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Asked by Jan 05, 2018 at 09:29 PM about the 2013 Chevrolet Equinox

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Will anyone please be honest that the
2010-2013 equinox is just junk?
I bought a 13 with the intent to have a safe
reliable car because I was pregnant and
expecting my first child. 6 months later 9
month pregnant I’m stranded on the side
of the road in a blizzard with a blown
engine. So Gates Chevy in Indiana fixed it
at no cost because it was under warranty.
I called a few months ago because I
couldn’t go between oil changes without
having to add oil. Gates did an engine oil
test told me not to add check anything if it
blew up it blows up they will cover it. I
return after test to be told well there’s
nothing we can do about it luckily it didn’t
blow up cuz apparently I’d be footing that
This vehicle is junk. I drove a Trailblazer for
years traded it in with the HIGHEST
recorded miles for that vehicle type and
never had one single problem. This
Equinox has had two engines needs
another at my cost (the 2nd isn’t quite 2
years old) manifold needs replaced (which
is not a common problem I’ve had not
anyone I know has had) also at my cost
replaced wiper motor which you have a
recall on but apparently won’t pay my
money back.
I don’t ask for much I’m a pretty simple
person but to pay $500 a month for a
vehicle that needs hundreds and
thousands of dollars in repairs every time I
turn around is very frustrating. I would
think that you should make things right
with your customers. You and Gates
should back what you sell and your
repairs. This is not something I should have
to deal with and I definately should not
have to worry about the safety of my child
in a car that is 4 years old and has a 2 year
old engine.

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No I've heard nothing but good reviews on equinox. People/customers are very happy with car. Sorry to hear your having issues with your car. Sounds like bad repair work or bad advise. Good luck!

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Next time try Toyota or Honda.

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My neighbor had an '06 Equinox that she bought new. Kept it only long enough to pay for it then traded it in. From the time it was 6 months old it had countless check engine light problems!! The passenger's side window stopped working as did the interior lights. Unfortunately GM has been churning out poor quality vehicles for the last 20 years! I'd do as Tom suggested and call GM Customer Service. Hopefully they can make it right for you. GM obviously filed for bankruptcy for a reason. I have a Mercury Grand Marquis and I'm very happy with it. If you want an American Car my advice is buy a Ford product! HTH. -Jim

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trade it in , thats the most you're going to get out of it , just buy a car , everybody gets an suv or something . Store junk in your closet , get groceries in a car , some cars are made on a monday looks like you bought one .

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Raising the hood and periodically checking the engine oil level is a necessary maintenance practice. With today's longer oil change intervals it is sometimes necessary to add some oil between those changes. Equinox have had probably more than their share of problems. Get rid of it and consider another brand such as Ford, Honda, Toyota, Mazda.

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Here's a little secret- because you are showing the first signs of enlightenment- ALL 21st Century cars are junk- they are manufactured for sale, corporate profits, and total disregard for the consumer- if they run off the new car lot, that's good enough for the manufacturer- the days of real cars, with style, reliability, and mechanical integrity, are long gone- a thing of the past- those OLD cars could be rebuilt completely, meaning that theoretically they could last forever- if they didn't rust- (a big IF)- but see? if cars would last for 20 years and then be rebuilt, then WE ARE NOT SELLING NEW CARS- let us all decry this new era where everything is junk- except diamonds and gold bars, I guess-

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Yes. It's junk. I have the same vehicle and very same problem. Major oil consumption, I'm talking oil change every month. Had engine replace 10/17, still high oil consumption. First it starts a clicking noise and you already what's coming. Since then I have had two rear main seal replaced....NOT COVER BY WARRANTY....at 1500 each.... Chevy has been no help....The engines are bad as well as transmission which I had replaced in April 2018....its just sad that they don't stand behind their Vehicle. I will NEVER purchase another GM.

