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I have a 2001 Acura MDX. A few months ago I noticed the drivers side floor was wet after it had rained the night before. I didn't pay it much attention at first but then it got worse and worse and now the passenger side is wet as well as the back seat floor. I've taken up the seats and carpet and there is moisture under the carpet and in places water is present. I'm pretty sure the water in the back is running back from the front. I cant tell where it is coming from. I've tested the sun roof drains and they are good. The door seals look to be in good order. The place I first noticed the water stain on the carpet was just under the e-brake pedal. I placed a pan on the floor under the pedal during a rain storm, and ther was no water in the pan the next morning.  This morning after it rained all night there was enough water on the floor that I noticed it on the pass side for the first time. The only thing I can think of is somehow water is coming in and running down the inside of the fire wall. At this point I have not dismanteld the car enough to remove the fire wall pad but the under side of the pad where it lays flat on the floor is totally saturated with water.
Does any one have any ideas ???
Any help would be much appreciated.

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I have a 1994 integra, and the same problem!! found this somewhere; but have no idea if it is correct:

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I'm having a similar problem on my 2006 MDX It appears to be showing up on the passenger front floor by door. Dealership said a common problem with MDX and that we typically refer to auto body shop. They wouldn't eleborate on why and said they would look at it and diagnoise, cost of $181. We elected to save the fee and go straight to a friend that owns a auto body shop. We've dried out the floor, had a auto body shop run water all over it, clean out the sunroof drains. Next we drove the car for a few days to see if water reappeared, which it did. Back to AB shop today. Here is a link I found. Please let me know if you discover the problem by responding to this post. Richard

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I have done some digging and what I have found on my 2001 MDX is that the drivers side pillar is filling with water and then it fills to a point where it starts running out (over filling)of a small hole about three to four inches up from the floor. I had the interior stripped including the kick panels and ran a hose over it systematically starting on the sunroof, then going down each side. At first I couldn't get it to duplicate. The weird thing was that it didn't happen every time it rained but I noticed that it happen when it would rain hard or for a long time. The reason it didn't happen every time, I discovered, is that it had to rain long enough, or hard enough, to fill the pillar to the point that it would run out of the hole. As I was running the hose over the windsheild with no result I was about ready to give up when I saw a little steam develope and run down the pillar to the floor. So now I know how the water is getting inside the car but I don't know how it is getting into the pillar. My guess is that there is a body joint where the seam sealer has cracked or been compromised in some way. My next step is to take the drivers door and front fender off to inspect those areas. If anyone has some input it would be helpfull. I will look at the link to check it out. Kevin

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Richard, Thanks for the link. Its pretty exaustive but usefull. When I was inspecting the hole in the pillar where the water was coming from I noticed that about an inch or two below the hole,inside of the pillar, there was somekind of an expansion foam used. I was tring to figure out what it was for. I poked at it with my scribe and accidentally put a hole in it however when it does leak now it dosn't seem to be as bad. I read in the link you sent, that somebody had mentioned the foam in the pillar and said to take off the mud flap to clean out the drain. I had done that as was trying to see where the water should go if it where normal for there to be water in the pillar but I dont think that it is normal. As far as I can reason I dont think there should be water in the pillar at all. By the way in my previous post, I saw a little STREAM develope and run down the pillar, not steam. I went to the dealer before I did anything to see if it was something they were aware of. Of coarse they had no idea and sent me straight to a bodyshop that does all their work. When I went to the body shop they said they could look at it but couldn't give me a price because it was diagnostic and they would have to charge by the hour. At $85.00 an hour, I could see the bill adding up real fast before the problem was even fixed. Maybe your body shop can take this info and come up with an answer. Please let me know if you find anything out. Kevin

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Kevin, AB Shop was stumped, would need to start taking things apart. I decided to contact someone I knew higher up at Acura. They agreed to do a diagnosis at no charge "customer loyalty", which I'm guessing they bill to Acura. I take the car in the next day or so, as soon as they can arrange me a loaner car. I'll be sure to update this post.

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Kevin, the diagnosis is a seam at the fender well, it will need to go to the body shop to remove fender and fix, cost of $350.

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Hi there. We also have a 2001 Acura MDX with wet floor. Beaverton dealer did general drain diagnostic and found nothing wrong with sunroof or drains. They also referred me next to an auto body place (theirs). How is your car now and would you mind sharing if it did actually cost $350? From another 2001 Acura MDX owner with wet floor from PortlandOR....

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I have 07 Mdx with water showing in the passenger front compartment, Car is currently at local dealer at 135 diagnosis charge. I will reply back with the findings


Please do as I have an 01 MDX with water in the passenger side floor at the moment with no luck finding where it's coming in at.

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Have 07 MDX filling with water on passengers side, car is at the dealer and there findings were the culking wore out By the firewall on the drivers side and that was the reason the the passenger side floor was taking water. I receive my suv back tomorrow


This stymied me for a year with water on inside of windows when lowered then up after rain and da posh front carpet. Finally they figured (the dealer) that is comes from front body seams needing re welding or caulking. This was a total drag as they took out the carpets which were damp, washed/dryed and removed bumper/fenders and fixed. Cost 1500$ which is pissy for a problem that is starting to be an average occurrence. But can be a huge problem with pacific NW rain. And they broke some cover clips and left greasy hand marks. But car is now dry. This is the first time I have not been in love with my 2005 mdx or Acura. And I bought it new.

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Ok i had my 07 mdx at the dealer cause my front passenger floor was getting wet after about a month with my suv they determined the water was coming in through the the firewall on drivers side. They said the caulking was no good and need to seam seal the whole front clip. I have had my suv back for 2 weeks now and all seems fine. And it was a defect on their behalf so dealer covered all cost and loaner car for 3 1/2 weeks. I hope this helps

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I have a 2012 acura mdx and we just had a rain storm in NY and the driver pillar was wet and I had a pool on the drivers mat

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i have a 2008 mdx leaking at top of window pilars when it rains hard any help?????????

My 2003 MDX floods like that and I used to believe there was rain coming into the vehicle somehow. I've figured out that it is the AC flooding my car. I'm not really sure the specifics of how or why, yet, but if anyone else knows I'd appreciate help.


My 2005 MDX has been leaking on both the driver's and passenger sides at the floor mats. We originally thought this was caused by the replacement of the windshield, so we kept taking it back to the auto glass company. Ultimately, after reading these other comments, I believe we have the same problem with the seam inside the fender. With so many of us experiencing this problem, can it now be considered a manufacturer's defect and get covered by Acura?

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My 2005 MDX has been leaking on the driver's side floor. I have no idea what the cause is but I think if there are enough complaints that Acura should pay to have the problem fixed.

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My 2005 MDX has the same problem: large amounts of water on the drivers side floor after heavy rain. The dealer service center tried to tell me it was because I had the windshield replaced somewhere other than Acura. I didn't believe him then and definitely don't now. What is the "pillar" people are mentioning?

same thing in my 2006 MDX


I have the dame problem with the acura 2005 it's water on the front seat floor of the passenger side, I noticed a few days ago a some drops coming. Out from the left side of passenger side it doesn't stop. Anyone has a clue what it can be or where can I take the car to get it properly fix?

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We finally gave in and took it to the dealer. $180 to begin the diagnosis, then another $300 to continue until they found a cracked seal somewhere in the fender, which they replaced. It has rained twice since and so far no more water on the floor. They claimed this worn seal was "normal wear and tear."


Never mind my last message. This evening I checked the driver's side carpet under the materials and IT'S WET AGAIN! The dealer's $500 repair did NOT solve the leak! Taking it back in the morning.

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