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2010 FIAT Punto EvoReview
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Shame About The Engine. —

UPDATED: 2011, 26th December PERFORMANCE Puny, puny engine - 1242cc, 8V, 65 hp and 102 Nm. It's got no punch at all, not enough torque, no "sweet spot", and it's not rev-happy. It's simply not up to the task of powering this car. All in all, this version of this car has one of the most ridiculous names ever, considering the crappy engine. On highway, when climbing, you have to get into 4th gear just to keep the car going along. On twisty roads it's enough, but you have to keep constantly using the gearbox to make sure it stays in high revs. Good thing the gearbox is pleasant enough to use. If you're expecting it to at least return a good fuel consumption, you're in for a bad surprise. You'll get between 6,0 l/100km and 8,5 l/100km, if you drive gently or aggressively, respectively. All that lack of pulling power means you have to keep the gas pedal welded to the floor at all times. HANDLING Steering lacks feel but the car is actually very agile and sharp. It corners very, very, well, it's just that it doesn't give much feedback. On twisty roads it's very good fun. Almost no understeering, excepts for roundabouts when driving aggressively. When cornering fast it sometimes seems like the back actually steps out just a bit to help the car's trajectory. Brakes are good but the pedal's feel isn't nearly as good as in my 2000 Fiat Punto JTD. All the pedals are quite light. The car is relatively comfortable and very quiet when trundling along. EXTERIOR In 2009 the Grande Punto was facelifted and renamed Punto Evo. In my opinion, they should have kept the original name: why Evo? It's not a Mitsubishi Lancer! And it's not like it is a real evolution. Also, the Grande Punto's model logo was quite cool and original, unlike the one on the Evo. Finally, and more importantly, I prefer some of the styling details of the Grande Punto model. As is usual with hatchbacks, the 3-doors version looks more stylish than the 5-doors version. This car in particular has some cool alloy wheels, sports bumpers, rear spoiler, side skirts and the red color, all adding to the sporty look. However, I'm not a fan of the chromed door mirrors covers and the fake 2 exit-pipes exhaust, which just scream boy racer. INTERIOR The interior is kinda cool, with an interesting dashboard, mostly because of the rubbery, perforated, red material used. The steering wheel and the gear lever are covered in leather. Materials don't all have the same quality though - some plastics are really quite cheap. There's plenty of room in the front but I can't say anything about the back since I haven't been a passenger yet. The driver's seat is almost perfect. Comfortable, with good side support and adjustments, but a bad headrest - only height is adjustable, it doesn't support the head very well and pushes it forward. Also, it lacks lumbar support adjustment, which I have in my 2000 Fiat Punto. Why did they drop this feature? The steering wheel provides excellent grip and has a sporty look. It can be adjusted in both height and reach. Most controls are easy to use. Blue&Me, which controls the radio and telematics, is relatively easy to configure and use. Sound insulation is good and luggage room isn't bad. SOME FEATURES: . Rear spoiler and side skirts. . Sport front and rear bumpers. . Sport Kit - includes, among others, tinted windows, bigger 16'' alloy wheels and side bars. . Chromed door mirrors covers (which I don't really like). . Black side rubbing strips. . Fake 2 exit-pipes exhaust. . Color: Exotica Red. . Sport pedals. . Blue&Me with steering wheel mounted controls. . Fog lights with "cornering" function - this emulates "directional lights" by using fog lights at low speeds and it works really well (Citroen C5, for instance, also uses this along with the optional real directional lights). This is a cheaper, but equally effective solution, and probably more reliable as there are less components to go wrong, particularly moving ones. . Steering wheel and gearbox in leather. . Manual air conditioned. SOME NIGGLES: . Interior rear view mirror shows a somewhat distorted reflection. . Instrument cluster plastic cover reflects too much light when it's sunny. . Speedometer is a bit hard to read, simply because it has too many marks. . The headrest's forward tilt I've mentioned. . The fake 2 exit-pipes exhaust has too much of a boy-racer look to it. SOME SPECS: . Engine: 1242cc inline 4-cylinder 8V . Fuel: Petrol . Power: 65 hp @ 5500 rpm . Torque: 102 Nm @ 3000 rpm . Engine location/alignment: Front/Transverse . Drive: Front wheel drive . Layout: FF . Transmission: 5 speed manual . Front brakes: Disc ventilated . Rear brakes: Drum . Tyres: 195/55 16'' . Body type: Hatchback . Seats: 5 . Doors: 3 . Weight: 1050 kg PERFORMANCE: . Top speed: 155 km/h (97 mph) . 0 to 100 km/h: 14.5 s

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Nice handling.

Cons: Puny engine and poor fuel consumption.
Lack of steering feedback.

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Punto Evo

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2010 FIAT Punto EvoReview

A Very Nice Cheap Car. — Best car i had ever. It has a good break system with ABS and EBD, stability, fuel economy and comfortable the cost is not so bad i adore this car and i am really having fun driving it And about performance it's Eleganza 16V 95 PHP , it satisfies me. Build quality is Very good I love this shape of evo with panoramic sun roof (skydome).

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: good build quality and fuel economy

Cons: some spare parts are too expensive

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2010 FIAT Punto Evo Review
vs1952 Packard Clipper
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Power Ranked 1952 Packard Clipper better.
"v8 vs inline 3"
Handling Ranked 1952 Packard Clipper better.
"heavier and better road car"
Looks/Style Ranked 1952 Packard Clipper better.
Front Seats Ranked 1952 Packard Clipper worse.
"recline for front seat love making or car park sex"
Back Seats Ranked 1952 Packard Clipper better.
"wider and better for lovemaking"
Cargo Capacity Ranked 1952 Packard Clipper better.
"larger trunk to hold and hide the bodies"
Family Car Ranked 1952 Packard Clipper better.
"easier to make a family in it than cramped into the tiny punto"
Would Buy Ranked 1952 Packard Clipper better.
"cost less if you can find one that still runs"

Displaying all 3 2010 FIAT Punto Evo reviews.

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