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2003 Vauxhall VX220Review

The Mutz Nutz! —

If you like toys, you'll hate this car. The build quality is pants, the windows are wind up, it has no Air Con, No Power steering, the parts are expensive, the garages are crap, they leak, they rattle and they are as uncomfortable as hell. Oh, and you look like a nob getting out of one (there’s no easy way to do it without looking like a geriatric!) If even one of these things puts you off this is not the car for you. If on the other hand all of these things brings an almost sadomasochistic smile to your face and the fact that you have no Power steering makes perfect sense then step on inside and believe me, you'll never want to get out!! Handles like a dream and all the torque in the world from the rep car Vectra engine makes this car simply the best £ for £ track day (or just enthusiastic drivers) car. If you can put up with all the above, believe me, you will fall in Love with this car. A great man once said "I'm enjoying this car so much, I'm not going to get out of it, Till she runs out of fuel!" With the small 32 Litre tank and Mr Clarkson’s heavy Right foot on the Top Gear Track, that wont be too long then!! I miss mine :.(

Pros: Depending on your views...Everything or Nothing!!

Cons: Again, depending on your views...Nothing or Everything!!

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2003 Vauxhall VX220Review

Ace Car - Should Never Had Sold - My Mistake — Great car - fast , loud - ride was hard but who cares - interior was rubbish but who cares

Pros: Performance , looks

Cons: The Manufacturer - clueless when you get problems

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Displaying all 2 2003 Vauxhall VX220 reviews.

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