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I owned a 2012 equinox - 3.0 V6 with 6 speed - fantastic vehicle ran it 86000 miles and it still had the original front brakes, replaced the rear brakes at 74000, and the original tires were replaced at 62000 due to upcoming winter / could have gone longer if living in warm climate. I don’t think some of those other car brands mentioned will do this ? On our VAC trips we do 80 MPH on the Maine turnpike at 2000 rpm, smooth, quiet, comply like your in you family room

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I have a 2013 Chevy Equinox and noticed the ticking noise and car shaking . I noticed a little over a year ago when it's time for an oil change car would act this way and car was fine until couple weeks ago engine light never came on to warn me and started shaking and knocking again. I had to put 3 quarts of oil in it and noise won't go away and out of warranty with only 34,000 miles. These cars are junk, and GM should do something with such little mileage and have this problem. Totally disgusted and will never buy a Chevy again.

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Guru5 I have the same issues with my 2013 Equinox. First and Chevy I’ll ever buy. I’ve put thousands of dollars in repairs into it. My Equinox left me stranded 2 days ago. Engine issues. Oil does not last between oil changes. I get maybe 1000 miles out of oil before my engine start knocking. Total crap. I pay 543 a month. With monthly repairs it’s putting me in the hole.

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To Jamnblues: wholeheartedly agree with you. I had a mechanic back in the early 80s who use to buy 1959 Chrysler 300Cs at auction because that was the car he drove. He just used the cars for parts and his car was still running great into the early 90s when I moved out of the area. That was over 30 years with the same car. Try that 2day. BTW: Got 20 mpg on his trips to FL from PA.

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Our daughter has a 2013 Equinox. Where to begin.... First of all let me say it was a piece of junk when she bought it and the Chevrolet dealer at Gentry’s Chevrolet knew it. It uses oil like no body’s business. The rear main seal went out and we got that fixed. Four months later while coming down our driveway it just quit. No matter what you tried nothing would work. Had two different machanics tell us the timing chain broke. It was towed back to the dealership because we were told They were going to fix it. Well 18 weeks later the piece of junk is still there. NOT FIXED! Words of advice DO NOT BUY A CHEVY EQUINOX WITH A 2.4 LITER ENGINE!!

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I just contacted a lawyer who is reviewing my case to join other Equinox owners in a lawsuit. My 2010 has had 2 engines because of timing chain breaking. One engine was covered by warranty because it had less probably less than 50,000 miles on it. The other one I had to pay for, after being stranded on an interstate at dark in heavy traffic.I replaced wheel bearings under 100,000 miles. I was told by GM dealer that the transmission was shot a few months after the engine repair!! I took to Ammaco and they said just needed some TLC and cost me $300 instead of the $3000 the dealer wanted. Ran fine for another couple of years. My car just now has 130,000 miles on it. It wouldn't shift out of first gear the other day. Only one piston is firing. Great another $1500 this week!! I'm so disappointed that GM won't stand behind this model of car. Stories all over the internet about the Equinox!

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My 2013 Equinox has never used oil. It has 65000 miles and is always full at my regular 5000 mile oil changes. My son's 2014 Equinox is also around 65000 miles and uses 1 qt/ 2500 miles. Guess I'm just lucky for now.

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I have a 2011 Equinox. Had 26 miles on it when I bought it in 2012. Drove fine for a few years. Great gas mileage. Never a problem. Then I get up one morning two years ago and it's sluggish to start when I crank it up to go to work. Drove it to work and it seemed ok. Got off work and I go out and crank it up. Tried to put it in gear and it won't go forward or backwards. Had to replace the transmission. Its had a tick when it's running for about three years and goes thru oil way before I get to the 3000 miles to have it changed. A year ago I had to replace the windshield wiper motor. Last week, I went to crank it up and it sounded horrible. I drove it to work cautiously. It died in the middle of an intersection and I had to end up having it towed. Looking roughly at $6100 to replace the motor now. I just paid the car off the beginning of this year. It's not worth $6100! We're going Black Friday shopping for a new vehicle. Hope you resolved the issues with your car. I will never buy another Equinox or recommend them to anyone.

