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Awsome — The build of it is going to be kick ass! The colour will be a royal sparkling blue like the old avalanche we use to own. Its going to have On Star, Bush bar, Sun roof, Black leather seats, AC, a loud speaker system so i can crank my music, AND its going to smell SOOOOOO good just because im going to have coconut air freshners in it that smell so good.

Pros: Its Sick Looking

Cons: none

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2009 Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ 4WDReview

New Style Avalanches Rock — Absolutly Solid GM Truck...Rides Better than any Truck on the market. Powerful, efficient and luxurious. Recommend to anyone who has a need for a pick up truck but also wants a vehicle for luxury and a cool image. Opt for the smooth ride suspension and 20" wheel package if it is in the budget.

Pros: Everything

Cons: Damn Gas Companies Forcing people into small cars

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2009 Chevrolet Avalanche LT 4WDReview
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Full-size Truck That Comfortably Fits My Family For Daily Commutes And Long-trips. —

*** Update (6-24-13) *** 6 - 7 months into driving the Avalanche and I'm still all smiles. Next year, we may get bulk mulch and just fill the bed with a front-loader scoop, but this year we went the bagged route; with the mid-gate up, I fit 30 bags in the bed. This last weekend, I went to Home Depot to pick-up some plywood for my son's club-house. I put the mid-gate down and all 6 sheets of plywood easily slid into the bed. I even managed to put a 2x4x10 in there!! Granted, the 2x4x10 would either have had to rested on the top of the closed tail-gate or on the arm-rest; given the way traffic is in the DC / Northern VA area, I opted for the arm rest. 2x4x8s fit in w/o a problem, right on top of the plywood. Didn't have to tie anything down, just closed the tailgate and drove home at 50 mph (posted speed is 50). The only minor issue that we're seeing, is when we take family trips with the dog. We have an 11 - 12 year old Black Lab (Graying Lab) who is a part of the family and has his own back-seat next to our son. In the 2003 Montero Sport (what the Avalanche replaced), Jasper (the dog) could easily curl-up and sleep / rest during the family trips. However, in the Avalanche, the back seats appear to be a bit narrower than in the Montero, so we normally put a cooler or our son's air mattress between the front seat and back seat (where one's feet / legs would be) and that has worked well. Again, not a major complaint, just something that I wasn't expecting given the truck's size and comfort. Jasper is ~65 - 70 pounds, Black Lab mix --- a larger dog may need to be crated in the bed, have the 60-section of the split back-seat folded down, or have a cooler or some other sturdy object in the gap between front & rear seats for front paws and snout to rest. After reading through the other reviews here, I saw a comment about the breaks and rotors on the 20 - 22" wheels. I think that will be my first big upgrade for the truck. She stops well enough, but feels spongy at times and I'd like to feel like the breaks respond when I push on the break pedal. It's not horrible, but now that I've seen the comment, it is something that I can think back on and notice. The air dam on the front bumper needs to be trimmed. I saw a nice Tahoe with the air dam trimmed to the same height as the mounting tabs, which looked really nice! The bumper looked finished and he gained ground clearance. It's so odd to hear the air dam grind when parking and my wife's Kia Sorento handles the same spot w/ease. Again, very minor complaint. Parking in the tight-spots of a city can be a bear. I don't even bother trying to parallel park; although the rear-view camera is a big aid for parking. Daily commuting isn't bad. I average ~15 mpg on the daily commute. My one complaint is that it's easy to lose sight of a smaller car or SUV when trying to merge. But, I had the same issue with a Dodge Ram and F-150 that I drove for a while (rented, tested, didn't own). Give yourself time to merge and notify the other drivers that your big-ole truck is going "right there" so they don't try to fit in first. Long trips have been comfortable. So far, 4.5 - 5.5 hours is our longest trip. We have an 8 hour trip to Myrtle this summer. We'll see how gas mileage and ride comfort is on that trip. So far, on the trips from DC to Pittsburgh and DC to Lancaster, the truck has handled well. Accelerates through traffic w/o a problem. Cruise control is great. Mileage hovers in the 18 - 21 MPG range, up from 12 - 15 in city. Ride height is good. I may install the 2" leveling spacers to bring the nose up. Between that and trimming the air dam, ground clearance shouldn't be an issue. Getting into the front seats isn't an issue. My 8 year old son can get into the back seats fairly well. Although, the rear door is a bit heavy for him; he tries, but sometimes just waits for the door to be opened or closed if he can't get it to move easily. My 60 - 65 year old mother-in-law and mom are able to get into the back seats, thanks to the running boards. However, an extra, portable, step may be in their future, so that they can readily get to the running board w/o feeling like it's an uncomfortable step to take. All-in-all, I'm very happy with this truck. My wife doesn't like parking it, but has driven it on occasion and feels comfortable doing so. It's considerably larger than her Sorento, but she handles the truck well. Not her choice for a daily driver, but if she needs to take the truck for a local trip or relieve me for a spell while driving on a long trip, she feels comfortable enough with the handling of the truck to do so. ***Original thoughts*** What more can I say? I haven't stopped smiling since the dealer gave me the key, almost a month ago. Power isn't an issue with this truck; foot's on the gas, we're going THAT WAY! The ride is surprisingly smooth for a truck. I'm used to the old style, ga-dang, ga-dang, ga-dang ride-quality (then again, I did learn how to drive on Central PA farm roads....), but this truck is nice and smooth. My wife couldn't read in the car before, but she said that the ride was so smooth that she could read during the entire 300+ mile trip for Thanksgiving. The rear seats are quite comfortable. I climbed back there to make sure that my friends and colleagues could fit in the back. Likewise, as my son continues to grow, that he'll fit back there too as he gets older. The mid-gate is easy to put down. Even thought I've only owned the truck for a month, I've already had the mid-gate down to carry a 12' board home from Home Depot. I didn't have to tie it to the roof or anything. It rested on the dash a little bit, but I fit a 12' board in my truck!! The rubberized mat in the bed is nice. Stuff does not slide around back there. I can't really think of anything that I don't like about the truck. It's big...it barely fits in my garage, but it fits. I don't think that a 2500 would have fit, though. But, we have a shed, so I can fit some of my garage "toys" in the shed or basement...truck fits; happy camper :). I keep up with traffic on the PA Turnpike, I-70 & 270 in MD, 495 in the DC area. I had no problem climbing the mountains near Breezewood, PA, coming up from MD on 70. I haven't tried 68, yet nor Skyline Drive, but those should be fun with this truck too. I haven't had need to use the 4-wheel drive yet. But, from the sounds of it, I may need the 4x4 option this January. The little black air dam on the front bumper is about ready to be removed, before it gets torn off. I think that I have great ground clearance and then hear that plastic piece drag against something. If I'm out w/my friend's Jeep, I'm sure that the plastic piece will need to be removed before the terrain removes it for me.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: Comfortable daily-driver.  Comfortable for family trips.  "Man sized" back seats!  Power to spare.  Ride height.  Smooth ride.  Handles well.  Looks and Feels solid.

Cons: None that I can think of off the top of my head.  25+ MPG would be nice, but I can't complain with the mileage I am getting.  ***Update*** Air dam on front bumper seems too large / low, trimming it to the height of the mounting tabs (or slightly larger) looked nice on a Tahoe with a similar air dam; might try that on the Avalanche.

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Displaying 11 - 13 of 13 2009 Chevrolet Avalanche reviews.

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