coil wires on and P2314 code cylinder 5 went away but P2311 code cylinder 4 is still coming up checked the plug harness that plugs onto coil wire looked ok no corrosion or cracks, so I don't know, the only thing I didn't do was check to see if their is any electric current coming out of the plug that plugs onto the coil wire, any help would be appreciated

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Just finished putting in a used engine in my 2002 3.7 liberty. Fired off great and once warmed up started miss firing. Code showed miss fire on #4 and #6 cylinders I did the typical swap coil packs. Pulled the fuel rail and checked all of the fuel injectors. Fixed a minor fuel leak in the rail on the drives side, and changed all o-rings on the injectors. Even swapped the drives and passengers injectors to see if the problem would follow. Checked all connectors for corrosion, no problems there. Fired it up and still miss firing on #4 cylinder only. Finally checked the spark plug gap on that cylinder, it was .020 instead of the factory spec of .040. If a plug is gaped to close it won't spark because there isn't enough space for the spark to be created. Found out #6 was at .035. Regapped all plugs to factory spec. Put it all back together fired it up, check engine light went off, and the engine idles smooth. I don't know if this fix for everyones idle issues,but apparently spark plugs are a touchy issue for these jeeps. I was told only to use the factory spec plugs, and obviously gap them correctly.

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did changing your valve gasket actually work

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It was weird mine stopped misfiring after I had changed the fuel filter

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Well I have a 2011 jeep liberty I had change almost everything from alternator, oxygen sensors to the coil packs. And the problem was the whole time was the spark plugs. Everything that was happen to you' ll car mine was doing the same thing so to all of you'll its the spark plugs.

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Replace the ignition coils and spark plugs. If that doesn't work then its the computer wiring. Had it happen twice with two different '02 liberties.

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It would seem that this is a very very serious issue with these jeeps, to numerous to count and dangerous to be operating on the roadways. How many have reported this serious huge issue to the National Highway Safety Council as a vehicle complaint so the manufacturer would be forced to recall these vehicles to address and fix this safety issue?

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My Jeep Liberty was having misfires I had to take the valve cover off and put the rockers back on they pop off once in awhile

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I have a Jeep Liberty 2003 and was having the same issues. Misfire on #6 and check engine light coming on. When you have a misfire it shuts off the injector so fuel doesn't go through. That is what causes the shaking when you go over 10-15mph. Changed spark plugs myself, worked for about 3 weeks. Check engine light came back on. I took it to a mechanic and he couldn't really figure out what was going on, so I took it to a Jeep specialist and he cleaned the injectors. It seem to work for about a month, then it had the code again (misfire #6 and check engine light on). Took it back and asked the specialist what would happen if he move the #6 injector to another spot and see if it misfires there. So he cleared the code and swapped #6 to #4, then drove it around. Sure enough check engine light comes back on and the misfire is now on #4. So I had them replaced all injectors and the problem went away. It has been about a month and half and the jeep still runs good with no problems.

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I've got an 02 Liberty Limited edition with a cylinder 5 misfire that causing the check engine light [CEL] to be on. My mechanic knows this Jeep well since he installed 2 re-manufactured engines from a company called Power Train Products. In October of 2015 first engine failed within 20 miles due to coolant getting into the oil, 2nd engine was installed in November and has run well until May when this misfire had begun. Mechanic changed the plug and coil pack, CEL came on again in about 20 miles. He swapped the injector to cylinder 3 and the coil pack to cylinder 4 and CEL comes on still with a mis-fire code on #5. 2 days ago CEL mysteriously goes off and needing a NYS inspection I a put 50miles on it and IMMEDIATELY drove to my mechanic it passed since the miles were enough to have the code wiped from the computer. Pulled out of the shop and CEL lit up again. My mechanic said next thing he'd do is to open up the valve cover and see if anything is obvious. I mean I would not think this is engine related since the re-manufactured engine has less than 15K on it since installing, but then again one of Power trains engines failed right out of the box. I really hope it's something that has been overlooked, i purchased this jeep for a buddy in July of 2015 with ~115K and has been nothing but problems since.

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I have 03 liberty kept getting multiple misfire code had dealer tell me it was coil packs about 120 bucks apiece and want to charge 300 bucks in labor , a friend of mine drove it and thought it was fuel injectors I bought all 6 injector s off from I believe it was 100$ for all 6. Changed them and rain premium gas for a month and never had a problem since

My 2003 Jeep Liberty warms up after about 5/ 10 minutes then sputters and stalls. The tachometer jumps up and down. 2000- 300.rpm Does this and sometimes quits. Always restarts. Changed plugs, crank, can sensors. Code comes up speed sensor malfunction??? Please help


@jeepers74. Idle position sensor is my first guess does it keep running with foot on gas?

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Im having the same issue with my 02 liberty sport. Yesterday ( 9-23-16 ) she ran fine.. I go to this morning and it's running horrible only will stay running if I keep my foot on gas. And aftet about 1-2 minutes of me trying to keep it running the check engine light will start to flash it's only happened once to me so far as soon as I saw it I shut it off. But it is running extremely horrible and I noticed when I very very first started it this morning and I was trying to keep it running a bunch of white smoke is coming out of my exhaust but after about 30 seconds it completely went away but still was idling really bad. It would not say running if I took my foot off the gas.

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I just got an 03 liberty and it us misfiring #4, engine light on, sralls sometimes going diwn the road. I put the reader on it and reset it and it'll run forva day ir two without me keeping foot on gas. They just put new plugs in it when I bought it. Very frustrating.


I just purchased a 2003 Liberty and sometimes when I start it up I get multiple cylinder misfires. I forget which ones but I want to say 1, 3, 4. If I turn the vehicle off and start it up again the misfires go away and drives just fine. I believe the coil packs are OK because of how rare and random this is, so my next guess is what controls the coil packs?

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