I have a 1969 ford galaxie 500xl convertable, it came with a 351 and without hide away headlamps. I see no mention of this configuration on any galaxy site. Did Ford change the model, part way through


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Ford did NOT change the model part-way thru but did offer the "XL" as a separate model from the Galaxie in 1969 and 1970. The '69 Galaxies had a plain looking flat style hood and grille without any hidden headlamps. Everyone thinks the "XL" was a Galaxie in those years as before but in 1969 and '70 (the last 2 years for the XL) it was made into a model all by itself. It was just called the "Ford XL" . It did not say "Galaxie" ANYWHERE on the car or title. Only the Ford "XL" and the Ford "LTD" had the diecast protruding grille with the hideaway headlamps. The frontends were interchangeable and everyone liked the hideaway headlamp look so many people changed to that frontend later on and you might have a car that it was done to already by a previous owner but the '69 and '70 Galaxies NEVER came from the factory that way.. The hood and grille was the only thing that had to be switched, everything else was the same except the Galaxie and Galaxie 500 had chrome/aluminum lower bodyside moldings, the "XL" DID NOT and only had chrome/aluminum wheel opening moldings and an optional chrome/aluminum lower rocker panel molding.. So you either have a "Galaxie" or "Galaxie 500" or an "XL" but you can NOT have a '69 Galaxie XL. It's one or the other. . The 302 ENGINE was dropped on the fullsize Fords that year for the standard engine and the new 351-Windsor was made as standard equipment on BOTH of those cars with the 390 2-bbl and the 429 4-bbl big blocks as optional engines. Kenny/MrBlueOval

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Thanks for your answer. It was greatly appreciated

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You're very welcome. I love the '69 LTD's and XL's. I think it was the best looking car that Ford ever made. Oh, BTW, I forgot to mention incase someone might try to correct me but the rear panel under the trunklid and between the tail lights was also different. The LTD's and XL's had a boxed in diecast chrome bezel covering a red reflector. The Galaxie did not have the reflector with only 3-4 long chrome diecast bars running the length between the tail lights. The cheaper Custom and Custom 500 models had only the plain sheet metal there with the Custom 500 having "FORD" letters across that area. Kenny/MrBlueOval

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I am doing a frame off restoration on a 69 xl gt convertible, 429 4v. I am desparately seeking wheel opening moldings and also hood and trunk lip moldings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Barry


Good for you. A man after my own heart. I wish I still had my '69 XL convertible. That was such a babe magnet back in the 1970's and '80's. You will have a difficult time finding those moldings. All of the above will be quite expensive and very hard to find. Plan on paying at least $300-$400 for an N.O.S. hood lip molding alone, I have a couple used ones but would need refinishing. Same $$$ for the trunklid molding. N.O.S. Wheel opening moldings typically run around $75-$100 each. Try Green Sales Company in Ohio. They are your best bet. They have the largest inventory of obsolete Ford parts in the world. And They have been around since the year I was born(1957). They would like Ford part numbers when you call or email them but they are not always necessary. Find them online at http://www.greensalescompany.com Or you can just give the car to me LOL !!!. I'll take good care of it. BTW, those moldings can be straightened, sanded and polished and then re-anodized if you can't find new old stock and yours aren't missing. There are companies that specialize in that process. Just Google "automotive anodizing" or "anodizing". or You can do a Yahoo search for it too. http://dvap.com might have some nice useable used moldings that can be refinished. Tell Jason I sent you. Man, !!! I've always wanted a GT optioned XL conv. but they are few and far between nowadays.. I like the side C-stripes. Send us pics when the car is done. I would love to see it. If you need part numbers for those moldings, email me personally thru here. Good Luck, Kenny / MrBlueOval

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FYI, just in case you're planning a nose swap, in addition the the differences Mr Blue Oval mentioned above, the front bumper on a '69- '70 XL is also different than the Galaxie. The bumper on the XL has the same protruding center 'V' as the hood. I happen to have two '69 Wagons in my driveway at the moment, one Country Sedan based on the Galaxie, and one Country Squire based on the LTD. I also had a '70 Ford XL Convertible back in high school, (1986-ish). It had the gutless 351W in it, but it also had the high back buckets with the center console slap shift. If I had known how rare that car was with that option, I would have kept it.