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I have a 2010 Equinox with 89,000 km. It burns oil like crazy!!! Have to check oil levels frequently. According to my Mechanic the vehicle needs a new motor. He is telling me to get rid of it. I’m very annoyed!!! Won’t be purchasing another GM product!! I have been a loyal GM customer all my life....not anymore!! A disappointed GM Equinox Customer!!!

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Hello. I have a 2011 Equinox. It has been sounding like a bag of nickles in a dryer when I start it up. And I have been hearing a whining sound when I am driving. Today the engine started running real rough, and kept cutting off at every light. I drifted onto my local tire shop lot. Every light in the world came on on the dash. It sounded horrible when it made it there. I had just checked the oil, 2 hours earlier. I think the oil pump went out. Anyway, there went my engine. I love everything about this car except the motor and transmission. But I hear I really need those in a car. looking to buy another vehicle now.

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I had a 2005 a 2006 and am now driving a 2010 Equinox LTZ with the 3 litre V6 we have had none of these issues mentioned here. All of ours were purchased used with some remaining warranty. All of these vehicles were built at a GM plant in Canada and that may be the difference. I am not sure where the Equinox sold in the states are built? John in Alberta Canada.

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My 2013 Equinox died in an active lane... seems the Timing Chain broke. This is the second engine, the dealership replaced the first and now they are telling me it will need another. It still goes through oil at an alarming rate, I just replaced the transfer case, the motor for the windows and paid it off a year ago... Never again.

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I just had my 2013 towed because of engine failure. It left me stranded on the highway. It is a faculty engine. I am calling GM customer service. They have recalled other year Equinoxs' for engineer failure. Time to get them to include the 2013

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I’m probably on the wrong forum - loved my 2012 equinox with 3.0 and 6 speed - now have a 2019 with 2.0 T with 9 speed and AWD - fantastic vehicle


2013 Equinox 6mos ago started burning through oil. Took it to the dealership they ran a few test and said they couldn't find anything. I should have traded it in then. I replaced the tires and less than a week later the rear seal and timing change needs replacing. 5000.00 and no other mechanics besides the dealership will touch it. They said its not worth their time to fix. Same thing happen to a friend one repair after another.

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2014 Equinox with 80,000 miles just died leaving me and my two daughters stranded in -15 degree weather. After 4 days calls to the dealer and Chevy have barely gotten me an answer that it was probably the rear main seal. 31 days left on my powertrain warranty so it better be covered. No loaner vehicle yet as I can't get the service manager to call me back. No faith in Chevy after this.

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I had the same issues as you exactly with my 2010. replaced engine at 35,000 and the new one consumed oil as well and now it needs another one. I checked the oil regularly, however had the check engine light as a back up and it failed me and I blew my engine. Frustrated beyond belief.

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Well the GM dealership is monitoring my oil consumption every 1000 Km. Difficult to get to 1000 KMs as just when I started this process my Transmission gave me problems. Had to replace it! I am ticked! GM useless! No more GMs for me. I thought I would get more life out of my 2010 Equinox without having to incur a significant expensive. Was a loyal GM customer for decades....no more ... !!!!

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I'm having the problem i have a 2013 chevy equinox i have 90.000 mile the motor jump time chevy want 9.000.00 to fix .i already had catilaty convertible replace water pump ac alternator i have warranty solution i gave my oil changed receipt they refuse to repair

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I have a 2013 equinox and the same thing. Mine is in the shop now and they are fighting me over warranty only have 55,000 miles and they say I need new engine. I have been paying for a rental car going on 2 weeks now till i get answers and get mine repaired. I am definitely going to look into the class action suit. I am in Indiana, anyone else from here having issues.

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The excessive oil consumption issue is a known issue by gm, but they refuse to correct it as it is too expensive. The issue has been around since 2010 and was being reported in models as high as 2017. There is a class action lawsuit against gm for this issue. Dealerships will tell you that this is normal oil consumption. They have done a few "repairs" to mask the issue, including reprogramming it so that the oil life % goes down much faster to alert you to have the oil changed. The ultimate repair is to replace the engine, but the replacement engine is still the same junk engine with the same problems. STAY AWAY FORM THIS VEHICLE. GMC Acadia has similar engine problems. Resale value on these vehicles are terrible.

