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2005 Lexus GS 300Review
Matthew writes:

Nice, But Needs More Oomph. — I like that it's a lexus and I know I should be able to drive it for ever if I take care of it. I also question the funny noises coming from my suspension... they were supposedly "fixed" under warranty, but they persist. Whatever--my lease is up in August and back it goes. This cart is pretty fun to drive, but it definitely needs more hp. Back seat is also less roomy (especially leg room) than I had expected in a $44K car. Also, I have encountered serious incosistency in the way I am treated by different Lexus dealers. Lexus of Thousand Oaks was fantastic... You would have thought I brought in a Bentley for engine work. Conversely, Vista Lexus was no different than bringing in a Ford. I had to chase down my own coffee and and a loaner car was not offered. I had to ask for it, and even then I was told that they had only a Ford loaner available. If I wanted a Ford I would have bought one. i would recommend the car to anyone... but definitely not Vista Lexus in Woodland Hills. Lexus of T.O. is the way to go people.

Pros: Svelte, smooth, attractive, great stereo.

Cons: Odd suspension sounds were not cured by warranty repairs. Big difference in the way you are treated by different dealerships.

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2005 Lexus GS 300 300 RWDReview
Heath writes:

Lexus Luxury, But No Soul Whatsoever! —

This car has been good to us, very few mechanical problems and is pretty easy on the environment - 30mpg motorway 18mpg city. The seats are comfortable, especially for a Japanese car. The motor is decent for around town, and is comfortable on the interstate. BUT, and its a very big BUT; it has no charisma no soul nothing at all that makes it special. It's pretty, economical, comfortable, and reliable but has absolutley no wow factor. My garden tractor is more entertaining to drive - Seriously! I'll explain why; Lexus should never have attemped to build a rear wheel drive car. Toyota has made the majority of their cars front wheel drive, and thus should stay that way because those gearboxes are decent and have no problems. This car, has a gearbox filled with mayonnaise. It completely unresponsive, when you need it to be responsive and then it'll practically whiplash you into next week at low speeds or when you least expect it. The steering wheel is too small; they were going for a sport spoked steering wheel and made it about 2 inches in diametre too small. It's like holding onto a coke bottle cap. Furthermore the suspension is rubbish, as it is in all Lexus' cars. Lexus was going after the 5 series market with this car but didn't want to compromise the ride quality with firm suspension thus making it indecisive, lumpant, and unpredictable. Furthermore, the steering system itself is so isolated, there is no feedback whatsoever coming out of the front end or the steering column! This car actually gets on my nerves when I drive it because it feels like its driving me. But this is coming from an avid Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, and BMW man; but I also drive Buicks and Cadillacs, so I know sport from sofa and this Lexus is a horrible compromise. The lesson: Don't ever buy Japanese! The Americans have already matched their level of build quality and the Germans have long passed the Japs in quality and fun in a vehicle.

Pros: Nice looking car, Moderately Comfortable, Easy on Gas, Lexus Name.

Cons: Everything, its a car that was a good idea but engineered by a buch of techno-wacked-laboratory-mice-morons who don't understand cars, just calculus and the theory of relativity

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Displaying all 2005 Lexus GS 300 reviews reviews.

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