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Here's the Country Sedan version


That's really weird because I too have two '69 Ford wagons in my driveway and garage both are Country Squires with the woodgrain trim. I just actually cut one in half and am currently making it into a matching pull-behind custom trailer for my other '69 Country Squire. And I had a 70 XL convertible in the 80's that was originally my brothers that he bought in 1975 with only 25K miles on it. It had 65K when I got it and I too should have kept it but traded it in on a new F-250. Here's a pic of my '69 Country Squire Hot Rod....I would love to see more of your 2 69's. Kenny / MrBlueOval fordaholic69@yahoo.com

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Here's the trailer I'm working on too.

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That's a pretty cool idea. I'm restoring a 10 foot '67 Chariot Travel Trailer to tow with mine. I'm trying to get it done in time for York/Carlisle June 6th. I just picked up an NOS pair of period correct fender mount tow mirrors as the 'piece de resistance'. My Squire is a 37k mile survivor that I found last Fall about 2 miles from my house. The guy who had it was buying anything Ford with woodgrain sides back in the late 70's and 80's and sticking them in his warehouse. He bought my car in 1980, parked it and never touched it again. It was literally a time capsule. He died recently and his son is selling his cars off, a few at a time. When I 'danger road' it home it only had 5 more miles on it than when he bought it in 1980, (including the 2 miles back to my house). I just picked up the blue Sedan a few weeks ago. You may have seen it on eBay a while ago. The guy also had a red Squire for sale with it. I bought both, not sure why?? I tied up a bunch of loose ends with the blue Sedan and I'm either going to list it for sale or bring to the Stafford Speedway swap meet in CT coming up and sell it there. I'm going to strip the red Squire for trim, glass and electrical, just in case I need it someday. I'll be selling the rolling chassis and the drivetrain (390 w/C6). The frame is perfect. If anyone needs any parts, let me know.


1967 Chariot

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Here's 1967 Country Sedan again. Now you've got me thinking about cutting it up, lol. Luckily, I don't quite have the fabrication skills for something that involved, yet.


I haven't had a Ford since I sold my '70 XL Convertible in 1986, I've always had Pontiac's and Chevys, but only models with hideaways. These are my current cars. The Caprice is a Big Block/4spd bench seat 42k mile survivor. I did a bone stock factory frame off resto on the GTO, It was too rough to keep original.


I saw those two on Ebay awhile back. Your green one is a nice survivor. Mine has 13k on it now. I bought my rust-free survivor in 1995 with only 65K original one owner miles from a guy in Jersey. The car was bought new in 69 by his uncle who was a district rep for Ford. He bought the car to transport his 2 show-dogs back and forth to the dog shows on the weekends. Otherwise the car sat still during the week as he got a brand new company car from Ford every year to drive daily. He folded the rear seat down on the squire when he bought it and never folded it back up. It was still folded down when I bought it from his nephew ( who BTW never re-titled the car after his uncle passed). It took me a week and 2 cans of PB Blasted to get that rear seat back unstuck after 36 years of being in the down position. The watchplaid cloth on the rear seat underneath still had the plastic on it from the factory and it was like brand new, never been sat on. Only problem was a bunch of dog hair in the wayback that I had to vacuum up and scrape a bunch of dog stickers off the side rear windows.. It was a special-ordered car and it's got the optional jumpseats in the wayback, factory 390/C-6, factory air cond., factory am-fm stereo radio with fader switch directly under dash and dual rear speakers in the wayback. It's also got factory power windows, dual remote mirrors, tilt column and 3-spoke rim-blow steering wheel and a black vinyl roof. I added a set of factory '69 Ford XL 6-way power bucket seats and center console with the U-bar shifter and an NOS (C9AZ-A) factory '69 vintage power antenna. All the chrome diecast and aluminum brightwork trim has been changed out for NOS pieces. I'm looking for the right rear woodgrain surround molding for the rt. rear quarter panel for my trailer as it was missing when I got that partscar and a 69 XL for free 3 years ago from a group member in Okla. in my Ford Galaxie club. He lost his job and couldn't afford to pay the storage on his two cars. All I paid was transport to Chicago which was $650 for the 2 cars and I sold the XL for parts and made over 3K on both for parts plus I kept a bunch of stuff too. The 390/C-6 from the XL went in a friends '69 Shelby. I got $850 just for that alone. I still have the other 390/C-6 setup from the wagon I cut up too. but I'm still looking for that rt. rear quarter molding if you've got an extra one.. There's one on Ebay right now but he wants $120 for the molding and shipping. I'd rather find a good used one as I would have to refinish it to match mine anyway. I'm re-doing the moldings and the woodgrain on both this year. Trying to get the car and trailer done for the cruise-nights this year coming. Kenny.

