Shaking break peddal when breaking hard?


Asked by Apr 25, 2008 at 04:22 PM about the 2006 Honda Civic Coupe

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I have noticed that my 2006 Civic's break pedal will shake when I break hard. It feels as if part of the break pedal is dragging against the ground. This only happens occasionally when I break hard, but it is surprising enough to make me feel that something is really wrong.

I am not sure if this is a problem or usual behavior (in which case I just never noticed it before). I am planning on sending it to the shop for a quick inspection, but I would rather not if this is a well-known aspect of Civics.

Anybody experienced this before?

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Do you notice any kind of a shimmy in the steering wheel when this is happening? If yes, that means your rotors are starting to warp... which unfortunately is normal with age, and especially with city driving. If it is just the pedal, I'd check the brake fluid and inspect the pads. Also, check your tires. Good luck!

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Luckily no shimmying on the steering wheel. I will definitely bring it to the mechanic for a quick look. Thanks again!



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if the pedal is pulsating but not the steering wheel the rear brakes are warped whether it be drums or rotors ask a licenced mechanic to machine the rear drums or rotors which ever it has. (probably drums).

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sounds like ABS its such a creepy feeling when it kicks in.

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It's just the ABS saving your ass from hitting the person in front of you.


your brake rotors are warped dude. have them machined or raplace them all together

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Likely just the ABS...The shaking is the system releaseing brake pressure for short periods of time to keep the wheels from locking up... IE you're pushing so hard that if you had old school brakes you'd be squelling the tires, and if you're turning when it happens then you'd be spinning out if you didn't have this sytem. If the frequency of the shaking is proportional to your speed it may be a warped rotor like the guy above said. However, if it's only an 06 that isn't too likely, although it sounds like you have a lead foot and need to drive a little more conservatively. Backyard mechanic way of checking is to jack up your vehicle take the wheel of and set a pencil on a block so it just barely doesn't touch the rotor. spin the rotor by hand, the gap shouldn't change hardley at all... Do this at a couple points on the rotor... If the gap is changing as it spins, then get the rotors turned otherwise chill out abit on your driving.

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It depends how violent the shuttering is. It can be normal if it doesn't feel that bad. Other options could be a bad proportioning valve or warped rotors.


Its called ABS Anti Lock Breaking System


If it's minor shaking, it really isn't something that needs to be fixed immediately as it won't cause any problems, it's just kind of annoying. BTW, if you're braking (notice it's spelled braking, not breaking, and it's a brake pedal, not a break pedal) so hard that ABS is kicking in on pavement, and it's not to avoid someone cutting you off or whatever, please get off the road because it means you're driving like a douchebag.


Its the ABS

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Most likely the rotors are warped b.c its not the rear brakes it only does 20% of braking on the car. its not the abs because the abs fluctuates the pedal it moves it up and down and you will hear the abs when you skid or slid on ice. i would have them machined it would be cheaper and they are only 2 years old. depeneds on how they look have them brought into a machinist


Stop bringing this back up... He's gotten his answer, stop saying the same thing 5 other people have said, and stop determineing the problem without seeing the car. A 2yr old car with vented rotors should not have warped rotors... Even if they were solid rotors I'd be a bit suprised under normal driving conditions. Additionally warped rotors will pulse even when lightly brakeing and will pulse with the speed of the vehicle. Stop saying it's something when you DO NOT know. If you're a mechanic this is bad practice and un-professional, if you're a backyard mechanic, this is me telling you that you should always diagnose before throwing money and parts at a car. This is common sense people. If you have a stomach ache you don't give yourself exploratory surgery, you stop eating spicy food and see if that helps... If that doesn't work you go see a professional, but you don't pull a steak knife out and goto town.

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if brake puslate could be because of the abs or worped rotor pads wearin wrong and possible that axle jiont are bad


Ya, that's just your antilock brakes keepin you safe.

from what u are describing i would say its ur abs also...... but for all u people out there saying its warped rotors/drums...... they dont exist.... its called thickness variation.... a board warps not metal..... and i know this bc i am a certified GM technician.... just to help everyone with their knowledge


m8, po-tate-to vs. po-tat-to It's the common term used to describe the situation. Also they can warp, when mounted improperly it cause them to stretch. If too tight they will warp into a shallow cone, if mounted irregularly you can get an irregular shape. (Much less common) And metal does warp m8 when heating a cooling m8, that's basic physics. rotors tend not to 'warp' due to a very symmetric and regular distribution of material in the rotor. If the material is irregular it can cause rotor deformation, not thickness variation. Most here aren't idiots m8, and the owner of the car likely has never heard someone say their rotors need to be resurfaced because thickness of their rotors varies around the circumference...However, they've likely heard someone say my rotors need to be turned because they are warped. You need to learn how to speak to a customer m8 or people are going to think you're trying to pull a fast one on them. And if they customer ask 'Are you sure I've never heard of that?' and you say 'trust me I'm a GM certified technician', they are going to be doubly suspicious and angry.


ABS (anti-lock brake system) the brakes pulsate to prevent you from locking the wheels so that your wheels wont skid

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`Breaking` as in to `break` something. You mean ABS Anti-lock braking System ? Lol...


So the next time i replace disc`s/rotor`s because of extreme hard braking and they have warped under extreme heat do i replace them with metal ones instead of ones made from board ? Lol ...

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multiple high speed stops will warp and stock rotora a dealer cash grab is to over/under torque lugnuts , this wil warp rotors shake in the stering wheel is rotors when braking\ shake in the seat is rear brakes

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Im 16 years old and ive been racing auto cross since i was 15, i have an 08 si and under heavy breaking the abs will make the breaks feel light and shake, the first time i experienced it i thought i broke something just like you but it turned out it was just abs.


first of all why didnt you just say you have been doing it for a year instead of wasting your time writing that out like that. second if you autocross with a car and you dont know how the abs works or feels like then you have a lot to learn also would people stop repeating the same answers over and overs is rediculous i dont think anyone cares that you might know the same answer.

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