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2008 Camry Hybrid: Reliability Redefined —

I am the proud new owner of a 2008 Camry Hybrid and I could not be more thrilled. Coming from a college student that was driving a 1996 Honda Accord for quite awhile, this is quite the upgrade for me. First things first, in my opinion, Toyota is the staple of consistency within the American auto market. For 75 years, this company has been creating quality products that have served customers all over the world. The Camry in particular was the best selling car in the United States from 1997-2013, an incredible feat that proves that Toyota holds a significant share of the products on the road today. The inception of hybrid technology has revolutionized what people look for when they buy a car. As gas prices continue to rise, car buyers are increasingly conscious about how much money they want to spend when filling up their tank. A solution to this issue is investing in a vehicle equipped with hybrid technology. The 2008 Camry is a perfect example of a great car that is not only efficient with MPG's but also stylish, full of great features, and incredibly reliable. Now, as a new hybrid driver, I am still learning the tricks of the trade. It's a different style of driving if you are really trying to maximize your miles per gallon. For starters, Toyota provides the driver with multiple ways to monitor your "MPG performance" by showing you a consumption gauge, your average MPG, and even an interactive bar graph that charts how you are doing on your current trip. It is really pretty nifty, and has sparked my competitive side as I always push myself to get the best MPG possible. So, if you enjoy watching yourself save money, this might be the car for you. From a styling standpoint, the 2008 Camry is somewhat conservative, but with the right packages it pulls off a sporty look. 16-inch alloy wheels come standard, and are somewhere between plain and sharp. My vehicle in particular features a 'Super White' exterior with a rear spoiler and dual exhaust. I would recommend adding the spoiler despite the extra cost, as it really adds to the visual appeal of the car. The interior largely depends on which package the Camry is equipped with. Although you pay a decent amount more, the nicer package is worth every penny. Most of that expense lies in the navigation system, which makes the hybrid technology that much more interactive. Through the touch screen, you control maps, audio and bluetooth menus. These features add to the experience of owning and driving the car, as you have the ability to get hands-free navigation, telephone, and audio capability. One thing that this car lacks is a USB connection or way to connect smartphones to the audio interface. The easy solution is to get a simple aux cord and connect through the auxiliary port, no big deal. The leather seats are also great, making for a comfortable ride regardless of distance. Keyless ignition, a JBL sound system and heated seats are all other factors that bring the Camry Hybrid closer to being a luxury-type automobile. From a performance standpoint, the Camry Hybrid thrives. It carries a 2.4-liter four-cylinder gas engine, and a separate electric motor to optimize the MPG output. At full strength, the car can reach 187 horsepower, but most often drivers look to find balance between these two engines by implementing driving habits that allow the electric motor to kick in. The Camry Hybrid can be powered on the electric motor alone, but only under speeds less than 30 mph, and light gas applications. On the road, the car drives very smooth and quietly. Some people have noted that the cabin gets almost to quiet while the car is stopped, but I don't agree. Why would you want to hear the roar of your engine, especially if you knew it was costing you money at a red light? As I mentioned above, getting the feel for driving a hybrid takes time and practice. Mainly (and the biggest struggle for me) is that you have to learn to stay off the pedal and coast whenever you can. This is not necessarily a natural thing to do, but when you have meters showing you how much more effective it is to coast into a stop light rather than ride the break, the motivation is vast. On the highway, cruise control is like a best friend. Speed regulation keeps the car at a consistent level of high MPG output, but with your foot on the pedal it makes it hard to stay in the good graces of the 'eco drive level'. Overall, the 2008 Camry Hybrid is a terrific car. For someone exploring the used market of hybrid vehicles I would take this car into serious consideration. Since it is six years old, finding one on a Toyota dealer lot is highly unlikely. The best way to track one down is through websites such as this. I would recommend looking for one that has been well kept with less than 100,000 miles. I hope that you found this review helpful and consider purchasing the outstanding 2008 Camry Hybrid.

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: I love everything about this car, see review for more details!

Cons: Learning a different style of driving to optimize MPG.

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Camry Hybrid

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Displaying 11 - 11 of 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid 11 reviews.

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Camry Hybrid

Looking for a Used Camry Hybrid in your area?

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