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correction, 130K on it not 13K. I need a new keyboard. LOL !!!

Would this be a 69 Body with a 68 Front end ? marker lights in front fenders and flat front hood and grille like a 68 and rear quarter panel maker lights and lower trim molding and no front vent windows in door glass like a 69....also the 428 and Galaxie 500 emblems look like they were put where ever


Are you referring my '69 Blue Country Sedan wagon I posted above? (which I just realized I said was a '67, sorry for the typo). My Country Sedan has a flat front nose, flat hood, and flat bumper. Other than that and the stainless trim package, the Country Sedan is the same as the Country Squire. The Country Sedan was built using the Galaxie platform where as my Country Squire was built using the higher end LTD model, complete with different hood, front bumper, grill, and hideaway headlights.


Hey Shark140, That racecar pic is of a 1969 Fairlane 500 convertible with a factory installed FE big-block 428 and NOT a Galaxie or LTD. The Fairlane line was a mid-sized car and much smaller than the fullsize Galaxie / LTD. It was also the predecessor to the Torino but was actually the same car but cheaper than the Toriono with less chrome and less options as standard equipment. The Torino was the sportier version. All the Fairlanes and Torinos of 1968 and '69 vintage had the flat hood and flat grille similar to the Galaxie of the same years. The 428 FE big block was available in the Fairlane 500 and Torino. Ford put those 428 emblems exactly where you see them on the front fenders of those cars. The FE 428 big block was available in the '68 Ford fullsize cars but after that year it was discontinued. Only the FE 390 was available and then only until 1971 The new for '69 (385 series) big block 429 was available from 69 until 1973-74. and then was made bigger and replaced with the 460 thru 1978.. Beginning in '79 a 351-W (5.8L) was the biggest engine available in a fullsize car but was only as a special order or in taxi/police cars . All other fullsize Ford cars had a 5.0L (302-W) .

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Ford also made a hemi engine in 1969 called the BOSS 429 but that engine was strictly for racing purposes and only available in a production Mustang of 1969 being the ultra rare Boss 429 Mustang. The engine could only be special ordered in the Mustang of that year or over the counter from the parts dept separately. The Boss 429 was the most powerful naturally-aspirated engine Ford ever made and put in an assembly line built stock vehicle. The good ole' days.!!!

Don't forget the 2 ultra super rare Boss 429 Mercury Cougar's with regular production VIN numbers made for Drag Racing for Dyno Don” Nicholson and “Fast Eddie” Schartman.They were not officially offered from Ford but they were sent to Kar Kraft with the Mustang's.Thankfully both car's are still around today...Don't know who own's the Dyno Don Car but the Fast Eddie Car is owned by Douglas Herzog.Fast Eddie put a 70 front end on his and Dyno Don ended up putting a SOHC 427 in his..... I love Ford's but sometimes it's hard for me to tell what year a car is because sometime's Ford only changed trim or other little things from year to year.My Grandpa was a Ford Mechanic and Dad ( used ) and I ( New ) Car Mechanic's at the same Lincoln Mercury Dealership in the late 80's and 90's and I grew up around Ford's/Mercury's and still have a hard time with the exact year and not just it's either a 68 or 69.Yes the good old days.Lots of fond memories of my Grandparents and Parents Ford products growing up in the 60's and 70's.Mustangs,Galaxies,Montereys,Maverick's,Cougar's,T-Birds.In 1972 when I was 8 years old my Dad took me a ride in a brand new Ford Pantera.My first car in 1980 was a 67 Mercury Cougar .......Thanks again and atleast I had the right year...Lol


