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2004 Volkswagen R32 AWDReview
tirekckr24 writes:

A Packed Punch In A Small Pack. —

I'm what you would call a tire kicker. I love to go around a test drive different types of cars becuase there are soo many options out there that are available to the public with the right amount of money. When I stepped into the R32 it presented me with a very handsome appearence and immediatly I thought that I was in a suit going to a meeting with fellow CEO's. The leather wrapped steering wheel, the special badging, and the driver friendly gauges, it was great. I've been in alot of cars such as the WRX, 350Z, BMW 725, Audi S4, Viper SRT10(and more), and by far the R32 has the nicest interior of them all. Eventhough lacking the ability of a turbo, keeping up with its rivals will be tough but all you have to say in return is that you're having way more fun then they are. The dual exhuast sounds terrific, its a dream when you start it up with the first revv. If you're in a parking garage and you start it up you will deffinitely be met with welcoming glances, not ones of "oh great, another rice box." The r32 commends respect in all areas, espeacilly the outside appearence. Its lower, has the body kit, and the spoiler over the top window. If you have the money to spend on it, I would say go for it. The only draw back of this car would be electronic issues, since now that VW and Audi are merged, you don't have to worry about Audi's break sensor wrecking your transmission(how it does that is beyond me, but having a good friend work on transmissions and have this occur often, I'd say its very credible.)Pros, its fast, fun, plenty of room, top of the line for not so bad of a price compared, and bountiful in standard options. Now Cons, electronic issues later down the road, hard to do self-maintence since its a "special" edition, and the lack of power compared to the WRX, and Evo becuase of the lacked turbo, however the natural aspiration will surprise you. All around, a great car.

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2004 Volkswagen R32 AWDReview
hdrider46706 writes:
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My 'poor Man's Porsche" — Bought this car when the salesman started it up in the showroom! The sound turned everyone's heads.. The AWD provides for exceptional handling and the power of the 3.2L 241 HP engine enables it to run with the big boys..One of the favorites in my stable of cars!! Have 'corked' the vacuum hose at the exhaust so the 'rumble' just doesn't occur under acceleration - it has such a nice sound, why keep it under wraps?? In the corners, the 4-Motion system is in its best form - when one enters a sweeping turn, it is natural to let up on the power - NOT with the R32, just maintain or increase throttle - it corners like its on rails!!! - - - Almost pulls 1G of force as tested.. Such a fun car...

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Excellent all around car - sleeper!!

Cons: Too few built, so I restrict myself from driving!!  Want to keep it in pristine condition.,

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Displaying 41 - 42 of 2004 Volkswagen R32 42 reviews.

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