Car is junk. Changed a lot of parts still wont work.

Have a 2013 equinox. Been chewing through a quart of oil every week. My wife was driving home from work last night and boom there goes the engine. Towed it to my mechanic and he said that I need a new engine. GM knows about this and I called and they hung up on me. GM needs to fix this right now. I will never buy another GM.

How do we get GM to fix this????


I had 3 mechanics tell me the engine needs replaced, I finally got warranty to cover repairs but not replacement. They had my vehicle for 26 days before I just got it back. It is running ok for now but I do not feel safe driving it. I bought this vehicle to have a safe reliable car to drive and use for vacations, but I will not ever be using this car for travelling on vacation as I do not trust it. I hope you have some luck with GM, what state are you in?


What engine are you guys talking about ? The 4 cylinder or the V 6 ???


Mine is the 2.4 engine

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4 cylinder. MN

Call 1-800-222-1020 and complain. They told me they have a CTE crew looking into the situation but it could take time.

Call the B B B and file a complaint. I did because the PVC freezes in the winter adding pressure in the engine and blowing out the rear seal on the crank shaft. This happened to my 2013 equinox.


Piece of junk! I am sitting here trying to come up with $6000 for a rebuilt motor on my '13 Equinox. No complaints other than this. It's in great shape, decent gas mileage, but this is unacceptable. Yes, same issues with running out of oil between oil changes. Well, this time it was too late! Just got rid of a GMC Acadia 8 months ago because it was one problem after another. And GM wonders why they're not doing well? I'm from Michigan and I've seen first hand the economic mess they have caused. Next time, I'll buy Japanese!

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Yes, my 2013 chevy equinox has a damaged rear main seal because the PVC system freezes and causes high presser in the engine.This forces ALL the oil out of the engine.

We have a 14 equinox been using oil and started jerking when at stop drove fine going down hwy changed cam shaft sensors crank shaft sensors plugs nothing took to shop had timing chain and tensionor replaced now it won't even start still owe 13grand on it fo

That is exactly what mine did and then the engine blew.


I wonder if some of your peoples problems are driver error?... do you start it and just drive?. Or do you at least let it run a minute or two... we’ve owned 3 of them. All 3 were excellent runners and use no oil. But I’m a stickler for maintenance and letting engines warm up properly. Everything I’ve ever owned with an engine has ran as good as the day I bought it... snowmobiles, lawnmowers, other small engines heavy equipment, outboards, ATVs... maybe most of you (not all) need to look and see if it’s user error... they can’t idiot proof these things...another thing... these all have timing belts that need to be changed. I would guess that broken timing belts is why most of you blew up your engines

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I Don’t intend to be mean to anyone, cause we could all have car trouble, but I must agree with CRMQK : I am seeing a theme here - “lack of oil”. There is a rule of thumb that says to never - repeat NEVER - drive a car low on oil ! Any car that is going through a quart of oil a week is an accident just waiting to happen. As described, at some point you will forget to top off the oil and if you drive a car low on oil by 2 to 3 quarts - Boom it goes - timing chain too. Cars only have 5 quarts / 6 for some, so if it is using/ leaking that much : fix it and fix it NOW. Do not keep driving. Again, sorry not meaning to be blunt.

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I have 2016 and my engine just blew. I was just coming up on oil change, and had just checked my oil levels a few days prior. Was not low. My mechanic stated these engines are junk and when it's cold and that day was -10 degrees the engine will consume more oil. I should not of lost almost 5 quarts of oil in a few days. So those saying regular maintenance and checking things, you have no idea. I travel a lot for work, I want to make sure all my ducks are in a row when I'm 200 miles from home. Now here I am forking out 6000 to replace my 3 year engine with the same piece of junk that blew driving down a highway. No warning, didnt get any noise until right before my car just died. Nothing. I was still 200 miles away from the recommended 3000 miles for an oil change.

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