yp, you had the right year and the Fairlanes looked just like a smaller version of the Galaxies in the 1960's from 1962 thru '69. In 1970 Ford made a major change and dropped the Falcon completely for the new Maverick and the Fairlane for the Torino in 1969 though the Torino actually came out in the spring of 1968 as a '68 model and the Torino 500 convertible was the Indy 500 pacecar for 1968. Ford wouldn't get that honor again until 1979 with the new style fox-body Mustang. My dad was a partsman at a few Chicago Ford dealerships most of his life from the late1940's to'85 He became a service manager in '78 and then promoted to parts and service director in 1980. He passed away in '85 of esophageal cancer at the age of 60. He used to bring home new cars for lunch or sometimes customer's cars like Mustangs, T-Birds, Trucks, etc. He even brought home a custom Chicago Bears conversion van in 1984 that they bought new from the Ford dealership that he worked at. He would have to take them for a test drive after they were repaired anyway so he drove them home for lunch. I worked at a different Ford dealer that was about 3 miles from where he worked. Kenny/MrBlueOval

I was trying to find out if there were any other vehicles on the same 1969 ford ltd chassis. And I found this group. Noone here is interested in a near mint 1969 ford ltd with a 429 2 barrel new gas tank and ac. I think it has 63,000 miles on it.


Well, I might be interested. If it's a 429 it should be a 4 bbl not a 2 bbl. plus it depends on whether it an LTD or an XL which some people call an LTD though most call them Galaxies and that's wrong too for 1969 & '70. Is it a 2 door or a 4 door and what other kind of options if any does it have (power windows? stereo? etc.) and what color it is (green?) . Those make a big difference, at least to me. Do you have a link to it and/or any pics of it, more info would be appreciated, Kenny/ MrBlueOval

This is my 1970 XL convertible with a FE engine 390 with GT heads 14 holes. I´m looking for a new dashboard, i have a big crack in my. it´s darkblue.


Morgan, It looks real nice. I love the 1969's and 1970 XL grilles with the hideaway headlights. Good luck on the replacement dashpad. Mine just cracked last winter. Probably from the below zero temps we had last winter. BURRR !!! It was perfect before then. Anyway, you can try Just Dashes.com. I believe they are the ones offering a repop dashpad for that car (without the dash emblem that the 1970 XL had) but they aren't cheap. You can also buy a cap for the dashpad. It's a molded plastic cap that lays right over your old pad. You use silicone from a tube to glue it to your old pad and something heavy to put on it until the glue sets up (probably overnight) They look just like the real thing and will never crack like a real one would. They run around $135 on EBay and since it's plastic, it can be dyed or painted any color you want. I think they even offer to paint it for you for not too much more so it may be worth checking into. Here's a blue fabric cover for less than $50 (http://www.ebay.com/itm/1969-1970-Ford-Galaxie-500-Base-Navy-Covercraft-Velourmat-DashMat-/141456553909?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item20ef77b7b5&vxp=mtr ) That might be an option until you find a repop or an original but originals for these cars go for well over $400 dollars if you can ever find one. They are quite scarce. Good Luck, Kenny / MrBlueOval

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Hi Kenny I have just bought a 1970 429 xl convertible I'm struggling to find pictures of one with the dual tone paint design as mine is one of 160 with a dual tone paint.i want to paint it back to its original colour.im not sure where the dual tone paint lines are to.can you throw any light on the subject thanks elliot


Hi Elliot, Yes, I can help. I can only include one photo here so I've included a brochure photo. Let me know your email address and I will send you what I have on the '70 XL paint.

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Thanks for that.what do you think the value of my xl is compared to a galaxy of same age here's email lpkbodyshop@yahoo.co.uk many thanks


Man, I love my 1970 XL w/429. It was a barn find that hadn't been driven in 18 years. The 429 has been rebuilt to stock specs with a few additions and the only other thing I did was change the gears to 3:50 posi. Its a real looker and there aren't any around here so it always gets a lot of looks and questions like "what is it". Cheers!

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I had Just Dashes do my dash, with the ltd emblem embedded in it. Cost $1400 USD shipping included. The did a beautiful job, The dash is one of their sample pictures.

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