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Asked by May 27, 2008 at 01:48 PM about the 1992 Honda Civic

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Im running a 92 honda civic hatch with a stock built h22 and a b-series tranny and i was wondering what would give me the best kick and reliability for my money. If i run any of those i will completely overhaul the motor and trani to make sure that she wont blow up on me cause i use this car for both a daily driver and also an ocassional track car (drag strip and race track)

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For civics, I usually see turbo's. If you keep it N/A, then obviously you wont get the most out of that car due to the lack of torque in a 4-banger. You dont hear of superchargers on civics, but it can be done. If I were you, definitely a Turbo though. Just make sure you reinforce the top and bottom end of your engine and possibly your rear differential. Im running a 2001 Honda S2000, I have some minor and major mods on it and blew my rear diff. Best part of a turbo, is that amazing sound you get when you shift. Gotta love blow-off valves.

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dude what kind of car you have?


I would also go the turbo route, the guy above you needs to realize that your car doesn't have a differential, or "rear end" b/c your car is FWD his is RWD.

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Nice. I give you props for that one. I forgot totally about that. haha My Bad.


2001 Honda S2000.


the sound of a BOV is the main reason ricer fan boys like turbo cars. i've seen supercharged, turbocharged, and NA hondas. What you choose to do with your car should determine which power path is right for you


to the OP, you've already got the biggest motor in the honda family (aside from the k24) with the most torque out of the bunch i'd say grab an LSD, do some cylinder head work and rev your h-series NA style! you're 92 civic doesn't need more torque FWD + lots of torque = wheel spin NOT speed. build for balance not dynos


I agree with that which is why my car is and will remain N/A. (your 2 looks real clean) It really depends on what YOU the owner like, just remember power means nothing if you can't put it to the ground.


put a t78 or a t88 turbo jeje


i know i need to make sure the car hooks up but i also want a car that pulls major in the top end cause i got some smart ass in a mustang that needs to be taught some respect for ricers and for some reason he has it out for me. so basically what im thinking is running a turbo with around 10 to 15 psi and a hidden intercooler and i was also thinking about either say screw the blow off value or using one that dont make the typical sound so he dosent know what hits him when i take him down.


It's best to keep this in mind: Supercharger = Low end torque Turbocharger = High end torque Now it just depends on what you're looking for... Since you're in a light FWD car, the Supercharger doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Be careful with the turbo, though, because when the boost kicks in you could understeer right off the road.

The F20C motor out the S2000's a bastard to turbo due to the compression ratio being so high, yet, i haven't seen many n/a s2000's with big power for small prices, just changing the standard exhaust looses power! But in true honda spirit i recon they should all be N/A.


I'd go for the supercharger. Less predetonation (pinking)and a more even power spred but the turbo will give you a kick in the back and you can acheve 100 hp per litre and beond (seen saabs 500hp+) if done propely


depends on whether you want the instant and contstant power of a super charger or the extra top end boost you get from the turbo i like turbos personaly gotta love that blow off valve


Right. I have to do so much to my car to get it ready for turbo. On a stock engine, I can only push 5 lbs without sacrificing the rear end and engine. Also, like you said, all the high powered s2000's are turbo'd. Its hard to upgrade the engine n/a.


defenetly turbo! more power less expenditure if u drive below the level where the turbo kicks in ...which is about 2500 to 3000 rpm..so u can use it on a daily basis and on the track...but be carefull that ur car is not heavy and the power kick in will yank ur car to the side...i think superchargers are for heavyer sports cars coz it works its way up to mazimum power as soon as u step on the gas.


You could always change out the bottom end to F series if you are planning on going for more than 300hp or so. Transmission probably wont need much done, LSD will do a lot for you. I had the same setup as you running in a CRX, right now I'm just trying to sell it.


boost for sure. cheapest power out there. u culd make goood power on stock internals as long as u dont go to crazy. runin N/A on tht motor wuld cost way more money and time findin parts. I did own a 475hp monster a few months ago built b18c-r. but it wasnt driven daily.


dont have to go wit a huge turbo. 275 out of tht motor and in tht car wuld be pretty good. and on stock internals. ull just need a new clutch cuz the b series clutch burns up pretty quick. but its totally up to u


Ok before anyone puts a turbo on and blows up their engine... I wanna give a few words of advice. First off don't turbo a car to teach other people lessons just do it for your self or you're gonna end up cranking the boost up way to high and blowing up your engine. Secondly turbo is the cheapest route but its also very expensive if it is done right, and it must be done right. Thirdly you need a blow off valve if you don't have one you will cause compressor surge and blow your turbo causing metal to get into your engine blowing that as well, if you don't want to hear it, which i don't know why and it is not ricer to have one, then recirculate it. Fourth you want a decent size intercooler if you wanna run 10-15 lbs, which i never suggest on a honda engine cause it will blow you should do 6-8 max you don't want a hidden one. Research it before you do anything cause you are gonna need new injectors, engine management, resistor box, wastegate, manifold, oil lines etc.

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u can run more then 15 pounds of boost on a honda motor just not on stock internals. 475 built b18c-r at 27psi. no spray.


Oh ya totally agree but i was talking bout his application.


Good points... I wanted to add though that if you're in a high-altitude location turbo systems are better than NA systems... Or I should say they're less effected by the reduced oxygen concentrations. Also NA motors tend to have better low end torque, which if you're wanting to race a guy on the street or 1/8 mile is preferable. My personal preference would be to build a high compressions NA motor, but that's just me. Either way it's a FWD motor and you'll have a fun time getting the power to the wheels... if that Mustang is built you have an up hill battle to beat it. :-\


yea. he's keepin it as a daily driver. its not as fun. way more problems then ud want


Well, first, that mustang (if it's a V8) is way faster than yours out of the factory, those motors are built for torque, not horsepower. If you have to drop $1000 to mod your car, and then go beat him by half a length, it doesn't prove anything. He could spend the same amount of money and build a 10 second car. Second, if you are going to put that much boost on there, are you going to change your brakes? If you keep the stock brakes on there and start braking heavily from a high speed then you might warp a rotor. Third, to answer your original question: superchargers offer instant boost at the expense of a small amount of horsepower, same with N/A except you don't get the boost. Turbos offer a little more boost at the expense of noticeable turbo lag as it spins up. Superchargers are normally seen with large CID engines, IE: LS3s or other American motors. Turbos are normally seen with small displacement engines, like your civic. Remember, if he does equivalent modifications to his car, with the higher natural power, then he will still make more power. If he is driving a V6, and he thinks his pony is the fastest thing there is then he is just a dumbass.


how much hp you planing to have and what block do you have?


ive mostly seen the supercharged s2000's


id either go with n/a or turbo. the n/a will be extremly labor intesive once you get close to maxing the motor out. highest hp in a b series was like 275 or something like that if im not mistaken. With turbo like that one guy said you can ride around town without even spooling good daily driver. Then when you get on the highway you can light the tires up against that stupid guy running a mustang and smoke him. carful of the torque steer though with a turbo.

I would go with the supercharger I got a jdm h22a supercharger with lsd tranny on my eg hatch an it drives amazing Its my dd

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